8 Yvraine

"Come out, you fucking coward!"

The leader of the human knights, who was a pinnacle Steel-Tier, shouted in absolute rage and despair. As proud humans and fighters of human supremacy, not only have they been led around by an elven woman from a species that enslaved humans.

The man hated Elves and other arrogant races, who trampled on those weaker and exploited them for their own benefits. He hated the Necromancers and the Undead who killed his entire family.

Necromancer wanted to use their village as a sacrificial ground to raise more Undeads. He hated the Undeads, who were just slaughtering everything alive, and hated living for just existing.

But now, his loyal companions were being slaughtered like a chicken by these soulless monsters. Undead didn't know mercy and just continued killing, no matter how much some o them pleaded for it.

Only to be met with silence and subsequent three Ice Spears flying at his chest, heart, and head. Nobody answered, nobody said anything, just an attack aimed at him, to kill. Decisive attack, not giving any other options aside from death.

Leader Knight brought up his shield, blocking the first Ice Spear. Unfortunately, when shattering on his shield, the second one created a small shockwave, which caused him to drop his shield as he broke his hand.

The third Ice Spear pierced through his stomach, and the knight leader gripped the Ice Spear in an attempt to pull it out, which was a foolish thing to do, as that would cause only more bleeding.

He collapsed on his knees as she could see the Necromancer.

Contrary to average or most Necromancers, this one didn't wear a black hood and robe and also didn't have a stench of Undead all over his being. She didn't know if this was just her own prejudice about the appearance of the Necromancers, but a lot of them were a creepy bunch.


He wore a pristine white outfit that was neatly adjusted and looked exactly like a military uniform belonging to some high-ranking Generals, something she had seen in the various armies. The militaristic appearance only made the entire situation weirder, but something about the man felt off.

He carried himself proudly and high, with his long crimson hair flowing to his waist, as his golden eyes shined in the darkness of the night. He had a very intimidating appearance, and the elven female put her guard on in case he was there to kill her or capture her.

"Y-you are alls.so.. hu,,amn."

The leader knight was barely able to talk as Samiel just looked at him with curiosity and slashed his thought with Ice Dagger without saying anything. He just apathetically looked at the dying man, thought nothing couldn't hide the mad glint in his eyes from the observant eye.

"Even if I was, killing you gives me more benefits."

The man muttered as the female elf clearly heard him. She could tell; there was immense hatred behind his voice as he spoke to the human knight leader; for a reason she didn't know why, but he didn't even bother to hide it.

Suddenly, all of the forty killed human knights started reforming and rising from the dead as skeleton warriors. The process was relatively fast, as only after twenty seconds, all of them were raised as Undead Skeleton Warriors.

She watched firsthand as the Necromancer was raising his Undead, and soon, she was feeling slight fear. This was the first time she observed a Necromancer from so close doing his work.

'That aura... even though he is clearly Iron-Tier... impossible... Old Deus'

She thought as Old Deus species were frightening to say. There were too few of them in the Tower or even across the entirety of the Cosmos, but each of them was a terrifying powerhouse on its own.

Contrary to popular belief, it was not a species per se. Instead, it was a collective term for the fallen transcendent, those with strong transcendent lineage and most terrifying from all of them, those of part Eldritch beings.

And because the Nesser Dynasty had a somewhat close relationship with Hall of Kadath, she met several Old Deus and even Apostles of the Outer Gods. All of them were mad, powerful, and frightening individuals.

Even though they were lesser ones, she could never forget the cold, freezing feeling of void penetrating through your own very soul. Meeting with their kind and keeping your own sanity was a feat that not many could achieve.

"So what, are you going just to stand here, woman?"

Asked Samiel with an irritated voice as he looked at the elven female. While he admitted that she was beautiful enough to be attracted to her, she could be a potential enemy until her allegiance and origin were clear.

For him, if she proved to be enemy or hostile, he wouldn't hesitate for a second to slit her throat and raise her as Undead.

"No, you brute. Didn't anyone teach you how to talk with a lady?"

She asked with equal irritation, to which Samiel just smirked provocatively at her as he saw how she frowned at him. During the years, Samiel picked up the habit of provoking and riling up people. Ironically it proved to be pretty helpful skills during combat.

A few times, it even saved his life when he provoked his enemies and then killed them when they made a mistake, which they wouldn't normally do. Such was the price for being distracted on the battlefield or not being able to control yourself.

"So, who are you, and why you, together with these guys, have disrupted my dream?"

He questioned as he slapped one of the skeletal warriors. At the same time, he finished collecting the remaining souls of the human knights, including the one who was their leader.

Samiel wanted to absorb his soul and gain some skills from it, especially when it came to weapon mastery, but the soul-devouring and dinner could do that later.

Gaining a complete skill set would be a good start to building up muscle memory. Mastery over the weapon basically consisted of two parts, one was the knowledge and understanding, and another was a more physical aspect, composed of latent talent and muscle or body memory.

He would obtain knowledge relatively fast through devouring and assimilating the souls, but the second part would be another thing. Though the knowledge was very good, as he didn't need to bother with learning something the hard way, but that didn't mean he would never learn anything traditional style.

The fast method is good, but if overused, it would be detrimental for him.

Not to mention, most importantly, he was dreaming, and he was pretty much pissed up that he was woken from his dreams. From the time he became connected to the Primordial Demiurge, his dreams were the most unique, and every time when he dreamed during his sleep, it would be beneficial for him.

"You should introduce yourself before the Lady says her name; it is common etiquette."

She said with a huff, not believing that his man before her lacked even a basic manner of courtesy. Shouting at her like a barbarian, how insufferable.

Meanwhile, Samiel thought it over for a while, as he could see the logic behind her words. He heard that a proper gentleman should introduce himself at first before the lady.

Thus he decided to "follow the protocol of being gentleman adequately".

"Samiel Zentaur, at your service, my fair lady."

He said with a bow, though she could see he did that to mock her rather than genuinely properly introduce himself.

"Yvraine Nesser Silvermoon."

She introduced herself as she watched his expression, probably awaiting some reaction to her name, but as she expected, none came. Normally, when people from the Tower didn't recognize her by look, then they would know her by her name.

And that was the moment when most of them were overcome by fear due to her background.

So she quickly concluded he was an outsider. Those were people who entered the Tower from some other world or part of the Cosmos. And were not from any faction existing in the Tower...

Probably, as top mortal factions, each controlled several worlds and dimensions outside the Tower, not to mention Transcendent Faction like Pantheons of Gods who dominated entire countless upon countless worlds.

"Then come, in my cave, I have some food and fire... damm, that sounded like a rapist luring in his prey."

Finished Samiel with a laugh, as Yvraine almost cracked at his joke or whatever it was. Samiel realized that his joke was terrible, but at least it would be funny on Earth, or so he thought. He always thought he was funny... maybe his perception deceived him.

She quickly came to the conclusion that the man was probably a servant of some Outer God as he was an Old Deus, so that quickly explained his partial madness. Or maybe he was like that before even worshipping the Outer Gods. Who sane would choose something like that to serve and worship?

Worshippers of the Outer Gods were usually not epithets of mental health.

Most of the worshippers of the Outer Gods were insane and crazy, not something she would normally associate with, but she didn't really have a choice in this matter, and fortunately for her, the man didn't seem hostile towards her.

In the end, she followed after him, as they were surrounded by his Undead, as Samiel didn't recall them into the storage space. The storage space where he used to store his Undead came with the awakening of his Class. Every awakened Necromancer had such storage so they could transport their Undead.

This time, Samiel let them roam around. With some luck, they would find more greenskins and killing them, thus obtaining some Souls for him. The more souls he had, the stronger he would become.

"Just don't attempt that anymore... it was not funny as you thought."

Stated Yvraine as she followed after Samiel. Fortunately, the place where he found Yvfraine fighting those human knights was not far from his cave, only several tens of meters. Thus their journey was relatively short to the hotel cave.

After they had arrived at the cave, Samiel heated stew he made from Horned Black Boar he hunted yesterday and made it into a stew. He created fire with his magic, as the stew that was in the cauldron that he found in the form of loot from some Orks slowly started bubbling.

He was a pretty good cook; rather, he was an excellent one, as it was one of his hobbies besides pursuing the supernatural. He learned various cooking styles and cuisine as he traveled around the whole world.

In truth, it wouldn't be wrong to call him a world-class chef, even though he never worked in a kitchen or restaurant.

After around twenty minutes, the stew heated up, and Samiel signaled Yvraine that she could take from it as he passed her wooden bowl and spoon. At first, she was a bit wary of him and thought that he could poison her, but her intuition told her that the food was safe, so she started eating.

As he and Yvraine sat around the small fire, they started eating in silence as neither of them initiated the conversation.

Both of them just ate in silence for the time being as they enjoyed the food.

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