Elder Scrolls True Daughter of Skyrim

Riley has been plagued by recurring dreams of a snowy land stained with blood and fallen armored soldiers. In these dreams, she is Ellehish, a princess of the snow elves who escaped from the Nord army with her guards, only to be targeted while at sea. As their boat is about to be attacked by magic, a necklace splits her soul, sending one to Earth while the other remains in her original world. After dying in a truck accident, she returns to her world as a 16-year-old snow elf named Ellehish with white hair and pale skin. Her ultimate goal is to survive and one day reunite with her people, but her strong hatred towards the Nords may lead her down a dark path. Ellehish possesses the potential to become a great force for good or evil, with her small build and perverted tendencies hiding her true power. She has the ability to steal traits and powers from other races, as well as elder blood powers from the Witcher series and alpha powers from Teen Wolf. As Ellehish navigates the dangers of Skyrim and other realms, she uncovers mysteries that test her strength and resolve. With the help of her friends, she fights against her enemies and becomes stronger and more capable than ever before. I don't own Skyrim.

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(Chapter 14) Tutorial over

After having trained the evening was free for her. Her thought were on how much stronger she felt compared to her other past lives. now she wasn't over powering Gersg any time soon but was able to match him on strength and over take him on stamina. Now what to do with her free time she thought.

Deciding to see more of the town she set out to explore. First things first she asked Arnovai to come with her as she lifted the bucket of and made there way toward the kitchen.

On her way there Alawion was currently still working the front desk and gave them a small wave. Deciding to head over and ask a question "Um sorry to bother you, I was hoping you had some spare clothes for men I could use" Ellehish asked while not sure on where to place her gaze. Alawions figure was over all very distracting.

"Hmmm I do have some, they were my son's when he was around you age, you can find them in the trap door in the kitchen." Alawion commented while looking directly at Ellehish. it was a bit unnerving almost as if she could see directly into her soul. Adding another mental note to be on high guard near her.

As they walked pass the counter and into the hall that lead to the kitchen. "So I was hoping you would be up for a bit of exploration with me today since we're are done for the day" Turning to look at Arnovai who was following with her hands behind her head.

"Sure I wouldn't mind but your going to have to tell me about your tricks you pulled off on our way here." She replied with a grin. Ellehishs shoulder slumping slightly as she exhaled sharply but nodded. Having to look around together they found the trap door and headed down into the basement. their the saw a few crates next to the ladder figuring this is where she meant they opened the first one and found only a bunch of different animal bones. That's a bit weird she thought as her partner in crime called her over to the next one that had clothes. Searching she found a grey shirt and a pair of cotton pants. deciding to just change here.

"What's behind that door you think?" Grabbing her attention as she was half naked with only the pants on. Turning to see what Arnovai meant, she noticed further back behind some crates there was what appeared to be some kind of door. As she lifted the shirt over her head and through. they both made their way closer to it and pushed some of the crates to the side. Having a proper look at it, it was indeed a door but not a normal one. It seemed to be made from roots. The inner ones a shade of brown while the outer one was a deep green. the green ones connecting towards the middle forming a key hole.

Then the smell reached her nose. it was the same smell from that vision? she had early this morning. Whatever it was had caused her to lose awareness and she wasn't willing to have that happen again.

"Let's head up" Were the only words that she could think of. As she turned to find Arnovai already waiting for her by the ladder. As she waited for her to climb up first Ellehish could feel a bit of the same energy but far weaker then this morning. shaking her head and climbing up she lifted herself out of the trap door and closed it.

"I see you managed to find it" those words caused her to sweat, turning to looking. Their stood Alawion in the door though the look she had was a soft smile.

"Well it does seem to fit you fairly well I'd say but let's do something about your hair. " She moved towards them and got behind Ellehish who was nervously just standing there. She had a brush in hand a started to clean her hair and gently pull it together and then tied it together with a string. "Their now look how beautiful you look. and it won't stray into your eyes." Gently she patted Ellehish on the head.

"Ugg" Was a sound Arnovai made, this causing the tension that Ellehish had been feeling to vanish and making them both laugh. "And you Handsome lady I'm sure you don't need reminding" Alawion said while running her hand through her hair. This made Arnovai smile.

Deciding against asking for now as Ellehish didn't want to seem like a ungrateful person. Now that she was Infront of them and not hunched over while cooking. she could get a good look at her, she didn't seem like she was older then 30 which was weird given she had a son. and as her eyes traveled down from her face she noticed that she had a toned figure. Like a athletic one would better describe it and she couldn't help but look at her breast.

They were somewhere in between a b or c cup for sure she though. as clothing it was the basic outfit she had seen female npcs wear in taverns while playing Skyrim but their were a few differences. the dress part seemed to be only towards the lower half as it it was a add one, wait it was. she noticed the string holding it in place while a hint of pants were under it.

"oh my if you keep staring you will cause me to blush" Alawions voice snapped her out of her intense staring at her hips. Causing Ellehish to blush a Deep red just like a tomato. As she tried to defend herself all that came out were studders. decided this was a losing battle she grabbed Arnovai and head out to the sound of more laughter from the kitchen and besides her. Quickly fleeing from the tavern and out towards the town. after walking for a few mins she finally decided to slow down. and as they sat near the docks she slowly blinked and as her eyes open she found herself back in front of the goddess.


"I must say you have been nothing but entertaining to watch." She said while covering her mouth in a attempt to hide her laughter to the increasing embarrassment of Ellehish. It had taken a few more moments for both of them to gather themself up.

"Cough cough" Both of them did as they looked at each other. The goddess deciding to start the conversation properly. " So um 'clears throat' this will be the final time we meet by my hand. I had watched some of those let's plays for elder scrolls game and noticed that they are always given one final chance to fix there stats or race once they reach a certain point."

"And I take it I've reached that point" Ellehish finished

The goddess nodded while watching her. "So would it be possible to chance of of my wishes" again the goddess nodded this time leaning forward from the planet she was using as a throne.

"I'd like the change my ability to sense my kin to something else." and with a flick of the goddess finger it vanished from her stat listing. Now she sat crossed legged to think. what could be useful down the line. Hmmmmm an idea had come to mind. she remembered reading about a protagonist with the ability to take blood line powers and fuses them together. That was what she wanted.

"I'd like to have the ability to fuse my cleansing touch with the ability to take powers." Finally making her new wish.

The goddess got off of her throne and shrunk down to Ellehishs size. slowly pacing back and forth. "That would be far to over powered by its own so I'm going to have to nerf it a bit. To gain any of powers or perks from other races would require you to have there souls or a number of there hearts. or sleep with them, that way you could extract the information and power from there, for a lack of a better word juices. And it will require gold to activate the fusion, it's percent of success depending on the quality of juices or number of hearts." Smugly the goddess responded while staring into Ellehishs eyes.

Thinking it over it wasn't a bad deal, besides given the thinks she's read and seen in hentai and fanfiction. Now maybe she could really live up to stupid I'd she bought online. a monster fucker, She laughed embarrassed at the idea. For now she would either collect blood or hearts. "Alright that works for me." She said while looking over her stat sheet.


Name : Ellehish

Age: 16 (19)

Mp 2/400

Storage Unlocked

Spear lvl 15

unarmed lvl 7

Bonuses to Strength, speed, agility, hearing and super nature senses from the blood line power of werewolf.

Werewolf forms: teen wolf


Spells Unlocked

Frost spell

Illusion lvl 22

Destruction lvl 13

Cleaning touch: The power to convert and remove unwanted evolution traits from a willing being. One month cooldown

Taboo Collector : The ability to gain ability that affects the soul and rarely the body or powers from different creatures, races or monsters by collecting hearts, blood or love juices. must be used with cleaning touch and store to be used. Number of samples vary from being to being.


Elder blood power

Teleport mastery1

Planes walking mastery 0



Frost resistance: 25 percent reduction from frost spells targeting you

Frost empowerment: 15 percent damage increase from spells.

Snow Elf: Bonus 50 Mp

Elder blood: Bonus 50 Mp


Store Requires gold to unlock


Well that was not what she expected for it to be named. But it will be useful down the line, maybe she wouldn't even need to use it but it would be better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it.

"So is there a reason as to why this moment counts as tutorial over?" Ellehishs couldn't help but ask.

" Well.....normal, I'd have contacted you sooner.... but I had to overwatch the another goddess send over a soul to another world. Had to make sure they didn't over or under do it." She shrugged. " Even though I'm a deity I still have work to do. Besides I figured giving you a two weeks worth of time to accustom to the world would help you decide what you wanted to change." On that point Ellehish had to agree, a few hours would not have given her the time she need to make a good decision on what she need to change.

Besides being a teen wolf werewolf did give her a very minor healing factor. might not be anywhere close to a trolls but it would help her without causing people to become suspicious. At least she hoped.

"Thank you for making me complete again" Ellehishs said while bowing her head towards the goddess, who simply smiled. "I'll be watching your journey from time to time. Don't go dieing just yet." She wasn't sure on how to take that. We're all divine beings like her or were they worse. As she was going to ask a bright light flashed and she found herself on the dock again while Arnovai was staring at her with concern.

"Are you okay Ellehish" She asked placing her hand on her shoulder. Taking a deep breath before answering with a nod. Moving to get up from her seat she grabbed Arnovais hand again and moved towards the crowd and began to explore more of the city.