Elder Blood Witcher

Most people who die and are confronted with a godlike being like to take the easy route... Not this guy. I have been sitting on this concept for a while and want to see if I can write it, starting with the Witcher then the game Absolver and then onto Darksouls 1. Don't rely on there being consistent updates because its unlikely... If you want to support my work or tip me enough to buy a drink please go here >https://www.p.atreon.com/Nagross Also, if you wanna join my Discord, here's the link : https://discord.gg/mG4vG5SUbF My next work, a Fallout Newvegas Fanfic : https://www.webnovel.com/book/steel-waste_18419577106748205 I don't own the cover art and have no idea who does, so don't sue me I guess? I also don't own, the Witcher, Absolver, DarkSouls or any other games, anime, books or movies written about.

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The two enter the large chamber and immediately are assaulted with the smell of burning flesh, the room itself is huge and charred completely black, the only thing providing any other colour is the ash coating the floor, the dim first flame in the middle of the room and Gwyn, standing 7-8ft in burnt blue armoured robes with a burned black crown sitting atop his head. He wields a huge golden sword that's about one and a half times the size of it's user, the blade itself is also completely wreathed in searingly hot flames that can be felt from the entrance. His huge white beard is the only thing covering up his blackened hollow face, his eyes have seemingly been melted or burned away rendering them nothing but empty sockets.

The man still seems to be burning, his cheek is still glowing and his beard is on fire... Despite all this he stands upright while resting his two hands on his sword currently planted in the ground.

Gwyn mutters something that only Reima with his enhanced hearing can pick up. "Lamentable Servant, your duty is finished, lay yourself unto the flame, further the age of gods.... The fire must never burn out, never, never... Never." he continues to repeat this as he draws the large sword out of the ground. The two SunBro's tense at this, preparing for combat.

Suddenly, without warning the temperature of the Kiln raises substantially causing them both to sweat. Fire explodes out from under Gwyn's feet as he gestures towards them. Seeing this both know something is up and dodge to opposite sides, barely dodging the massive cyclone of fire that envelops their previous location... Gwyn isn't just a lord of fire however as he jumps 10 metres into the air before quickly descending down on Reima's position intending to slash him in half. Reima blinks forwards a couple metres, dodging the main attack but still somehow getting burned anyway. He raises an arm and casts Quen to shield himself from the malicious heat as a large lightning bolt hits Gwyn in the back, drawing his attention towards Solaire.

Gwyn seems to twist his foot before kicking off the ground, creating a shock-wave as he sails through the air towards Solaire intent on running him through with his Golden Great Sword. Solaire doesn't attempt to dodge however, he stands his ground and fearlessly raises Sanctus while pushing against it with both hands in an attempt to try negate some of the oncoming impact. Just as he's about to be speared he rotates the shield slightly in an attempt to deflect some of the force, this proves to be a wise idea as he's blasted away, rolling through the ash before shakily getting back to his feet... His arm hangs loosely at his side, broken in who knows how many places. Reima blinks behind Gwyn in an attempt to distract him while Solaire downs his Estus flask in attempt to heal the damage he'd sustained.

Gwyn doesn't seem to notice Reima appearing behind him but still somehow twists his body and blocks the Silver Sword aiming for his neck. Reima quickly backs away from the Gwyn while disengaging their locked weapons as he can see his Silver Sword melting slightly under the flames heat... Even with Titanite reinforcement it still started to melt? God damn! He shouts mentally as Gwyn tries to grab him, he blinks a tiny distance to the side and slashes Gwyn's quickly retracting arm, barely catching him and causing a minor cut. The Lord of Cinder seems to growl and temperature increases even more, causing Reima to narrow his eyes in an attempt to protect them. He sends a quick Haki Infused kick at Gwyn, using the momentum when it's blocked to distance himself.

Reima "Bro, are you alright?!" he shouts, keeping his eyes on Gwyn. He doesn't receive a reply, instead another lightning bolt flies at Gwyn before it is batted away by the Lord. Reima starts to conjure three Crystal Soul Spears above him and barely gets them off before having to blink away to dodge Gwyn's horizontal slash. Only a single spear strikes true, hitting Gwyn in his offhand and gauging a large flesh wound in his forearm, the wound seems to sizzle and glow red and blood quickly stops flowing as it's seared closed.

Gwyn jumps backwards and swings his blade, causing a monumental wall of fire to envelop the room, the duo only survives due to Reima's significantly overpowered Quen shield combined with Havel's shield taking most of the impact. He stores the shield away again and retrieves the MoonLight Great Sword in his offhand before he starts swinging it at Gwyn, producing many blue projectiles that batter Gwyn's form. Solaire holds his sword aloft and envelops the both of them in a yellow Miracle circle wreathed in golden light, Reima feels stronger as the buff Solaire had cast quickly empowers him. He continues to wave the Moonlight Great Sword but with increased ferocity than before, 1-2-3-4-5-8-14 attacks continue to strike Gwyn as he tries to fend them off. Apparently finally having enough of the barrage of attacks Gwyn roars as pillars of fire explode from the floor beneath the duo blasting them away from each other, Reima had barely noticed the attack and managed to brace himself before being launched but Solaire took the brunt of it, the Sun Bro still isn't dissuaded however as he gets to his feet yet again. "You will not beat us Father!" he shouts, channelling all his pain and frustration into it before starting to throw as many Sunlight Spears as his magic can handle.

Reima takes a swig of his Estus and blinks above Gwyn while channelling Armament Haki through his entire body. The only thing not covered in black on his entire body is his white hair, he quickly descends on Gwyn, storing the Moonlight Great Sword and two-handing his Silver sword. The lightning bolts from Solaire don't seem to distract him enough however as Gwyn takes the brunt of them to his body while preparing to cut Reima out of the air. The Witcher expected this however and just before he's bisected he blinks behind Gwyn, utilising the momentum from his fall he brings his sword down on Gwyn, cutting off a large portion of his right chest and shoulder, causing the golden sword to fall softly into the ash coating the floor. The silence is short as a war-cry signals Solaire's presence "PRAISE THE SUN!!!", as he viciously stabs his Sunlight Straight Sword into Gwyn's heart, his momentum causing both of them to collapse to the floor.


The temperature suddenly cools, a golden light explodes from the wound inflicted by Solaire and envelops him in the warm glow, Reima can feel the power filling his friend. The golden glow continues to flow into Solaire, his trusty sword taking the brunt of it until it eventually shatters into a million pieces. Solaire collapses to his knees breathing harshly as many shards of shattered metal gather in-front of him forming a straight sword, the golden glow covers it, not fixing the external damage but causing the metal to turn gold. After a couple more moments the light stops and the sword drops to the floor, looking closely at it, it looks as if it was pieced together like a golden puzzle, the many individual shards still being visible but the blade looks incredible sturdy even despite that.

Reima looks at Gwyn's quickly disappearing body and glances at his hand now holding his large fiery soul.

Hope it was a good final "hurrah" for the two SunBro's. I also hope it's apparent how powerful Gwyn still was even in that state, that was my mission for this chapter so if I failed please flame me as I deserve it.

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