899 Awkward playdate

Reima can only shake his head at Ciri and Selina's antics towards Eskel and Triss, the Sorceress should have gotten over Geralt's rejection already, but it seems she'll never be free of the teasing... Hell, it might even become a generational joke, his children's children making it a tradition to tease Triss on the subject.

His attention is brought away from them as a new group walk up, he gives a brief wave and nods, "Rickert, Logan, Griggs, Dusk. How are you guys doing?"

Rickert rubs his hands together anxiously, "Good, good... Though if I had the choice I'd be back in my workshop, I'd forgotten all about the event and I was halfway through a rather important project."

Reima shrugs, "If you wanna ditch you'll have to ask my daughter, I'll not protect you from Ciri should you make her cry either." he warns, causing the man to pale.

Rickert "N-no, I think I'm good for the time being, what's a day to an eternity of research right?" he says as if there were a gun pressed to his temple.

Reima "Logan, how apprenticing going?" he asks, sincerely wanting to know how the old man was taking it.

Logan "Oh, its fine I suppose, some good seeds and others utterly brainless and useless. I must say you've spoiled me, having a student like yourself has made everyone else seem rather dull in comparison."

Reima "My bad, let me just erase my existence to fix that." he says sarcastically.

Logan "I didn't mean to sound resentful when I said it, it is just difficult to adjust to regular common sense again... Even if Ichor's common sense is still a bit skewed."

Reima nods and turns to Dusk who's been anxiously gripping her sleeve the entire time she'd been here, "And you Dusk, how're you doing?"

Dusk "G-good... Have you perhaps considered my offer yet?"

Reima shakes his head, "I've considered it and my answer remains the same." he states.

Dusk "But the others-"

Reima "The "others" shouldn't be concerned when it comes to this, I think its best you focus on your own happiness, instead of pining for something you might never possess." he says simply, "Anyway, what've you been doing lately? Continuing your research?"

Dusk looks as if she wants to continue speaking about the previous topic, but nods reluctantly, "I have, learning how light specifically works has opened a whole new avenue to Oolacile type magic. That, and helping with Rickert and Alphys's projects has been... Interesting."

Before Reima presses on the specifics, Ciri and Selina walk over after sending Triss and Eskel to their seats.

Selina "Hiya! Auntie Dusk, Uncle Rickert, Teachers." she nods at Logan and Griggs who'd been teaching her the basics of Sorcery when Reima had been unavailable.

Logan leans slightly, resting his weight on his staff, "It's your birthday then?" he asks and receives a grin from her, "Good, that means you can focus on your studies afterwards, you must've been distracted for a week."

Selina "Sorry... I was just excited for it..."

Griggs "Let her relax master, she's been working as hard or sometimes even harder than all the other disciples."

Logan nods while stroking his beard, "I suppose your studies can wait, but you must promise to not get distracted like this again."

Selina "Promise!" she chirps with a cheeky grin.

Dusk looks at Selina fondly, she didn't have a close relationship with the girl due to her jealousy, something she later regretted after seeing how far she's progressed. "Happy Birthday Selina, I hope you enjoy the present I sent." she says with a small smile.

Selina gives her a brief hug, "Thanks Aunti Dusk."

The group move on to their seating and Ciri grimaces when she spots the next set of people walking towards them.

Ciri "Fleur, Bill..." she says with a restrained voice, glances at the young girl holding both their parent's hands.

Fleur "Ciri." she reciprocates awkwardly, not really knowing what to do with the tension currently between them.

Ciri "Have you been well?"

Fleur nods, "I have, and you?"


Bill just continues looking at Reima, neither making a move other than the former occasionally blinking.

Selina "Mum, Dad, why are you acting like this?" she wonders aloud, "Should I take Victoire away so you can talk?"

Reima shakes his head, "No, it's ok... Right?" he says, sending a glare at Bill.

Bill releases a sigh and nods, "Hm, yeah... Just having a staring contest, you know how it is."

Victoire looks up at Bill from his side, "Can I play too Papa?" she asks in a french dialect reminiscent of Fleur's own.

Bill "No Victoire, we'll be finding our seats. Happy Birthday Selina." he says as he starts walking his daughter to the seats, gesturing his head for Fleur to follow.

Fleur stays behind and looks at Reima and Ciri, "I am sorry for 'im, he 'as still not gotten over Miss Quelaag's actions... I am afraid to say I am ze same."

Reima shrugs, "Not much we can do about it now, it's in the past. Whether or not you guys accept our apology is up to you, I just hope you won't let it ruin the event or your own enjoyment of it. Harry and Hermione are sitting over there, they'd be happy to talk to you I think, better than hanging around my own friends." he says, wondering why he'd allowed Selina to invite Victoire and her parents in the first place.

It wasn't just the fact that their relationship had been strained ever since Fleur and Bill had gotten together, it was also the fact that they were now in two separate classes... He as royalty, and them as citizens of his own empire. He'd tried to make amends for Quelaag's actions all those years ago, but it seems that having someone break and enter your house while blackmailing and beating you leaves negative feelings... Who'd have thought?

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