What to expect from this Fan Fiction

The mc:

In his first life he was a normal guy, his alignment would be neutral and a little inclined towards evil. He isn't too intelligent at the beginning so he might have some stupid ideas, neither is he ruthless and cold. So don't expect him to be a battle maniac right from the start.

However this will change.

There will be no Harem.

Maybe some late romance.

The world:

There is only one thing worth mentioning: I will try to make the NPCs and Bosses as realistic as possible.

Also, this fan fiction will also give a perspective on how the people from the Lands Between see the tarnished. (That's why there is the Villain tag)

I'm writing this ff for fun. Furthermore English isn't my first language, so if you notice some mistakes please let me know.

That would be all worth mentioning I guess? :)

Enjoy and thank you for reading ;)

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