1 The Chapel of Anticipation

My whole body hurts, especially my head.

As I'm trying to get up, I open my eyes and I'm immediately stunned.

Why am I lying on the ground? Furthermore why is it so dark?

As my eyes are slowly adjusting to the darkness, I try to stand up.

Suddenly my headache increased tremendously and I fall back on my knees. Then I heard a voice inside my head telling me.

„Cross the fog, to the Lands Between to stand before the Elden Ring and become the Elden Lord."

What the hell? Is this some kind of joke?

While I'm trying to figure out what's happening a dense fog surrounds me. I began to panic since it literally appeared out of nowhere.

What's happening? My breathing increased and my heartbeat skyrocketed. I looked around trying to see something even though there wasn't anything to see besides the fog.

In the meantime I remembered.

My name is Max, I am 18 years old and I should be dead.

The last thing I recall is me crossing the road and a idiot who is driving while talking angrily with a person in the back of his car. He didn't notice me crossing the road and then the car hit me while going probably around 50 to 70 km/h. I was thrown away, luckily I hit my head in a wall, effectively killing me or I just blacked out. However, at least I didn't have to suffer, That's something I guess. What about my parents? Will they be able to live on with their life? Probably, because there is still my younger brother to give them a reason to live on. Speaking of him, I wouldn't be surprised if he is secretly happy, that he can use my pc whenever he wants now. Will I ever see them again? Who was the voice just now? What did it say? Something with Elden ring? Oh boy, I have a bad feeling about this.

As the realization slowly dawned upon me, suddenly the fog disappeared and I found myself in a very familiar room.


Author's note:

I will not describe the room, since everybody should know how it looks like.



Oh no, I think to myself. Immediately I started looking around the room, more like searching for something. Perhaps for a proof that this is actually just a dream and that I will wake up soon from this nightmare of being transmigrated to Elden Ring. Sadly reality is often disappointing.

In my first life Elden ring was actually my favorite game, I spent more then 500 hours playing it. So it's safe to say that I know a lot about the lore and game in general, this is also the reason why I really hoped that it's just a dream, since this world is dangerous to live in.

However the body on the right put me out of my illusion.

I walked up to the young woman and froze up.

This was my first time seeing a dead body. I continued to stare at her for some time. Then I noticed that there was a message written with her blood.

„Though the path be broken and uncertain, claim your place as Elden Lord."


I slowly collected myself and walked toward the door. Much to my surprise it was actually really hard to open it. So after some struggling I finally succeeded.

Upon walking out I forgot to address a very important detail. It was really cold and the wind made it all so much worse. Thank god that at least I got to keep my clothes. Finally, just when I though that there is something positiv, it struck me.

Wait a minute, I have no weapon. And my keys and phone or anything else I had on me, besides my clothes is gone. This is bad, really bad.

How am I going to fight the Grafted Scion? I need to find a way on how to get away from this damned island without facing the Scion.

I started brainstorming. The first thing I thought of was jumping of the cliff, at first it seemed like a decent idea, but after looking down I scratched this idea. I can't even see the water, so there is a high chance that after jumping from so high, I would land on a rock. That's suicide. Then I thought of the Stormhawk King for the Nepheli Loux Quest and the Stormhawk spirit ash. Maybe I could use them to just fly away from this island? Probably not. Although, I mean the hawks are pretty big in this game and there is two of them. What do I have to lose? Trying won't hurt.

Therefore, I walked toward the door which leads towards the items. As expected it was closed, in the game this is a closed road, but now this can't stop me. I just climbed on this sidewall and from there I made my way on top of the wall. I cracked a small smile and dropped down on the other side. As the door can be opened from this side, I did accordingly.

I started going up the stairs. Unfortunately now there wasn't a small light telling me where something is. That's why I started searching, regrettably after searching for 20 minutes I couldn't find it. Actually I wasn't really sure how it exactly looked like. I gave up wasting my time in the cold looking and went into the second floor of the room I was in before. Thankfully the chest was still there. However I was left dumbfounded once more, because in it was just a small container containing some ashes.

What did I even expect? Of course I need a bell for it.

Still I took the container out of the chest, I almost got a heart attack, my libs started trembling, my legs turned into jelly. Where and how should I store the ash?

I weakly said system.

Nothing happened.

„System!" I yelled. Still nothing happened.



Oh no no no. I thought. You gotta be kidding me. My fate is sealed. How the hell am I supposed to fight demigods without a system? To hell with the demigods, I probably won't even survive against the Soldier of God.

What should I do? Damnit!

After around 15 minutes of me losing my mind, I decided I should figure out how to get of this island, if not not I will definitely die of thirst and hunger. This brings me back to my first issue.

HOW am I supposed to do that?

I guess my only options left include meeting the scion. Fighting the Scion is out of question. Hence the only thing left to do is to run into the arena and then run right directly trough the gate, since there shouldn't be a fog gate blocking me, then across the bridge and take a leap of faith.

So that's exactly what I did. Upon arriving at the arena I firstly observed my surroundings, as in the game at first there was no Scion.

Thats good news, for now at least.

Following the plan started running towards the gate on the right anticipating the arrival of the boss. Surprisingly, he didn't appear, even when I was trough the gate. I heaved a sigh of relieve, looks like I was worried for nothing.

Then he fell down from the sky. Even more ugly and horrifying. His scream shook my whole soul. Without having to think I ran for my life.

I crossed the bridge thinking I'm safe since he is way to big and heavy to cross. But the Scion just jumped over it. I kept stepping back, while panicking I forgot about the loose ledge. Consequently when I stepped on it, it broke of the cliff and I fell.

I kept screaming while I was falling down. Eventually I fell into the sea and fainted.

Melina POV:

Torrent has been very nervous the past few days. He told me that he has chosen his new master. A new tarnished. Although, I'm not sure why he has chosen this particular tarnished.

He is currently unconscious, I see Torrent worrying.

„Don't worry Torrent, fortune is on his side. We found him here, after all. One of his kind is sure to seek the Elden Ring. Even if if does violate the Golden Order."

His injuries are very grave, I need to make him drink a Flask of Crimson Tears, if he wants to survive.

„Let's go Torrent, he drunk the Flask, he will be fine when he wakes up."

We will meet later tarnished, I wonder if you are the one.

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