24 Return to the Roundtable

Max had a helpless smile on his face as he listened to the loud and shrill screams, coming from the blond woman with a blindfold, in front of him. At this moment, he thought of the mistakes he made, the points he overlooked and what to pay attention to in the future so that a situation like this can be avoided the next time.

As Max was reflecting, the hysterical shouts only grew angrier, as they weren't getting a response from their target and furthermore at one point Irina even stood up, due to her anger.

One would expect that after a while her screams would quiet down, after all, screaming and shouting consumes a lot of energy. Additionally, if somebody were to listen to the choice of words she was using, that person wouldn't imagine her to be a lady from a noble house, but instead a barbarian.

After a while, Max couldn't take her screams anymore and stopped thinking and instead interrupted her by saying:

"Well Irina. First of all, I didn't believe that you have such a bad mouth. Second of all, I have to take this opportunity to thank you for letting me know how strong the flask is, I got from your father."

If Irina was able to see the smile on the tarnished face, as he said this, she would probably be even angrier than she is at this particular moment. Luckily, she is blind.

"Third of all, aren't you a little too mean? I mean, I risked my life for you, fighting all these missbegotten at castle Morne, all until I met your dear father, who, please let me remind you, chose his duties and the castle over you.", added Max.

"That's ... That might be true, but this doesn't change the fact that if you hadn't killed my father after the battle, my dear father would have been here now with me!", screamed Irina as tears flowed down her cheeks.

In the meantime, Max took a deep breath and sighed:

"Indeed. ... To be honest with you, I don't even know why I am even discussing this with you. If I had to guess, I would say that I was most likely searching for a reason to justify it. ... Whatever, it is just a waste of time. ... Now, back to you, I guess that the only thing left for me to do would be to give you the chance to reunite you with your father. This way, you can be with your father forever and won't ever be separated.", told Max Irina, with a malicious smile.

When the poor girl heard what the tarnished in front of her said, she started having difficulties to breathe and all the rage and hate she felt before disappeared from one moment to another and were instead replaced by fear. Irina wanted to say something, or at least try to escape, but she couldn't move an inch, neither could she talk, as she entered a state of shock.

"Oh? What is this? Why are you scared, my dear? What do you think would have happened when you confronted me, with killing Edgar? Well, it doesn't matter, do me a favor, when you meet your father in the afterlife, do tell him, that I send my regards."

Contrary to what Max did to Edgar, this time he didn't chop her head off, but instead went towards her and grabbed her and then cut open her wrist and watched her bleed to death.

There were 2 particular reason for doing it like this. One reason was that Max thought that it's just too cruel to separate her head, but the main reason was that he was afraid that if he damages the body too much, Hyetta might not be able to possess her body.

After a while, Max checked her body for pulse and upon confirming that she was truly dead, he left her there.

With a serious look on his face, he returned to Melina and asked her to take them back to the Roundtable.

Once they arrived, Max immediately wanted to turn his runes into strength, but unlike before he didn't use all of them but instead left 2000 runes on the side, as he feels now that, it's not necessary to invest every single rune, but instead that he can afford to save some runes for economical use.

In addition, this time he split the runes in a ratio of sixty to forty, with the biggest part for his mind and the rest for the body.

After the process, Max noticed that his mana reserves got larger again and furthermore, he noticed that his thinking speed also increasing, but only for a tiny amount. As for his body, his muscle size increased and with it did his strength.

All of this happened in the usual room downstairs, and when he arrived at the Roundtable upstairs, he was greeted by D.

"Hello Max, do you have a minute to spare?"

"Of course D, what's wrong?"

"I have visited the beast recently, and he told me that he still hasn't met you. So I have to ask you whether you really intend to do so? If not, I have to ask you to return the Death root, we got last time."

"Oh I see. Yes, I do wish to meet him. It's just that, I just recently returned from Castle Morne, in the Weaping Peninsula, and I hadn't had the time to go. But do not worry, in fact, I have planned to meet him tomorrow.", lied Max through his teeth.

In truth, he wanted to first meet Bernahl and then sometime late go to Caelid to meet the Beast Clergyman.

"Alright, you better do as you just promised, as the Beast patience is limited."

"I see, and I will.", answered Max.

'It seems I have to change my plans. ... damn it, it looks like I got on D's bad side, well that's bad but isn't terrible as I already have an idea on how to change that. ... Okay, that's settled, for now however, I have something different in mind...', thought Max.

After the two parted ways again, Max went up to Corhyn with the intention of learning a new spell of him.

"Hello Brother Corhyn, May the Golden Order shine through you. How have you been doing?"

"Ah, you appear to be doing well. Very good. Thank you for asking, as for myself, I can't complain either, in fact, I have been studying the Golden Order through multiple textbooks recently, and it has been wonderful."

"Very interesting", commented Max.

"Yes indeed, but how may I help you ? Do you wish to learn another incantation, perhaps?"

"Brother Corhyn can see right through me. Yes please, specifically, I would love to learn a healing incantation."

"A healing incantation, that a good choice, but I have to remind you thee, that even though we are followers of the Golden Order, I will still have to charge you 1 500 runes.", said brother Corhyn.

"Of course, I can even pay you in advance here..."

Max proceeded to give him the required amount of runes, and this left him with only 500 runes.

"Amazing, then shall we go down in the down like last time? By the way, I have heard from D that you have learned a Golden Order incantation, is that true?", asked Brother Corhyn.

"Yes, that's true", confirmed Max, even though he wasn't happy that D told Corhyn what incantations he knows. He would prefer that they don't know anything about which ones he knows, but that would be impossible, if you learn from a teacher.

'Perhaps the pope will remain silent... nah I don't think so, as the turtle loves to talk, but the thing is he doesn't have anyone else to talk to besides some skeletons and in the future myself. ... Hmm, that may not be completly true, as I don't know enough about the bell hunters. ...'

"Awesome, I'm sure that you will learn this incantation bestowed by the two fingers very quickly."

In response, Max nodded. When they arrived in the hall, brother Corhyn proceeded to show Max the small things he has to pay attention while casting.

Later, as Max tried performing the incantation, he confirmed that the mana type is indeed very similar to the mana from the Order's Blade, but yet not the same. The main difference is the speed of the mana when it's healing a wound. The healing incantation mana is very harmonic, but at the same the consumption is also immense. Contrary Order's blade mana is a bit more static and aggressive, but the consumption is way less, and the reason why is that it isn't meant for healing the body, but instead for enchanting a weapon.

The incantation was really easy to learn, and after self inflicting some wounds and healing them, Max thanked brother Corhyn and continued to experiment with the incantation further.

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