3 Lands Between, Resurrections(Reboot)

After deciding my name, I fall asleep.

Then I hear, "My Lord...my Lord..."

I come to my senses sitting on a throne. I was wearing the raging wolf set without the helmet. I look to my left to see Ranni the Witch in the flesh, who is also my waifu. Hell ya, wish granted.

Ranni asked, "Art thee well enow lief husband, thee did look daz'd f'r a moment."

(Note: Reader made dialogue- for the kicks, and I like it)

I smile and assure, "I am fine Ranni, just got lost in thought for a while. I am thinking of going to have some fun. For that, I must go get dressed."

I rise from the Elden Throne. Ranni asked, "What sort of fun requires you to change your attire?" I smile, "Well my dear, this is the Lands Between. We are between worlds, many of them. So, I plan to visit a world called the DC world. Want to come?"

Ranni questions, "What of your realm then Milord? It still requires your supervision as it's Lord and its sole god; does it not?"

I shake my mind, "Of course I am still connected to this realm. even if I leave it, I will remain fully aware of the happenings in this realm. Plus, the realm is at peace and is prospering. Before I leave, I think it would be good to give some people a second chance?"

Ranni thinks, "You are thinking of the slain demi-gods you bested? Very well, if you wish to give them another chance in life, I will support you. They did suffer ill fates after all. As for the new world, you can go to that world without me first. Once you are there, I will be able to scry into that world. If I take a liking to it, I will join you."

I smile, "Okay, I'll be heading over to the plains of Limgrave to bring them back. I am blessed to have you." Then I lean down for a quick kiss. It felt so natural to do too. Goodbye awkwardness with girls! Ranni even blushes a little on her mostly expressionless face. That's a win.

First, I take some time to look over my Leyndell royal castle. I head to my "royal chambers' of the Castle of Leyndell. Which is now a bustling medieval(souls-like) fantasy city. I go to the magical mirror of character editing. It seems I am a gray-skinned draconian with golden eyes and black hair. My face is sculpted to maximum handsomeness and my muscular body is peak Greek statue look. My age is shown too. I am...16 years old? That's how old I was when I died. Oh well. I don't change the look. I just change my armor into the noble's set.

I then go to Limgrave. Through my absolute as master of all the mending runes, deity of the Golden Order, and unmatched sovereign of the Lands Between, I begin the resurrections.

Starscourge Radahn, Strongest of the demi-gods...rises from a golden glow.

Malenia, Blade of Miquella, who had never known defeat before me...rises from a golden glow.

Dragonlord Placidusax, Elden Lord before the Erdtree and dragon of time...rises from a golden glow.

Lichdragon Fortissax, Loyal Friend...rises from a golden glow.

Ancient Dragon Lansseax, Lady of the Ancient Dragon Cult...rises from a golden glow.

I have resurrected these demi-gods and royal dragons, because they are cool as shit to me. Of course I want them in my realm.

I say to Radahn, "Radahn, the Red General with the strength to stop the very stars from moving. I have cleared your rot and mind. Your service will be needed in the future. If you kneel, you will be my general and your army will be rebuilt. I will even resurrect one of your trusted commanders, O'Neil."

Radahn bends the knee, "You are the Elden Lord, and you would have had to kill the Elden Beast, a god. I am no match. I will serve as your general, and I thank you for this second chance at life."

I look at Malenia, "Honorable Malenia, your brother Miquella still lives and has been returned to the Haligtree. I could use a venerable blade like you at my side. What say you? Will you be my champion?"

Malenia kneels, "I thank you for returning my brother to the Haligtree, and for this second life. I will gladly serve as your champion."

I then speak to Placidusax, "Dragonlord, the dragons of my realm have been left bereft of leadership and strength. This is why I have resurrected you. I can think of no one more worthy than you to be my will among the dragons. What say you?"

Placidusax responds in his ancient voice, "Your bloodline as a Draconian is no less powerful than mine. Your throne is legitimate and no Elden Lord has been as powerful as you. Not even God Queen Marika was as powerful. This I can see is true, as I was there so long ago. I will be your will among the dragons."

Next is Lannseax, "Lady Lannseax, famous for your compassion for the members of the Ancient Dragon Cult. You even went so far as to change into a human form to interact with them. I want you to lead the successor of the cult. My Knights of the Dragon. I do hope you agree, as I will resurrect Vyke The Dragonspear if you do. The one you loved the most."

Lannseax responds in a regal, mature, feminine voice, "I will be the patron of your Knights of the Dragon. I thank you in advance for bringing back my most beloved knight, Vyke."

Finally is Fortissax, "Fortissax, you attempted to fight death itself to deny it Godwyn the Golden. Your tale of strong friendship with Godwyn moved me when I read your lore. Should you want it, I place you in charge of Sacred Death and Rebirth. I'll also resurrect Godwyn and give him nobility. Where he would be able to restart the clergy of the Golden Order."

Fotissax gives me a good answer, "I'll accept the appointment. I would of course like to see my friend again too."

I the say to all, "You know where you must go now. When you get there, who and what I've promised you will be there waiting. Welcome back."

The six great beings leave Limgrave, and now it is just me. I didn't bring back Godrick or Mogh because they're both crazy. Godrick was a psycho with an infatuation with body parts, and this is before the Shattering too. Mogh is some crazy sexual predator that fed his blood in vain to Miquella to get him to mature; after he kidnapped him from his sister too. They can stay dead.

Now to visit DC...

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