"One more strike and he will be died" announced the medieval Knight to the crowd with his bloody blade raise high towards the dark sky.

The large crowd of citizens was hooked in their sight on a standing gigantic alter where an Emperor was enchained. His body was locked from any moment as his legs and hands were stretched to the edge of the surface and nailed.

His body was covered in thick red blood, pouring out from deep wounds due to sword strikes, red open scars, and swollen from being wiped and punched.

He was about to vomit out a mouthful of blood however he swallowed it in, letting blood float out his lips as he whispered inwards,

"I won't fall for them." His inner voice enraged, "No, not yet! I won't fall by their hands! This is not the end! I refuse to die in this end."

This Emperor was known as the strongest Magus Bloodline Emperor in the entire history of the fantasy world. He grew up in a school that joined all the odd creatures of the world plus, superpower humans, overpowered children, myths, and legend creatures adding bloodlines.

This young Emperor walked in his path within this school with great cautions and courage as he was always, in his entire life known as the weakest magus and the worst bloodline. Insults, regards, and teasing were a part of his time yet, he still managed to rise out of the ashes.

However, there was a dreadful day for him. A day he never calculates or meets up with. Prisoned for eighty days in an underground dungeon where hunger was torture and thirst was a slayer, this Emperor didn't fall.

On the day of his execution, he was brought forth in front of his whole empire, viewing the last days of his leadership to this land, city, and the whole he built with his own hands. This Emperor's name was,

"EDEN LOCKER!" called a mighty King. The wounded Emperor lifted his cobalt violet eyes and glared at a king who seem to form half human and half monster. This king flew from his seat, straight towards the alter, and landed in front of the Emperor with his long red robe spreading on the floor, his feet stepped on the scarlet pool of blood as he smiled at him saying,

"You were known as the strongest Magus Emperor of the time. Your intelligence, tactics, knowledge, and your ultimate element beyond anyone's hold are called Essence. Such a great Empire no one can ever forget…..however…" he created a bladed sword on his palm, holding its halt, he leered continuing,

"But, the use now? Praises, trust, help, and kindness...mercy all have expired on you. What would like to say?"

The magus Emperor Eden Locker only glared at the king with his bleeding eyes. This sight burst out the king into laughter as he teased him, "Don't look at me as though you are waiting for my mercy. No one will come to your rescue. Everyone has ditched you and you are alone now..."

However, there was hope in his dead eyes. Even though, the Emperor was glaring he had the last green leaf in his tree,

"System... where are you?"

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