Eclipse Memories

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What is Eclipse Memories

Read ‘Eclipse Memories’ Online for Free, written by the author Dryyin, This book is a LGBT+ Novel, covering SYSTEM Fiction, MYSTERY Light Novel, BL Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: "Hey Let's make an appointment !! That we will continue to be together no matter what happens Yes !!!" ...


"Hey Let's make an appointment !! That we will continue to be together no matter what happens Yes !!!" ***** "Who are you ?" "My name is Rikky - Rikky Rionna" "There is someone missing from my life, someone...someone who is very precious to me. I have to find it" In a world that is already in chaos right after the emergence of Dystopia. All living creatures must determine their own destiny in life. Countless deaths force them to seek ways to survive. When the world is in chaos there are two destinies separated by time, meeting as different figures. Will they be able to find out the truth of the lost memories ? Can they get to know each other and get back together ?

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"How do u feel now, having realised that I was the one who you rejected?"Daniel asked *** "You know whenever things are done for us it is because they know more than we do and what would be best for us." Jewell said *** "In my excuse, I didn't know that you would be the one." Jewel tried arguing *** "I did that because we have never met before and so I thought it would be easier to go for the one I thought would be good for me." Jewel said *** "...you went ahead choosing for yourself someone you weren't sure of forgetting that you were still inexperienced and all emotional."Jewelle scolded *** "See how good-looking he is, how smart he is, how handsome he looks, you are missing all these."Jewell taunted with a smile on *** "You can't focus?" Jewelle asked when she noticed that her sister's attention was not on what she was doing "How do you expect me to do that when his voice is that annoying." Jewel countered "That is because you like him." Jewelle resumed taunting her "No, I don't, even if I did, I had rejected him and he knows about it so case close." *** In the world of humans, she live and though she was like them she was never a human. She was a daughter to a powerful being but ran away because she wanted to experience the life of humans. From the day she was conceived her fate had been written and only she could change her fate which would include lots of effort and energy with valid reasons it should be changed. Once she tried and change her fate which almost led to her death but was rescued by her twin sister. But now the decision she made a long time ago has come back to hunt her- She had rejected her destined mate for another she thought she was in love with and would be better for her. ** LOADING..... Hi there, please comment

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For five times he had been reincarnated. For the last one, he was allowed to live once more. For the story, he believed to reach a happy end. . Story Synopsis: An anomaly was a creature made by humans, unintentionally of course as they were bloodthirsty monsters who despised their creators and vowed to the heavens they'll devour every human. Not because of experiment gone wrong. It was because they were born from human emotions and actions. To prevent them from running amok, humans gather talented and special people who have abilities, they were called Sorcerers. Some use their powers for the greater good, some for their personal gain and one use it as long as he achieved his goal. Volume 1 Synopsis: A city where dreams, hope, happiness or love either bloom or turned to ashes. Narukami, a soul who reincarnated for five times with the hope of finding his lost memories before his very first reincarnation. In this final chance, he was reincarnated as a powerful vampire. "After five lives, I finally has the chance," he said. One day, one of his classmates, Kuroda Aya drowned in a pool. Narukami immediately saved her and just as he was about to hear her heart to perform CPR. To his surprise, he couldn't hear it. At first he doubted his ears and use an ability that allowed him to see one's organs state. Indeed, she had no heart, this was in defiance of physics. Curious about the matter, he decided to help her in hope of regaining his memories. He believed by doing kind things were the only way. "Can be kind but don't be naive," he reminded himself. . . . Check my newest work similar to this but much greater quality and content! A Wishing Shadow

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Synopsis : Rosaline is brave young confident .As Rosaline's journey unfolds, she finds herself entangled in a web of political intrigue, ancient treasures, and personal redemption. Through it all, she remains steadfast in her pursuit of justice, determined to unveil the truth behind her mother's demise . Rosaline's story as a pirate is one of resilience, adventure, and the unwavering pursuit of justice. Under the leadership of Rosaline's brother, the siblings established their own pirate crew, known as "The Shadowhawks." Rosaline, with her natural skills in navigation and her mother's teachings, proved herself an invaluable asset to the crew. Her brother, a formidable swordsman, led their raids and battles with an unmatched ferocity. In the wake of her mother's tragic death aboard a pirate ship, Rosaline finds herself consumed by grief and a burning desire for revenge. Determined to uncover the truth about her father's identity and seek justice for her mother, she sets her sights on infiltrating the noble family that holds the answers she seeks. Disguising herself as her brother, Rosaline enters the opulent world of the nobility. She navigates the intricate web of aristocratic society, concealing her true intentions while unraveling the secrets that shroud her own lineage. Along the way, she discovers unexpected allies and dangerous adversaries, testing her resilience and resolve. As Rosaline delves deeper into the noble family's dark history, she uncovers a web of deceit, betrayal, and hidden agendas. The closer she gets to the truth, the more perilous her journey becomes. Caught between her thirst for vengeance and the blossoming emotions she develops for a certain aloof prince. In her quest for justice, Rosaline must confront her own inner demons, question her loyalties, and decide the price she is willing to pay for the truth. Will she discover the identity of her father and find the closure she seeks? Or will the nobility's secrets prove too formidable, threatening to unravel everything she holds dear? "Rosaline" is a captivating tale of love, loss, and the pursuit of truth in a world where power and deception reign. It explores themes of identity, resilience, and the enduring strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

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