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(The timeline in this is really messed up to include my favourite characters, so try and ignore it :)

Hi I'm Echo McCall! Yes, I'm the brother of Scott McCall and yes,the sister of the most annoying and overprotective person on earth! I love everything about books and sci-fi. I wished that all the supernatural worlds in my books were real, unfortunately there not. My favourite is about werewolves and all the cool things they can do.

I'm not really a people-person. I spend most of my time with Isaac and Liam. Isaac's personality is amazing! We've always been amazing friends. Liam is in second for my favourite people. People are very surprised that Isaac is my best friend but what is even more surprising to them, is that I hang out with Lydia Martin and Hayden Romero. They are the two popular girls at BHHS.

Okay onto what I look like. I'm quite short, like, half of my brother. He got to be tall from Dad and I got to be short from Mum. Even though she isn't really short, it's just against Scott I seem tiny.

I have brown wavy hair, dark brown eyes and black simple glasses. I recently moved back here last year but did online school for a bit. Before that, I was living with Dad in San Francisco.

I'm going to be a Sophomore this year while Scott is going to be a junior, along with Stiles. The most annoying person in the universe, besides Scott of course, but he was like a brother to me. He was picking me up from my house. I woke up and put on all my clothes, brushed my teeth and had breakfast, otherwise known as a cereal bar. I'm skinny but I don't do exercise, I also don't eat loads so I kinda just stay the way I am. People say that I need to eat more but I'm good with myself and am perfectly healthy.

I followed Scott our to Stiles' car and sat in the back with my Van's backpack slung over my shoulder. "Just so you know, we have to pick up everyone today" I groaned, everyone, didn't mean everyone it meant. Malia, Liam and Hayden. Most days it was just Malia but some days it was Liam and Hayden. I got excited by the thought that I got to see Hayden. I am very close to her and she is always with Liam we always have many sleepovers at her house.

We got to Malia's house first, "Hey Echo!" She nearly yells at me from outside the car. "Hi" I call back, just not as loudly. She sat in the back next to me. "So, how was your summer?" I shrugged. "I read another 50 books?" She rolled her eyes at me. "Anything besides books?" I nodded "What?" I thought about when I pranked Scott. "I pranked Scott soo hard". He turned back to look at me. "Don't you-!" I interrupted him and turned back to Malia. "Well Scott was coming home from whatever he was doing and because he was gone for so long, I managed to stick everything to the ceiling and turn everything around, so when he walked in he was very confused. He tried to wake himself up, as he thought it was a dream" I laughed. "You should've seen his face!" Malia looked at Scott's annoyed expression and laughed.

We got Hayden and Liam from both their houses. It ended up being me squashed in the middle between Hayden and Malia. When we finally got to school, I was first to jump out the car, and I mean literally jump. Everyone filed out and went to their lockers. I hadn't seen Isaac all summer to I was desperate to find him. I spotted him talking to Corey, the guy who is with Mason all the time. I ran up to him from behind and jumped on his back. "Isaac!" I shouted in his ear. "Jesus Echo!" He smiled at me and put me back on the ground. He said bye to Corey and put his arm around my shoulder.

"Why didn't I see you all summer!" I asked annoyed. "I was busy and out of state." I nodded and leant against him and we made our way to our lockers, which happened to be next to each other. My locker looks like this.

I'm quite a tidy person compare to Isaac. His locker is a massive mess. He tends to ask me to tidy it for him but I only do it once a semester though. I said goodbye to Isaac and went to my first class, Math. I always spend hours with Malia trying to help her understand Math, and it helps, but not that much. "Ugh Math" She groaned from next to me in her seat."Its not bad Malia, just try and listen okay?" She nodded.


I was sitting with my usual group at lunch, that's the best thing Scott's ever done for me, introduce me to different people so I'm not completely alone. My usual group consisted of Scott, Stiles, Malia, Lydia, Allison, Isaac, Liam and Hayden. Today I was next to Allison. "So, how are you and Isaac doing?" She blushed but smiled nonetheless. "We're good, have you got a crush on anyone?" I laughed and shook my head. "I'm not a big fan of crushes and all of that crap." She nodded.

"Guys!" Scott shouted. Everyone turned to look at him. He was staring at a group of people walking towards us, they looked foreign. "Hunters," Liam said quietly, I don't think I was supposed to hear that. "Act normal and cool" Liam, Hayden, Isaac and Malia tensed up a bit then followed what Scott said and nodded. The foreign people were now at our table. I swear I saw Corey disappear with Mason into thin air.

"Hello" It was a woman about fifty or late forties. "Hi, who are you?" Scott said, as if he didn't know who they were, he clearly did. A loud voice echoed through the school office. "Scott McCall, Liam Dunbar, Malia Tate, Hayden Romero and Isaac Lahey, can you all please report to the office immediately." The foreign people smirked and walked off.

Liam's POV

I got up with Hayden as she gripped my hand tightly. We all made our way to the office slowly. I was watching Echo's face change to confusion as we left her behind with them. When we finally reached the office, someone we weren't expecting was waiting for us. The hunters were knocked out on the floor and the registrar looked terrified. "Derek? What are you doing here?" He smirked at our mixed expressions. "Saving you, as I have been for months. Anyway, we have to go-" he stopped talking as he looked around us. He went up to Scott. "You have a sister right?" He nodded still extremely confused.

"Damn it"

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