1581 Status

In the dawn of the next day, Emery and his pack were ready to leave the Ouroboros Palace and go to the blood gene facility to check out the place. The reason the others tagged along was because it was a good opportunity to check and find out more about everyone's genes. After all, the Ouroboros had one of the best facilities for bloodline gene research.

Everyone went to gather in the palace grounds and Annara was there ready to take them there. Yet Silva was nowhere to be seen, which prompted Emery to ask.

"She is occupied with something at the moment. She will meet up with you all later," the red-haired girl said.


They took a flying vehicle and made their way straight to the special facility located in the middle of the dense forest. As they were about to land, Emery and the others noticed a group of people dressed in white cloaks seemed to be waiting for them.


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