1485 Rewards

After waiting for a while with the group of young wolf magus, the old grand magus Warwick came back. This time he ordered everyone to stand in line, which was done just in time before he announced the Alpha King's arrival.

A group of people soon appeared in the lobby. Emery inwardly raised his eyebrows when he saw that it was only the Alpha King accompanied by his aides. The five grand magus from the three families were nowhere to be seen.

Even so, the presence of the Alpha King alone was more than enough to fill the grand lobby with a powerful atmosphere.

Seeing the figure of the King, though still walking with staff in hand, Emery was sure that the man was far more vigorous than when he had seen him the first time. His crimson blood eyes stared at the nine of them before he finally spoke.

"Your offerings are all appreciated."


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