Earth's Greatest Magus

#Top 20 Webnovel Best Seller for over three years Cover: Female Lead, Kleopatra History is said to be written by the victors. If so, how about the history of Earth, where we are living now? Two millennia ago, a young boy named Emery met a tragic fate. In his final moments, he was transmigrated and accepted into the most prestigious school of magic in the Universe. “You are among the chosen few from thousands of human worlds. Whether you seize this opportunity or not, is up to you. You are at Magus Academy, the pinnacle of humanity's ingenuity. Magic, science, and might are all within reach for those who dare to pursue them." [Scan complete - Quadruple affinity. Water, Earth, Plant, and Darkness.] "A quadruple acolyte! Only one in tens of thousands of acolytes possess this!" Thus began Emery’s journey together with his 4 friends from the furthest corner of Earth. Each year they returned to Earth to grow, seek revenge, save the princess, conquer the world, and become Earth's Greatest Magus. Their names are still etched in our history books to this day. Authors Note: I have always been fascinated by writing fantasy relating to historical facts. In this story, you will find characters inspired by real-world myth and legend. The universe I created hopefully will make the reader's imagination excited and logically plausible. I hope you enjoy it. Check Out the Video Trailer on youtube type "Earth's Greatest Magus" ‐------------ Author's Review After Writing 2000 Chapters This story is a slow burn, perhaps as slow as the entirety of Volume 1. The main character is still a young boy and makes mistakes along the way. However, if you can push through to the second volume, you'll discover how this narrative managed to stay in the top 20 trending web novels for three years. Here are some key aspects you'll encounter: MC: The protagonist follows the classic weak-to-strong arc. Fortunately, he's supported by many loyal friends who help compensate for his weaknesses. World: Picture a blend of Harry Potter and Star Wars. System: While it's primarily a magic-based story, there's a structured system in place that's easy to follow. Additionally, elements of cultivation. Harem: No, there are many female characters. But I enjoy romance first. So even if there will be more than one love interest it will be deep. Note: English is not my first language, but you'll notice that my writing and English skills gradually improve throughout the chapters. Other: The novel delves into deep research on science and history, enriching the storyline with factual and intriguing details. Give it a try—you might be pleasantly surprised by what unfolds.

Avan · Fantasy
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2210 Chs


In reality, Emery didn't care that much about artifacts. However, the same couldn't be said for the favorite field he learnt during his time at the Magus Academy, apothecary.

Each time they walked past shops that displayed anything related to apothecary, his entire being was screaming to enter. He was eager to know what kind of herbs and new ingredients he could find and take home to experiment. Emery had to give his all to resist and not fall into temptation.

"No, no, no…" Emery muttered in an attempt to resist the urge, a sight that made the white haired girl walking next to him unable to hold back her chuckle.

"It's been quite some time since we started, yeah? Let's take a break." Silva said with a smile, to which Emery nodded.

The white-haired girl took him to one side of the city, a park-like area spanning across the city that separated it from the huge reinforced transparent barrier facing outer space.