346 Knight's Tournament

The first three days of the tournament were made for the squire's advancement to become a knight; during this period, finally, from 300 squires, 100 had successfully chosen to be knighted.

But the tournament has not yet ended, as now the next two days would become the most anticipated part of the tournament.

These two days will be the part where the divine order would choose 10 knights to be given the silver title.

But, the participants weren't going to be just the 100 squires, it was open for all knights under 30 years from the 7 kingdoms. 

All participants were veteran knights, confident enough to receive their much-coveted advancement this year.

This arrangement may seem unfair to the newer squires, but the purpose of the tournament itself was to find the best knights to receive the silver title.

The other reason was to teach the newly advanced squires not to be complacent.


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