1580 Host

After leaving the Silvermane Planet and spending several days traveling through the hyperspace, the spaceship Emery and the others were on finally arrived in the orbit of their destination.


[L class planet - High Realm]

Upon entering the planet's atmosphere, many small spherical objects approached their spaceship and guided them to fly just above the surface of the planet, navigating the terrain which was full of trees and swamps.

"Welcome home, Specter 1183."

When the spaceship successfully landed at the Ouroboros airstrip, the group was ready to disembark. As the steel door in front of him slowly opened, Emery couldn't help but feel anxious.

Annara told him he had to immediately return due to an urgent matter regarding Silva, but there were no details given as to its nature. Even now, Emery still had no idea what had happened to the serpent girl.


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