1590 Debt

"I am the current master of Terra Palace. Thank you for your help. May I ask who are you people?" said Yuria after inviting Emery's group inside while sitting on the Terra Throne.


Morgana and the others turned their heads towards Emery for an answer, prompting Yuria to turn at him as well. However, the latter was currently standing still, staring at the hall, stunned as a lot of nostalgia came back to him like tidal waves.


The weapons and trophies mounted on the walls, the huge tables on the corner, all these memories started to recall the figures of his friends from home, how they used to have feasts so many times in this place. 


A faint smile appeared on his face as those fond memories replayed in his mind.

Then, the figure of Senior Izta popped up. His fierce stature that hid a gentle heart couldn't help but make his heart warm.



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