1587 Back Again

The interceptor-class ship that Emery and his pack were on had been traveling for several days through the dark and hollow outer space. Flying at steady lightspeed towards the sector where the Magus Academy was located.

Since Emery still needed to try to hide his identity as much as possible to evade any risk of being exposed. For that reason, he took the long route with their spaceship, away from any known Magus Alliance outposts, and avoided using the long-distance teleporter.

Thus, it took Emery and his companions a long 13 days of travel to reach their destination.

Before heading to their objective , Atrium, the planet where the Darkness Institute lies, Emery understood he had to be thoroughly prepared and gather all the information about the current situation. Hence, he was planning to head for Zodiac City first.

At the moment, Emery was sitting in the pilot's seat with Annara standing next to him.


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