"… Elias?"

General Zhang's hand stopped in the middle of wrapping the white bandage on my hand.

"Yeah…" I nervously looked away, avoiding his shocked gaze. I mean… It must've sounded so absurd to him. A new, suspicious person like me who appeared out of nowhere, turned out to be all buddy-buddy with the notorious edgy prince who had been on their radar for long, "I understand your surprise. I'd be suspicious of me, too, if I was you."

"No, I'm not suspicious of you," he denied while frowning, "rather, I'm more concerned about your relationship with him. We're talking about the same Elias here, right?"

"I suppose so. Do you know any other Elias besides the one we met in the serpent's lair?" I questioned while tilting my head. What was so weird about our relationship… Ah. Eli lost his memories of me, right. That made my story one-sided.

"No, he's the only Elias I know," his frown deepened, "… But I thought he was the same kind of person as myself."


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