"I don't really understand why you're so curious about me when you're the peculiar one here," I chuckled upon hearing his response, "well, you already know that I joined as early as when I was only 6 years old."

"Uh-huh. What brought you there?" He inquired, tilting his head ever so slightly.

"Hmm, it wasn't my decision. My country was in a very tense situation at that moment, and we were just basically waiting for something major to happen so one side could start a war," I smiled sadly as I remembered the young, innocent me, "so the army was especially active, and there were forced conscription and stuff."

"They conscripted kids? How foolish," general Zhang snickered, "don't they know that children are surprisingly… Pliable, but not in one way."

My eyes trailed down as I stared at a smirk that formed on the corner of his lips. I couldn't see his eyes from above, but even I could tell that it wasn't a happy smile, at all.


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