"Uh…?" I piped up from inside general Zhang's embrace upon hearing what the sapphire-eyed man said. The witch?

"Yes." General Emilio answered quickly, still maintaining his stance.

"Hmm, I'm disappointed. Do I not look like a witch?" The man tilted his head casually, "ahh~ even though those elves immediately started calling me witch the moment I came here. I guess us humans have fewer imaginations the moment we got older, huh?"

"You…" I trailed off, my eyes blinking a few times observing him from top to bottom.

"Hi. You're cute when you're confused. Lovely blinking." The man winked at me.

At that moment, my mind immediately raced, trying to piece out the information that we had received so far. A witch? The one who put some kinda curse thingy on the orc leader? The one human other than us that we completely forgot existed here?

Dang it! I was too focused on Erenduill, that I completely missed him!

Wait, wait. That, too. He… Was a male, right? I thought witches are…?


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