Earth's Doom Starts with... Me? Book

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Earth's Doom Starts with... Me?


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[Time left until earth's doom: 3 years] Yoo Chaerin, a 24-year old con-artist, opened her eyes in an unfamiliar place only to be greeted by this message. "What is this place? I'm sure this is earth but it feels... different." She thought to herself. "Why is everything so barren? Why do we have horses instead of cars? And armored soldiers fighting monsters? ...With magic?" Here, Yoo Chaerin will have to face an earth that's totally different from the earth she once knew. An earth where everyone has missions like in that of a game. An earth where monsters terrorize every single human being. An earth where everyone speaks the same language. It is where she has to find her place to belong. "I'll survive. And one day, I'll find him and make him remember me." In a world where everyone can use the system, how will Yoo Chaerin survive? Who is this 'him' she's talking about? And what if she's not just your run-off-the-mill con-artist? [WFP #27 - SYSTEM - GOLD WINNER] but only because of your support hehe! --- Update every 1-2 days Instagram: mozza_mello


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