65 Secret Base. (EDITED)

Before my consciousness had exited the <A.I Space>, MJ suggested that we get a Secret base of operations so that he could manifest a part of his <A.I Space> there and use Quantum A.Is to work on creating prototypes of Spirit Energy-based technology and for other research purposes.

Since the <A.I Space> was a Virtual space; it wasn't possible to take physical objects into it, hence the Quantum A.Is could, at most, only design blueprints of those prototypes in there.

I agreed with MJ. As for the Secret Base location, I decided it to be at the Underground hideout of Syndicate Organization as it was hidden in an isolated area outside the city.

In just a few seconds, MJ had already created the construction's blueprint and began to brief me on its specifics.

At first, I assumed it to be just a few meters below the ground, but soon I learned how wrong I was when I heard that it will be located at a depth of 2500 meters.

2500 meters was even deeper than China's Joint Military Command Centre, which is claimed to be the world's deepest nuclear fallout bunker, that was mooted to be up to 2000 meters below ground level at its deepest point.

A Nuclear bunker at such depths could even withstand the direct impact of a nuclear warhead that has a yield of 1 Megaton of TNT.

But, in the case of our Secret Base, which would be as big as a Deep Underground Military Base. It was designed to even withstand a direct hit from the most powerful Nuclear bomb to be ever detonated, the 'Tsar Bomba' that has a maximum yield of 57 Megaton of TNT.

Usually, to complete the construction of an Underground Bunker of such calibre, it would take a lot of time and money. Lots and lots of money.

This was because as we dig deeper and deeper, the soil pressure will continue to increase, and it would be expensive and challenging to keep the Underground hole from collapsing in on itself.

But according to MJ, instead of excavating the soil granite, Spirit Energy Engineering could be used to compress the soil and strengthen it to form a material that is several times stronger than the reinforced concrete, which was generally used for creating fallout bunkers.

That way we wouldn't need to use any heavy machinery or remove the soil granite to form space to construct the Secret Base 2500 meters deep under the ground level.

At MJ's request, I took out the Spirit Iron Ore scraps that were formed when I coated Spirit Items with Origin Energy and gave them to him.

MJ said that he could create Barrier type Spirit Equipment with them as the primary material that could suppress Sound and seismic vibrations produced during the Secret Base construction.

Actually, if a construction of such magnitude were to take place using current technology, many powerful countries could spot the soil granite extracted from the ground through their Satellite surveillance.

But with MJ's measures, no one would find out that there was construction going on deep below ground level.

I was once again taken aback when MJ said that it would just take 12 hours from the moment he manifests a part of <A.I Space> 2500 meters beneath the ground level to build the Secret Base with all the 10,000 Quantum A.Is working together.

It was 7:30 in the morning, and it would take another 30 minutes for MJ to make the Barrier-type Spirit Item and finish other preparations before starting to work on the Secret Base construction. It would be done by 8 in the night.

I looked forward to it. But, in order to recover from the mental exhaustion I stacked from the past 48 hours, I rested on my bed.

Before drifting into sleep, I asked MJ to wake me up 15 minutes before the start of the Court's Retrial.


10 minutes before the Court Retrial, Inside the Supreme Court Room.

In the past 10 years that I have been the Chief of Security for the Quadnite Conglomerate, I have seen the Board of Directors and the Chairman stepping on other companies and individuals, and I have assisted them with it.

If legal means couldn't be used to suppress others, I would anonymously take out any competitors under the Quadnite Conglomerate's Chairman's order.

Due to my cautious nature, I always did detailed background checks on those targets to form a viable plan accordingly.

One such case was the Founder of 'Nav-Yuga', who managed to survive the car blast but still entered a coma state.

The Chairman intended to take out the entire family of Nav-Yuga's Founder, but I insisted that he not do that.

The main reason for that was when I did a background check on each and every family member, I learned that Nav-Yuga's Founder has three grandchildren.

Each of them had their own unique specialities. But the one that I was wary of the most was the eldest one of them.

Even though he was not as intellectual as his other two siblings, his capability to learn any physical activity was off the charts.

By chance, if a man of such potential escapes the murder of his family, and has nothing to lose, then it wouldn't be long before he becomes a highly trained killer that set his life goal on hunting down the ones that were responsible for what happened to his family.

The consequences of such a possibility gave me chills every time I thought about it.

So, I presented my reasoning to the Chairman. I was glad that the Chairman found it logical and didn't go after their family other than creating a Conspiracy against their Enterprise 'Nav-Yuga'.

Just as I hoped, the oldest one among the triplets didn't deviate into the path that I was worried about the most since he had a lot to lose.

Although there wasn't any need, I still kept tabs on their daily lives and learned that his younger brother, Kay had started collecting evidence against the Quadnite Conglomerate.

But that was a just minor issue since he couldn't win the case even if they were to reopen the Class action Case against us.

The reason was simple, the judge and most of the lawyers were already on our side.

So, even if he were to collect enough evidence, they would still lose the case.

Maybe because the Lawyer they hired to represent their Enterprise in the Class action case had been bribed by our Conglomerate, Kay studied law in order to become a lawyer himself.

Soon, a few years passed, and one day I learned that Kay reopened the case after becoming a Contract Lawyer.

The Chairman also learned about it, and against my advice, he hired the infamous Underground Syndicate Organization to get hold of the evidence even if they had to kill Kay.

I kept in touch with one of the top members in the Underground Syndicate, and through him, I was able to keep track of what's happening there.

They tortured the youngest triplet, Kay for nearly 6 hours but still failed to find where the evidence was hidden.

Later, the Underground Syndicate Organization head made a phone call to the oldest of the triplets, and demanded that he bring the gathered evidence against Quadnite Conglomerate in exchange for his younger brother's life.

But that was the last piece of intel I received on what was happening there. For some reason, I had a bad feeling when I stopped receiving intel.

So, I went to the Criminal Syndicate's hideout only to find out that the thick metallic entrance was cut open in half without marks indicating the usage of a metal cutter.

I didn't know of any other modern equipment that could make such a clean cut.

Upon inspecting the hideout's interior, all I could find was ash, bullet holes in the walls and few explosion marks that usually occur from grenade blasts.

Other than that, I couldn't find anything evidence. But the smell of the ash there reminded me of the graveyard, which intensified the bad premonition that I had.

Sitting in the Court thinking back to that incident from yesterday, I once again began to wonder about who could have erased the Underground Criminal Syndicate without as much as a piece of slight evidence in such a short period of time.

Just then, my thoughts were disrupted when the court was about to begin, as the oldest of the triplets entered the courtroom as he walked towards the seat rows beside us.

Along with his appearance came the abrupt silence to the point that every footstep he took caused a resonant sound within the courtroom.

An unusual dominance radiated from him, making me think that just his presence alone could put him on a par with most world leaders.

As he passed by us, he glanced at the Director and all the top officials of the Quadnite Conglomerate.

When his gaze passed by me, my body froze for a moment as I saw a golden flash in his eyes.

Throughout my career, I have experienced many dangerous situations and seen several influential individuals. So, even if it was just for a fraction of a second, I was able to recognise that gaze; it was the look of a predator that had eyes on its prey.



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