29 Reverse Scale

When I first received the call, MJ noticed my change in expression, and through our soul connection, he asked me for my permission to trace the call.

Then it occurred to me that MJ was not just an entity that helps me with my <STATUS> and provides High-Grade System information, but it was essentially an A.I.

So, I gave a quick nod, and within a few seconds, MJ already found their location.

With that, I suppressed my unstable emotions and collected my thoughts. I didn't make any irrational moves, such as a warning to kill them if they even touch my brother.

Since it will only aggravate them to inflict even more torture on my younger brother, I took a deep breath and questioned the unknown man on the phone, "What do you want?"

The unknown man replied before cutting the call, "Bring the evidence that your brother gathered against 'Quadnite' Corporation to the address, 'xxxxxxxx' within 2 hours or the fingernails wouldn't be the ones that he will be missing."

Once the call ended, MJ spoke, "Master, the location to where they asked you to bring evidence and the location they were right now was entirely different. It looks like they never intended to let your brother live."

I replied as a cold sneer emerged on my face, "None of them will live past today…."


When I first heard my elder brother Jay's urgent voice message that he sent at midnight, I tried reaching out to him. Still, every single call I made, directly went into his voicemail.

I was worried and headed to his place, and with him being a high-end MMA trainer, his clients were top MMA fighters and his present client was a person who loves to live in the city's outskirts.

So, Jay lives on the edge of our city as it was close to the city's outskirts since travelling every day would take a lot of time was long from our family house.

Since it was an urgent matter, I didn't call for my security guard and drove my car towards Jay's house. It was when I was captured by an Underworld Syndicate organisation to have me spill out where the evidence against the Quadnite Corporation was stored.

Within our city, this Syndicate is infamous for the qualifications to join this syndicate was to kill at least 10 people.

It's been 6 hours since they started to torture me by waterboarding, electrocuting and some other torture techniques. Several of them took turns as they punched me till I was covered in my own blood.

It continued for a few hours, and when I still didn't give any useful information about the evidence, they started to remove my fingernails one by one for every 15 minutes.

Every time that I was about to lose my consciousness from the piercing pain, they would continue to electrocute me to keep me awake.

When they realised that I wouldn't tell them anything, the leader of the Syndicate called my brother using my phone.

Since childhood, My brother and I greatly admired our grandfather's vision of helping those in need and being kind to others.

But when those who received our grandfather's help and kindness didn't come forward in the court trial against our Social Enterprise, Jay's view entirely changed as he lost his compassion for others.

When our Enterprise had fallen to a small-sized enterprise with no future ahead, everyone that we considered friends and relatives forsaken us in our most troubled times. Even the girl that my brother loved back then broke up with him for a reason that we were not rich anymore.

With that, Jay's view on the world once again took a change for the worse as he stopped seeing others as humans. From the past 6 years since the conspiracy incident, he never made a new friend nor did he trust anyone except for our family members and our childhood friend Rownak.

Even though I wanted to be saved from the Underground Syndicate, a part of me hoped that my brother wouldn't pick the call because as he learned new techniques with his exceptional muscle memory ability, he grew calm and rational beyond our age.

But the only exception was when it comes to me and my sister, he is overprotective to a point where his conscious line between the good and bad blurs down.

As I am thinking about that, the call connected and the leader of the Underground Syndicate and soon the conversation ended.

Once the call ended, the leader sent three of his underground Syndicate members to a different location to collect the evidence and to kill my brother.

I realised that they intended to kill me as soon as they got their hands on the evidence. But their first mistake was to send just three men to kill my brother, and the second one was to let my brother hear me being tortured.

Our family is his reverse scale, and since Jay came to know about my torture, he wouldn't hesitate to kill those three syndicate members before finding the information from them about the underground syndicate's hidden place.

But I am worried about Jay reaching here since there are a lot of the underground syndicate members here with tons of weapons.

Even my brother, who was well versed in various Martial Arts, can not take them on at once. Time passed by, and after 30 minutes, I started to hear screams and sounds of gunshots along with occasional grenade explosions.

The leader picked up his radio and tried to contact those who were guarding their hidden headquarters and the only one that responded to the radio kept on screaming, "Mo….Monster!…...Monster!....a Monster is att.....attacking us!"

In the next two seconds, even radio transmission ended. Still, the screams of agony continued to soar as if they were being tortured beyond what I experienced.

Soon, the echoes of screams went down by a bit, but they still didn't end. Including the leader of the Underground Syndicate and the top members of the Underground Syndicate, there were six of them in the torture room along with me.

Without exception, there was fear spread over each and every one of their faces. The man who was the second in command of the Underground Syndicate steered himself out of the stupor and hurried towards the thick metallic door of the room that resembled a vault door and locked it.

Just then, a deafening clank resounded from the other side of the vault door. After another four of those metallic clanks, the dense metallic door was split open.

All of the Syndicate members aimed their guns at the door entrance. Still, their trembling bodies gave away their fear of the unknown enemy.

Then a person walked through that door, and he is wearing a black chest armour with a blazing golden sun in its centre, and the sword in his hand is dripping with blood.

Through the blood that covered his entire face, I could recognise him as he is my blood brother, Jay.

I was shocked, and then, the six of those Underground Syndicate members started to shoot. But none of the bullets reached my brother as the Siler-grey sword flew into the path of bullets and started spinning at an extreme speed, defelcting the bullets.

Even when they continued to shoot, my brother didn't even take a look at them. When his eyes were fixed on my bloodied body, I could see his rage going over the roof and then something happened suddenly as if something was suppressing Jay's emotions.

Then, out of nowhere, silver bolts that resembled electricity coursed through his body and following that a cloud of steam spread out with a boom.

With the speed at which the sword spun, it caused the stream to disperse and soon, I could see my brother's changed appearance as his eyes and hair turned from black to shiny silver colour and his muscles became bulkier as his overall body build increased along with his height.

He now stood nearly 5 inches taller than his usual height of 6 feet. Then an oppressive aura started emanating from him as the source, and the Underground Syndicate members fell to their knees as if a heavyweight weighed on them and they weren't able to move even an inch.

But unlike them, I didn't feel any such oppression and my brother walked towards me. With a signal, the silver longsword flew back to Jay's hand, and a cyan coloured plasma type material appeared on it.

With that, Jay sliced the metallic locks of the electrocuting chair as easy as cutting a paper.

He took out a small bottle that was filled with bright golden liquid that resembled honey and then a 1-year-old chubby baby that resembled my brother's younger self popped out of nowhere and suggested my brother to only give a single drop and that my body constitution was weak to contain the vitality force of the something called 'Sap of High Vitality Fruit'.

Then, he poured a single drop of that in my mouth and a surge of warmth spread through my body as a wave and all the pain all over my body diminished and the cuts and wounds on my body recovered by a bit as if I had a week of medical recovery.

Within the emotionless eyes of my brother, I could feel his concern for me. The chubby baby that floated beside Jay called him master and said that Jay could give another drop of that golden liquid after another hour and that I would recover completely in 5 hours.

As I was drifting into my sleep from the warmth of the 'Sap of High Vitality Fruit', Jay walked towards the Underground Syndicate's top brass members. At the same time, his voice resounded in the room.

"Kay, rest well, I will make those who tortured you to regret their very existence itself."

Following that, I slept peacefully despite the agonising shrieks of those who tortured me, echoed in the vault room.

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