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[System is assimilating Earth with the rest of the Vast Universe.] [A Trial Program is needed for efficient assimilation and for that data needs to be recorded from 1111 individuals with Higher Potential Innate Abilities from the assimilating Planet.] [This Trial Program was further divided into 3 Sub Programs namely, ALPHA Program, BETA Program and GAMMA Program.] [Congratulations! You are one of the 11 Chosen individuals among 7.8 billion for the ALPHA Program.] [As a Chosen member among 11 individuals of Alpha Program you will be one of the first to start the Trial Program.] [When the Trial Program ends, the assimilation with Earth begins.] [Survive, overcome danger and grow stronger. All the Best.] ------------------------------------------- Cover Art Credit: Fantasy Pics Inc ------------------------------------------- Hi Guys I am an amateur author and am writing this as my new Hobby. If you find any grammar mistakes or anything, please let me know. Criticism is accepted, but don't outright hate the Novel. If you don't like the book, tell me why so I can improve upon it. Also, do keep in mind that this a novel where MC becomes OP rather quickly. So, for those who don't have a liking to this kind of genre might not find this novel to their interests. Cheers! Happy Reading! ------------------------------------------- Discord Link! https://discord.gg/maQC7xDBYZ -------------------------------------------

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Reaching Tier-3 by the end of Day-2?

My Strength and Agility Attributes that had 37 Stats each were nearly doubled after gaining the Stats from Uncommon Spirit Items, <Aquadime Spear>, <Recurve Hunter Bow> and <Two-handed Greatsword>.

But that was not the end as I received a notification asking me if I wanted to proceed in Safety mode for adding the Stats from the <Stream Wind Sword>.

The Stat requirement to bond with the <Stream Wind Sword> was to have at least 40 Stats in Strength and Agility Attributes.

Back when I bonded with it, I was fighting against the Bloodthirsty Earth bear. Then, I was in <INVERSE> mode and the Stats in <LOOTED STATUS> satisfied the Stats requirement for <Stream Wind Sword>.

But when I reverted from <INVERSE> mode, my Strength and Agility Attributes didn't meet Rare Grade Spirit Item's stat requirement.

I initially thought that the <Stream Wind Sword> would unbind itself from me, but instead of that, I didn't obtain the Spirit Item Stats. Other than that, I was able to freely use it.

Since my Strength and Agility Attributes met the <Stream Wind Sword> requirements, I received a notification suggesting to proceed in Safety mode.

When I was about to accept it, MJ changed the Safety Mode notification's content.

It showed that the 112 Undistributed Stats I obtained from levelling up 9 times were added to the other three Attributes so that they wouldn't fall behind.

Thanks to the Achievement Title, <Day-1 'Tier-2 Evolver'>, I gained 12 Undistributed Stats per each level, instead of 10.

I accepted it and rested on the ground that I turned into a squishy sand bed.

Then, MJ brought out the <Trial World Alpha Leaderboard>, and among the 11 million Alpha Chosen, I wasn't in the third position anymore but the first.

It wasn't much of a shock since I managed to go from Lv.11 to Lv.20 within the first half an hour of Day-2.

As for 'Regaz' and 'Drogor', who were previously in first and second positions of <Trial World Alpha Leaderboard> were at Lv.14 and Lv.13 respectively.

Its good to be on the top since any Earth's Alpha Chosen had to think thrice about going against me.

Actually, during the 18-hour rest period after Day-1, I even thought about wearing some kind of mask in the Trial World.

So that when I come across other Earth's Alpha Chosen, they couldn't look at my face and thus couldn't find my identity when they return for another 18 hour-long rest period on Earth.

At least, until I was powerful enough to even take on a country's military power on Earth.

According to MJ, as long as Nuclear power was excluded, one needs to be at least a Tier-4 LifeForm to hold power capable of achieving such a feat.

But it was easier said than done since the Life Energy required to level up increases substantially. Moreover, anyone needs to gain a certain Mastery level in their respective category.

These two requirements could be completed over time, but the third and last requirement was to gain a certain level of Achievement Titles.

The Achievement Title requirement for my Tier-3 evolution was to obtain 3 Uncommon Grade and 1 Rare Grade Achievement Titles, and for upcoming Tier Evolutions that will go up by a notch.

The reason for fulfilling the Achievement Title Requirement for Tier evolution being the hardest for everyone throughout the Universe was because one had to solo-defeat a monster that was a Tier above them.

I already had 4 Uncommon Grade Achievement Titles among which, I obtained <Greater Goblin Hunter> and <Greater Lizardnoid Hunter> from solo killing the High-Phase monsters, Lv.24 Hobgoblin Shaman and Lv.23 Fiendish Aquarine Lizardnoid respectively when I was in Mid-Phase Tier-2.

At least, it was counted as such since the System only considers the Tier in my <STATUS> but not the <LOOTED STATUS>.

Then, MJ brought out the Evolution Requirement notification that appeared after the fight with the monsters.


[Tier-3 Evolution Requirements]:

{1} Reach Stage-3 in two Minor Sword Masteries, two Minor Spear Masteries, four Minor Elemental Masteries and Precision Mastery. ✘

{2} Obtain enough Life Energy that is required to reach Lv.26 ✘

{3} Obtain 1 Rare Achievement Title and 3 Uncommon Achievement Titles ✓


Actually, as a Tier-2 individual like me, to obtain a Rare Grade Achievement Title, I had to kill a Tier-3 Monster.

The power gap between Tier-1 and Tier-2 was a lot less compared to the difference between Tier-2 and Tier-3. Similarly, In Higher Tiers, the power gap increases further.

From MJ, I learned that there was a tactic used commonly to meet the Achievement Title requirement by the rest of the Universe that was assimilated by the System.

In the case of a typical Tier-2 individual, they had to reach Lv.25, the peak of Tier-2 and then choose a Low-Phase Tier-3 monster whose abilities can be countered by that Tier-2 individual.

But obtaining a Rare Grade Achievement Title by killing a Low-phase Tier-3 monster wasn't a problem for me since I was as powerful as a Mid-Phase Tier-3 life form in <INVERSE> mode.

Still, there wasn't any need for me to do that because I already had a Rare Grade Achievement Title, <Day-1 'Tier-2 Evolver'> that I obtained from evolving to Tier-2 on the first day of the Trial Program.

An idea sprouted in my mind as I looked at the Tier-3 Evolution Requirements' notification.

It was the possibility of me reaching Tier-3 by the end of Day-2.

But that idea remained as an idea without any chance for implementation when MJ explained the 'Mastery Requirement' in detail.

If I hadn't merged with the Looted Innate Talents except for the Grade-4<Sword Innate Talent>, I would have satisfied my Mastery Requirement for Tier-3 Evolution by reaching Stage-3 in just two Minor Masteries.

It would have taken 36 hours of training for a Minor Weapon Mastery to reach Stage-3 from scratch.

But, with the Grade-4 Sword Innate Talent that I looted from Lv.15 Hobgoblin Swordsmen, my comprehension speed was increased by four times.

It would only take 9 hours of training for my <Longsword Mastery> to increase from Lv.1 to Lv.21 (Stage-3 Longsword Mastery = Lv.21 to Lv.30).

There was a little more than 23 hours left before the Day-2 ends and I need 18 hours to bring both <Longsword Mastery> and <Greatsword Mastery> to reach Stage-3.

Leaving me 5 hours to fulfil the Level requirement of obtaining enough Life Energy to reach Lv.26.

Unlike others whose Evolution duration was 12 hours, mine only required a few minutes.

That would mean that I could reach Tier-3 by the end of Day-2.

But from what MJ explained, I understood that it was not possible, and it was because I merged with the Innate Talents I looted from the monsters.

I also learned that it was a common problem for all those with multiple Innate Talents, as they had to reach the Mastery requirement for their multiple Innate Talents.

As I merged with those Looted Innate Talents, I will also be considered as an individual with Multiple Innate Talents.

Due to that, I had to reach Stage-3 Mastery in all those Innate Talents to satisfy the 'Mastery Requirement' for Tier-3 Evolution.

To reach Stage -3 in two Minor Sword Masteries, two Minor Spear Masteries, four Minor Elemental Masteries and Precision Mastery, it would take quite a long time.

Even though I didn't show it, MJ understood that I was dissatisfied that he didn't remind me of such a crucial thing before I merged with the Looted Talents.

So, he quickly clarified his reason for that, "Master, I didn't remind you because it didn't line in with your goals."

"If Master only merged with the Sword Innate Talent, you could have reached Tier-3 by the end of Day-3, and as a reward, you would get an Achievement Title similar to <Day-1 'Tier-2 Evolver'> that you obtained from reaching Tier-2 on Day-1."

"With such Achievement, you would gain additional Undistributed Stats per each level."

"For others, it might be precious, but with Master gaining 5* Looted Stats in <STATUS> every time you exit <INVERSE> mode, the Additional Undistributed Stats from that Achievement Title were practically not much of an use to Master."

"Instead, if Master focusses on reaching higher Stages in Elemental Mastery, it would help in the long term to grow powerful."

After listening to MJ, I threw away the idea of reaching Tier-3 as quickly as possible and intended to increase my Masteries.

MJ recommended I start with Weapon Masteries because the Elemental Masteries take longer to gain.

I was at Lv.14 in <Short Sword Mastery>, but without a Short Sword Spirit Weapon, I couldn't increase its level.

Even though I have <Rusted Short Sword> in the <Limiter Ring> storage, there was only one point left in its Durability, and it would get destroyed if I try to use <Rusted Short Sword> for training.

Instead, I decided to focus on training with the <Two-handed Greatsword> to gain <Greatsword Mastery> and to increase it to Stage-3 after increasing my <Long sword Mastery>.

As for the Spear Mastery, I intended to train in it with <Aquadime Spear> after reaching Stage-3 in both <Longsword Mastery> and <Greatsword Mastery>.

Before I started training with <Longsword Mastery>, I asked 'Hobgoblin MJ' to scout the surrounding 5 kilometres.

He said that he could make a virtual map of the places I have been to in the Trial World.

Then MJ brought out a 3D projection of the Trial Zone that allotted for the Earth's Chosen, spanning 3 meters long, and floated at my waist level in front of me.

It was the miniature virtual map of the Trial Zone area (100 km x 100 km).

Most of it was blank except for a small part of the map, and upon zooming it, there were the locations I have been through since the start of Day-1.

After that, I asked MJ to scout the surrounding 10 kilometres to get a more detailed map.

I didn't worry about MJ's safety since he would only lose the Hobgoblin Shaman's body.

Since he could use another monster's corpse as his 'Battle Form' with <Corpse Integration>, it wasn't much of a problem since that process only needs some of my Undistributed Looted Stats.

Meanwhile, I moved further away from the unconscious Dante and began training my <Longsword Mastery>.

1 Trial World = 10 Trial Continents,

1 Trial Continent = 100 Trial Regions,

1 Trial Region = 1000 Trial Zones.


NOVEL TEASE: In the next chapter, (Lv.3<Frenzy> (Uncommon Grade), 

You will come across a rather Interesting Innate Skill and also Jay's updated <Trial World Leaderboard> rankings and changes in his <STATUS>.

See you guys on Next Chapter Release: Monday (Feb 15th).

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