58 Prehistoric Era.

[Congratulations! You have achieved 1% Mastery over Origin Energy.]

[Congratulations! You are the 1st ever Existence in the entire Universe to control Origin Energy]

[Due to causing a Universe Level Achievement, You will receive a random grade reward that will be most useful to you at the present moment. The Grade of the reward depends on your Luck Attribute.]

Through the notifications, I learned that the silver-coloured energy was called 'Origin Energy' but was taken aback to find that I only gained 1% mastery even after training in it for a long time.

Even though I didn't know the exact amount of time I spent within the depths of the Innate Talent <LOOT>, I was sure that I had been through at least 10,000 loops of the half an hour-long scene.

Even if I assume the least; 10,000 loops, the overall time I spent there would have been 200 days, but I only gained 1% mastery in Origin Energy.

At Least I was glad that 200 days (6 months) didn't pass in reality, or the Alpha Program might have ended, and I would have been halfway through the Beta Program.

But what's shocking was that not a second passed since I pulled into the golf ball-sized Orb, almost as if time doesn't work there.

When I saw that I would receive a random grade reward, I subconsciously thought of the weapon in the mysterious man's hand and wondered which grade it would be.

Then the System mistook my thoughts as what I wished for the reward.

[Current Universe Points: 1000.]

[You don't have enough Universe Points to exchange for the weapon you wished for, and till the request proceeds, all the Universe Points you achieve in the future shall be pooled together to satisfy the exchange value for the weapon you wished for.]

I didn't know what the Universe Points were, then MJ's voice resounded in my mind as he asked me when I accomplished a Universe Level Achievement without his notice, and I explained everything I experienced in the time loop.

Like me, he was dumbfounded and told me that my Innate Talent was no ordinary Unique Innate Talent.

On that, I agreed with him right away.

After that, I asked MJ about Universe Points, and he explained that they were given according to one's Universe Level Achievements.

Along with that, there were also Galaxy Points, Galactic-Cluster Points, Super-Cluster Points, and Mega-Cluster Points to their respective Achievement Levels.

I also learned that once the System assimilates with the Earth after the end of the Trial Program, the 'Achievement Point Store' function would be available to everyone that accomplishes at least one of those 5 Achievement Levels.

Those points can be used to exchange valuable items from the 'Achievement Point Store'.

1 Universe Point is equal to 1000 Mega-Cluster Points / 1 Million (1,000,000) Super-Cluster Points / 1 Billion (1,000,000,000) Galactic-Cluster Points / 1 Trillion (1,000,000,000,000) Galaxy Points.

That shows how valuable a single Universe point was. However, still, the 1,000 Universe Points I gained for accomplishing a Universe Level Achievement were not enough for the value of the silver Glaive of the <LOOT>'s previous host.

Thinking back to the notification which said that I was the 1st existence in the entire Universe to control the 'Origin Energy', I was puzzled since I witnessed the previous host of <LOOT> using the Origin Energy within the time loop.

After a short discussion, MJ concluded that the only possibility was that the previous host must be from the 'Prehistoric Era', which was even before the first appearance of the System itself.

For some reason, there weren't any records of what happened in the Prehistoric Era within the System and even when millions of years passed since the end of that era, and according to MJ, no one in the Universe knew of how every lifeform in the Prehistoric Era abruptly came to an end.

If not for the remnants of the great battle that ended the Prehistoric Era being accidentally uncovered in hidden space realms, no one would have known that there existed a time before the System's existence.

To date, 24 such hidden space realms were uncovered over the past few billion years, and each of those Prehistoric battlefields was filled with graves of several High Tier Beings.

Whenever a hidden space realm of the Prehistoric Era appears, it would become the whole Universe's centre of attention since those hidden realms were filled with treasures.

Those treasures consist of techniques and legacies left by those High-Tier Beings from the Prehistoric Era.

Still, even among them, there was no information on what happened in the extinction-level battle.

From MJ, I also learned it was common knowledge that those treasures include Spirit Items because all the Spirit Items that don't have an owner for an extended period of time were teleported into different levels of the 'System Treasury' according to their value.

Since the Innate Talent <LOOT> had chosen me as a host, it means that the previous host must have died, and with the System collecting the desolate Spirit Items, the silver Glaive must have been in the System's Treasury.

Whenever I accomplish a Universe Level Achievement, the System would pool together the Universe Points, which causes me not to receive any reward until enough Universe Points were pooled together.

But the problem was that neither MJ nor I knew the number of Universe Level Achievements I have to accomplish to accumulate enough Universe Points to exchange for the Silver Glaive.

Even though the System mistook what I wanted for the Universe Level Achievement reward, I didn't regret it since no matter how long it takes, everything will be worth it as long as I obtain that Weapon.

After that, I proceeded towards the other notifications.

[Congratulations! You have gained an Unknown Grade Skill, <Heaven Breaker>.]

[<Heaven Breaker>: A Prehistoric skill that uses Origin Energy to break past any defence regardless of Tier and levels.

Attack Damage depends on the user's Stats and mastery over Origin Energy.]

I learned the same skill within the time loop, and it seemed that the previous host was really from the Prehistoric Era.

After that, I exited my Spirit Space as fast as possible to test out the Origin Energy effects and try out the Unknown Grade Skill <Heaven Breaker>.

The first thing I did was to remove the <Limiter Debuff> on myself, causing all the 5 main Attributes in my <LOOTED STATUS> to have an equal number of Stats.

With that, I re-entered the state of Harmony.

It was necessary since I couldn't adjust to the high amount of Stats in <INVERSE> mode without it.

By achieving 1% mastery in it, I didn't need to invoke my rage or hatred to manipulate Origin Energy anymore.

During the remaining duration of <INVERSE> mode, I experimented with Origin Energy as and MJ helped me by creating an Augmented white space around me in the form of a cube.

With that, MJ was able to record and analyse Origin Energy's properties under different conditions and situations.

Since I was in the <INVERSE> mode, I had 200* Stats in all 5 main Attributes of <LOOTED STATUS>, which made it possible for me to have 20 times the True time perception.

This means that in the last 10 minutes I spent experimenting with Origin Energy before the <INVERSE> mode ended, I experienced 200 minutes (3 hrs & 20 mins). During that time, I gained a decent understanding of Origin Energy.

The most important finding was its effect on the elements and Aura.

Whenever I bring any of the five elements that I could manipulate, such as the Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and Darkness, closer to the Origin Energy, they dissipate into nothingness.

I enveloped a layer of Origin Energy over my right foot and used the <Fireball> skill on my right foot, but a similar scene repeated itself when the fire Elemental attack neared my foot; it dissipated into nothingness.

That was the same case for the other elements, and that also includes the Darkness Element in which I had Stage-3 Mastery.

It's not just the elements, but even the Sharp Sword Aura was ineffective against Origin Energy.

When I used the <Two-handed Greatsword> to attack myself, the Sword Aura would dissipate before it reached the protective layer of Origin Energy over my body. The only thing that would reach me was a pure physical attack.

Whenever a Spirit Item comes into contact with Origin Energy, its Durability would wear off within a few seconds.

I learned it the hard way since the <Two-handed Greatsword> turned into Spirit Iron scraps when I tried to coat it with Origin Energy.

Just like that, I lost an Uncommon Grade Spirit Item.

But as the experimentation continued further, MJ introduced an external factor to the experiments.

That was none other than Dante.

It was also when I learned the limitations of Origin Energy.

When I had Dante use his Stage-2 Dagger Aura on me, the Origin Energy only dissipated half of the Dagger Aura, and I received the other half's damage.

From analysing that, MJ came up with a theory and to test that, I ventured out of the Underground Maze into the wilderness.

After using a few unfortunate monsters as test subjects, we confirmed that theory on Origin Energy's limitations.

It seemed that the effectiveness of Origin Energy depends on the level of my Elemental and Weapon Masteries.

If I was attacked by someone whose Mastery level was higher than mine, I would receive respective elemental or Aura damage.

But still, I would only receive half of it since Origin Energy dissipates the other half.

When I had Dante attack me using <Dagger Aura>, I received half the Aura damage since he had a higher level of <Minor Dagger Mastery> than me.

As long as I gain higher levels in every Mastery out there, I would be 100% immune to everything other than pure physical attacks.

But, when I reverted from <INVERSE> mode, I lost the connection with Origin Energy.

Only then did I realise that the true power of <INVERSE> mode lies in Origin energy usage.

With that, I decided on my future path to gain numerous Masteries and to improve them to higher levels.

If I use orthodox methods to improve those Masteries, it will take forever to reach my goal.

But that would be an entirely different matter with my Innate Talent, <LOOT>.

That was why the first thing I started doing after exiting the <INVERSE> mode was to merge with the Minor Masteries I gained from 'Hobgoblin MJ' and 'Shadow Leopard MJ' going on a killing spree.



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