61 Omega-Chosen. (EDITED)

[# Due to the first Omega-Chosen's appearance, the 'Milky Way Galaxy' rating increased from 9-star to 10-star.]

[# The 10-star rating benefits will apply to the Milky Way Galaxy once the Trial Program ends.]

Even though MJ couldn't find information about those 'Rating benefits', he could still learn that the rating of a galaxy depends on the highest Innate Talent Grade among the Alpha-Chosen of the Galaxy's Trial Program.

The Chosen for a Trial Program were classified into Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Chosen according to their Innate talents' potential.

Above those three, there was another classification named 'Omega-Chosen', which was given only to those who possess a Grade-10 Innate Talent.

Someone else might not know the true significance of someone with a Grade-10 Innate Talent, but I do.

Other than the higher comprehension speed of their respective Mastery and their over the top control over their respective Innate Talent aspect, someone with a Grade-10 Innate Talent has the potential to become a Tier-10 Lifeform.

Within the entire Universe, the Grade of one's Innate Talent also represents the highest Tier that one could reach in the future.

Those who possess an Innate Talent that has Grade-3 and below could reach, at most, the peak of Tier-3 since that was where the 1st Limit of the Universe was.

Only those with an Innate Talent that was Grade-4 and above could break past the 1st Limit of the Universe.

As for those with Grade-4, Grade-5, and Grade-6 Innate Talents they could, at most, reach the peak of Tier-6 before hitting an invisible wall, i.e. the 2nd Limit of the Universe.

Similarly, the ones with Grade-7, Grade-8, and Grade-9 Innate Talents would be limited to the peak of Tier-9 without the possibility to break past the 3rd Limit of the Universe.

This was where the true significance of a Grade-10 Innate Talent kicks in since only those who possess it could break past the 3rd limit to reach Tier-10 and become a God-level Being.

However, possessing a higher Grade Innate Talent doesn't always mean that they could reach higher Tiers because one has to live long enough to get there.

Even when they are in lower tiers, the 'Omega-Chosen' were treated with utmost respect and fear because of their potential to reach Tier-10, the Tier of Gods, which represents the peak power of the Universe.

However, I don't understand how my Innate Talent was able to control Origin Energy to form ORIGIN SIGILS. Especially Major ORIGIN SIGILS, which were powerful enough to turn someone's Innate Talent into a Grade-10

As for the 100 Minor ORIGIN SIGILS, I could use each of them to increase anyone's Innate Talent to Grade-9 which was still amazing.

With each of the 1000 Rudimentary ORIGIN SIGILS, I could bring one's Innate Talent to Grade-8 which isn't as good as the Major and Minor ORIGIN SIGILS but was still very powerful.

After learning about the Origin Sigils' capability to improve anyone's Innate Talent, the first thought that popped in my head was the possibility of my Innate Talent being higher than Grade-10.

But I had to place that thought on hold when I remembered the System's description of those who possess Unique Category Innate Talents.

Even though Unique Category Innate Talents appear stronger than the remaining 4 Categories, their fatal flaw lies in improving their respective unique Masteries.

Every time someone with Elemental / Weapon / Martial / Variant Categories levels up in their respective Mastery, they would receive training methods and techniques that were enough to reach the next level in their Mastery.

But for those who possess Unique Category Innate Talents, they had to find ways to improve their respective unique Masteries by themselves.

That was the reason why almost 70% of the Unique Category Innate Talent users in the entire Universe couldn't cross past the '1st Limit of the Universe' and would get stuck at the peak of Tier-3.

Among the remaining 30%, only 3% overcame the '2nd Limit of the Universe', but none of them could break past the '3rd Limit of the Universe', which was the barrier that obstructed everyone from reaching Tier-10.

Back when I first decided on looting several Masteries due to the Origin Energy's defence ability which reduced any damage from Elemental or Aura attacks, I was a bit sceptical about how I would be able to continue improving the looted masteries.

But with Awakening of <ORIGIN SIGIL>, that wouldn't be a problem anymore because those Origin Sigils allowed me to synchronize with the Masteries of those who had that sigil imprinted on.

When I first awakened the 3rd Innate Exclusive Skill, <ORIGIN SIGIL>, I was asked to name each and every one of those sigils in the next minute.

So, I used the names of the Solar System's planet bodies for the 10 Major ORIGIN SIGILS, namely Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, 'Unus', Neptune, Pluto, and Moon.

Although Pluto and the Moon weren't planets, I still included them anyway.

Instead of a certain planet's full name, I named it 'Unus' since I could already foresee whoever gets that Origin Sigil was going to complain about the name.

As for the 100 Minor ORIGIN SIGILS, I named them after the Roman Letters and for the 1000 Rudimentary ORIGIN SIGILS, I just gave them plain numbers, ranging from 1 to 1000.

At first, I had decided to give Olivia a Minor ORIGIN SIGIL, which would allow me to provide her with 25% Undistributed Looted Stats of my overall Stats in <STATUS>, and improve her Innate Talent from Grade-8 to Grade-9.

But when MJ went through Olvia's memories searching for her hidden consciousness, I saw her memories through MJ, this made me change my mind and instead give her the Moon ORIGIN SIGIL.

The primary reason for that was my brother, Kay.

I knew that he admired Olivia even before the Trial Program and had a big crush on her ever since he came to learn about her and what she had gone through to get to where she was.

If he were to learn that Olivia was in the Trial Program, he would probably ask me to help her, and I would because he rarely asks for help and as his older brother I would agree and help her.

However, I didn't believe that she became one of the richest people in the world without any underhanded methods or by stepping on countless people.

If I encounter Olivia in the Trial Zone and if she attacks me with the intention to kill, I don't mind returning the favour.

That was why I didn't mention anything about her to Kay on the 18-hour rest period after Day-1.

But my opinion of her took a complete reversal when I got to know everything about her life through her memories.

She was just as kind-hearted as Kay, but not as soft-hearted as him. She also had what it takes to be decisive in any circumstance.

Moreover, all the qualities she was looking for in a life partner were present in Kay.

As long as both of them come to know about each other, they would realize that they would make a great couple.

When I first named the 10 Major ORIGIN SIGIL, I intended to offer the 'Earth ORIGIN SIGIL' to Kay.

So, I decided to give Olivia the Moon ORIGIN SIGIL, representing the connection it has with the Earth.

Even if it doesn't work out between Kay and Olivia, the Major ORIGIN SIGIL won't go wasted on a worthy candidate like Olivia.

As I was thinking about that, the massive golden sphere at the centre of Olivia's Spirit Space vanished, and in its place was the half-moon shaped Sigil in silver colour.

Olivia, who was going through the notifications, stopped as she got worried when she couldn't sense her Innate Talent within her Spirit Space.

I told her not to worry and had her follow my consciousness as MJ and I neared the half-moon sigil.

Once we touched it, our consciousnesses were sucked into it as we reappeared in my Spirit Space, the only change there was the presence of the golden sphere with a diameter of 10 million kilometres on the 10th orbit around my Innate Talent <LOOT>.

The ginormous golden sphere was covered in Origin Energy chains. Unlike before, those chains didn't try to destroy the orb, instead just acted as restraints.

Other than the chains, there was the half-moon Origin Sigil imprinted at the centre of her Innate Talent.

That allows me to use all the abilities of her Innate Talent. I was also able to synchronise with her comprehension over <Soul Mastery> in a similar way of merging with looted masteries.

This ability doesn't affect her Mastery or her Innate Talent's capabilities, since the Origin Sigil lets me share her abilities with me without looting them from her.

I could sense her unease since controlling her Innate Talent was the same as controlling her soul.

That was because once someone assimilates with the System, the Innate Talent that chooses them as its host will merge with their soul and become one entity.

Realising that, I had MJ explain to Olivia that those silver chains don't let me control her thoughts and actions.

I also had MJ reassure her that I won't demand or pressure her to do anything for me in the future and that she would be free to lead her life without my intervention.

However, I also had MJ warn her that if she ever were to have any intentions to harm me or cause me to get hurt, she would be automatically punished by the silver chains around her Innate Talent, and she would lose control over <SOUL EYES> along with the Looted Stats that I transfer to her <STATUS>.

Before sending her consciousness back to her own Spirit Space through the link created by Major ORIGIN SIGIL, I personally warned that if she were to act on the intention to harm me or anyone close to me, that would be when she would lose her life.



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