57 Mysterious Silver Silhouette

Then, I put aside the thought of training my <Greatsword Mastery> and tried to control the silver-coloured bolts of energy that floated on top of my hair and eyes.

That continued for the next few minutes, but still, there wasn't the slightest change in the silver-coloured energy.

Since that was going nowhere, I halted what I was doing and began to re-access everything I know about my Innate Talent for any clue that could help me.

I began recalling everything since the beginning of Day-1 and thought back to when my Innate Talent first activated by itself.

When I was clouded by rage upon looking at my brother, who was inflicted with severe injuries from the torture and <LOOT> activated the <INVERSE> mode by itself.

As I thought about that, I came up with an idea and tested it out.

First, I used the <Limiter Ring>'s inherent skill, <Limiter Debuff> to suppress a single Looted Stat from my <LOOTED STATUS>.

Which in turn broke the equilibrium between the 5 main Attributes in <LOOTED STATUS>, causing the skill <Harmony> to deactivate its effect, and my emotions returned to normal.

Then I closed my eyes and recalled my helplessness when I learned that the 'Quadnite' Conglomerate was behind the conspiracy and the assassination attempt on my grandfather.

I had to suppress my hatred since I wasn't powerful or influential enough to face a conglomerate by myself.

By taking my family's safety into consideration, I didn't recklessly retaliate against them and buried that hatred deep within my heart.

With 100 stats in Spirit Attribute, my brain function reached a point where I could perform a perfect memory recall.

Then the series of events that planted a seed of hatred within me and changed my mentality played within my mind as if I was experiencing them again.

Unknown to myself, the silver bolts of energy became erratic, and the glow from my hair and eye pupils grew almost as if they were emitting light, and I was able to feel a connection with the silver-coloured energy.

Once I realised that my idea worked, I placed my hand in front of me and tried to gather it on top of my palm that faced the ceiling, and it worked as my palm was enveloped by the bolts of silver-coloured energy.

Just then, my consciousness was abruptly sent into my Spirit Space. In the past few times that I entered my Spirit Space, I was able to move my consciousness according to my wishes.

But that wasn't the case anymore as I was pulled towards my Innate Talent <LOOT> that was at the centre of my Spirit Space in the form of a golf-sized Orb.

Soon, through the pitch-black space, my consciousness passed by the 10 circular orbits around it and went into the golf-sized Orb.

The scenery in front of me changed into interstellar space with asteroids, comets, space dust and countless stars in it.

I looked around and found that there were asteroids and space dust everywhere, and in the form of asteroid belts, they revolved around a massive star.

Instead of typical red or orange, the star was blue in colour, indicating its high temperature.

According to a study on Earth, Stars exist in a range of colours: red, orange, yellow, white and blue, with red being the coolest (around 3000 degrees) and blue being the hottest (about 30,000 degrees).

The one at the centre of the asteroid belts was precisely the blue coloured one, and it was nearly 1700 times the size of the Sun.

For some reason, I could tell that everything I see here was an illusion and that it was not real interstellar space.

Other than that, everything looked as natural as it could get.

I tried to contact MJ but to no avail, and then I tried to open my <STATUS>, but that too didn't work.

It's almost as if the System couldn't reach me in the depths of my Innate Talent.

The same unknown force that pulled my consciousness into my Spirit Space continued to pull me in the direction of the hypergiant blue star at incredible speeds

Once I was close enough, my attention fell on the silver silhouette at the top of the star's enormous surface.

But as my consciousness was pulled closer, I was stunned to find that it was not a silver silhouette but a man who was enveloped in the same silver energy as the one that floats over my eye pupils and hair every time I enter <INVERSE> mode.

The most eye-catching aspect was the man's waist-length silver hair and the dual-bladed silver Glaive in his hand.

That man began to train with the Glaive as he controlled the silver energy to swirl in a complicated pattern.

He then mixed it with the Glaive, and with each swing he took, a shock wave was created, causing a disturbance that was powerful enough to disfigure most of the space bodies in the hypergiant star's solar system.

My mind went numb from looking at the destruction that was caused just by his training.

I didn't even dare to imagine what would happen if he intentionally tried to attack.

In front of such a Being, I felt minuscule, and even though I was determined to pursue true power, I didn't have a goal or a target on how powerful I wanted to become.

But from that moment on, I set myself a goal to one day become as powerful as the man in front of me.

It might sound far-fetched, but I don't think it's impossible because if my guess was correct, that man must have been the previous host of <LOOT>.

Back when MJ explained to me about Innate Talents, he also said that there exist countless Innate Talents in the Universe and that when the host dies, the Innate Talent will end as well.

But the Grade-10 Innate Talents were an exception to that universal rule as they would search for another worthy Host upon their previous host's death.

Those who were chosen by a Grade-10 Innate Talent could learn the techniques and skills of their Innate Talent's previous hosts.

That goes the same for those with Unique Innate Talents, but there were only a few similar cases recorded and not every 'Unique Innate Talent Host' was privy to such benefit.

That man continued to perform a Glaive technique by combining it with silver energy, but there was no end to it as the same half an hour-long scene repeated in a loop.

I entered a trance as I tried to manipulate the silver energy, and since my consciousness was basically within the Innate Talent, <LOOT>, there wasn't any lack of silver energy for me to use.

My control over the silver energy gradually grew over time.

At first, I didn't realise how oversized the silhouette was since the hypergiant star was so immense that its diameter was 2.8 billion kilometres.

With 1000 overall Stats in <INVERSE> mode, my body size increased until I was 10 feet tall, but that man, who was presumably in his <INVERSE> mode, was thousands of kilometres tall.

When I learned that, it took me quite some time to recover from the shock.

That motivated me even more as I gave my all to manipulate and control the silver energy.

As I was just a consciousness, I didn't feel exhaustion or desire to sleep and eat.

Just like that, time passed and after god knows how long, I finally managed to control the silver energy and successfully replicated the patterns to utmost precision.

Only then did the recurring loop end, and the thousands of kilometres tall man began to shrink.

I thought he was exiting from his <INVERSE> mode, but even when he reduced to the size of an average human, he still had silver hair and eyes.

Along with that, he still had the silver bolts of energy over his body, and due to that, I wasn't able to look at his appearance.

After that, I was pulled back by the same unknown force that brought me into the depths of my Innate Talent <LOOT>.

Soon, I was back in my Spirit Space, and, at last, I regained control over the movement of my consciousness.

Then, I was met with a few notifications related to what I learned within the depths of my Innate Talent <LOOT>.



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