27 [Achievement Title]: <Day-1 'Tier-2 Evolver'>

As I looked at the notifications, the information within them got transmitted to my mind, and the floating notifications disappeared.

[<INVERSE> Cooldown is 10 times the no. of minutes you stayed in <INVERSE> mode.]

[<INVERSE> Cooldown: 01:50:00 (hr:min:sec)]

[All the Stats in the 5 main Attributes of <STATUS> will be temporarily reduced to half of their values for 11 minutes.]

[Every time you exit <INVERSE> mode, 1 Looted Stat from your <LOOTED STATUS> will be added to each of the 5 main Attributes in <STATUS>.]

[As your Stats of 5 main Attributes in <STATUS> are not in equilibrium, you will exit the state of <Harmony>.]

[With your overall Looted Stats in <LOOTED STATUS> being lower than double the overall Stats in <STATUS>, <INVERSE> will be temporarily locked.]

After a few seconds, the body stopped letting out steam, and it cleared out from the room through the windows and ventilators.

I ignored the notifications as I felt dizzy as my skin, lips and eyes dried up from the extreme dehydration.

I entered the kitchen while hauling my tired body. I picked a 20 Litre Water Can and started forcibly gulping down water to satiate my thirst.

In just a half a minute, I emptied more than half of the water in the 20 Litre Water Can without breaking the flow even once.

Only then did my thirst satiate, and the mountain of tiredness slowly lifted. However, I was still in a weak state because of the aftereffects of undergoing <INVERSE>.

The dress I had on me got wet from the steam. So, I changed into another pair of clothes and my chubby A.I flew towards me and looked at me, and his eyes glowed as he scanned my clothes.

Then, a mini version of the set of clothes which were similar to mine started to form on the chubby naked baby.

He then flew towards the full-length mirror, and after looking at himself, he pumped his tiny fist above into air with a silly smile and looked back at me with his twinkling eyes, while anticipating for me to praise him in his new dress.

As the stats of my 5 main Attributes in <STATUS> were no longer in equilibrium, the rare skill <Harmony> deactivated.

As a result, I could feel all my emotions that were suppressed in the state of harmony.

Since he was basically a part of my soul, I could sense his feelings as clear as day, and his cute antics brought a smile to my face.

Instead of an A.I, his actions and behaviour were similar to a human child who seeks attention and love. I didn't want the cheerful newborn A.I to get dispirited, so I complimented him, "Well, that dress suited you more than me."

Hearing the praise, his eyes brightened like a star and started to fly around me while clapping his hands.

I got to my bed and rested on it for a few minutes, and soon, the time in my weakened state ended as I could feel a surge in all of my 5 main Attributes.

While laying on the bed, I opened my <STATUS> tab to check it changes from the Tier-2 Evolution.


[STATUS] (Primary)

Name - Jay

Age - 23

Race - Greater Human

Life Energy - 6875/7800

Level - 11 (Low-Phase)

Tier - 2


* ➝ Looted Stats

^ ➝ Spirit Item Stats

° ➝ Achievement Title Stats

E ➝ Evolution Stats


Strength - 32 (18+1*+3^+10 E)

Agility - 32 (16+1*+5^+10 E)

Vitality - 56 (25+1*+20^+10 E)

Endurance - 46 (20+1*+10^+5°+10 E)

Spirit - 32 (21+1*+10 E)

Luck - 7

Health - 560/560

Stamina - 230/230

Spirit Energy - 160/160

Undistributed Stats - 10



LOOTED INNATE TALENTS - Grade-3<Wind Innate Talent>(not merged), Grade-3 <Earth Innate Talent>(not merged).


Common Grade - <Training Maniac-I>, <Lesser Arachnid Hunter>, <Beginner's Luck>

Uncommon Grade - <Greater Wolf Hunter>, <Greater Bear Hunter>

Rare Grade - <Day-1 'Tier-2 Evolver'>


Common Grade - Lv.4<Nimble Fingers>, Lv.5<Blood Poison>, Lv.8 <Inspect>, Lv.10<Auditory Sense>, Lv.10<Olfactory Sense>, Lv.10<Bite>, Lv.10<Night Vision>, Lv.10<Hydraulic Leap>.

Uncommon Grade - Lv.1<Fireball>, Lv.1<Strength Boost-I>, Lv.1<Agility Boost-I>, Lv.1<Passive Health Regeneration-I>, Lv.1<Passive Stamina Regeneration-I>, Lv.1<Passive Spirit Energy Regeneration-I>.

Rare Grade - Lv.1<Harmony>

Epic Grade - Lv.1<Personal Soul A.I>


Lv.5<Poison Resistance> - Poison Resistance: 5%

Lv.16<Mental Pain Resistance> - Mental Pain Resistance: 16%

Lv.50 <Physical Pain Resistance> - Physical Pain Resistance: 50%


Common Grade - <Rusted Short Sword>, <Adhesive Boots>, <Centauri Kavach>(Upgradable)

Uncommon Grade - None

Rare Grade - <Stream Wind Sword>


STAGE-1 (Lv.1 - Lv.10) - Lv.1<Minor Dagger Mastery> - Lv.1<Dagger Aura> (Locked)

STAGE-1 (Lv.1 - Lv.10) - Lv.1 [Long Sword Mastery] (Minor-2) - Lv.14<Sword Aura> - <Sword Aura Extension>

STAGE-2 (Lv.11 - Lv.20) - Lv.14 [Short Sword Mastery] (Minor-1) - Lv.14<Sword Aura> - <Sword Aura Extension>


The increment in stats was higher than I expected. From the Tier-2 Evolution itself, 10 stats were added to all of my Attributes, and of course, the 'never increasing' Luck Attribute was an exception.

Unlike the usual 5 Undistributed Stats per level, I received 10 Undistributed Stats for levelling up from Lv.10 to Lv.11.

Then my personal soul A.I chimed in, "Master, for every increase in Tier, the Undistributed Stats obtained will increase."

"Now that Master reached Tier-2, the Undistributed Stats will be 10 instead of 5, and when Master reaches Tier-3, the Undistributed Stats obtained will increase to 15 and so on."

With my personal soul A.I explaining me, I got a clear picture and mumbled to myself, "It was no wonder that the Dire Wind Wolf and Bloodthirsty Earth Bear were so powerful. If not for me awakening my Exclusive Innate Skill <INVERSE>, I wouldn't be able to defeat them at all."

Then I looked at the chubby baby and thought, "Having a personal soul A.I is pretty useful as I could get information that could help me in Trial World."

Calling him a personal soul A.I felt odd. So, I asked him his name and found that he doesn't have a name.

Then, he blinked his eyes and asked me with an expectant look, "Master, Will you name me?"

I deliberated over a name and replied, "Alright! Since you are a mini version of me, your name will be 'MJ' as in Mini Jay."

[You have successfully named your personal soul A.I as 'MJ'.]

"Even though Master's naming sense is bad, I still like the name, MJ," he said while giggling.

After that, MJ continued, "Master, as a personal soul A.I; one of my abilities was to manage my host's <STATUS> and guide them in the best direction possible. Just give me your permission and let me take care of your <STATUS>."

I gave the permission with a nod, and MJ turned into a streak of pale blue glow and flew into my <STATUS> screen as if it was a door entrance.

[MJ entered his A.I form]

Then a 2D version of MJ's face, which was the size of an inch, appeared within the <STATUS> tab and the newly obtained skills were highlighted.

MJ's baby voice resounded within my mind, "Master, I will first activate those that don't cause pain upon merging."

Then the information of those that were about to be activated started to appear in my vision.


[Achievement Title]:

<Day-1 'Tier-2 Evolver'> (Rare Grade)

Effect: Able to obtain 2 Bonus Undistributed Stats for every increase in a level starting from this moment.


[<Day-1 'Tier-2 Evolver'> activated]

[Undistributed Points: 10 ➝ 12 (10+2°)]

I was amazed to find that an Achievement Title could even add Undistributed Stats.

Then, MJ gave me a quick explanation that these types of Achievement Titles could only be obtained through Galaxy level achievements like the one that I obtained by evolving to Tier-2 on your 1st day of the Milky Way Galaxy Trial Program.

After that, the information on my new Uncommon Grade Skill, Lv.1<Fire Ball> appeared in a notification.


Lv.1<FireBall> (Uncommon Grade)

- Able to shoot a ball made of fire within the radius of 11 meters.

Cost: 11 Spirit Energy peruse.


As I looked at the notification, a cool sensation seeped into my mind and some ancient characters, which were burning with an orange flame, engraved in my mind.

[Congratulations! You have successfully merged with the skill <FireBall>]

When I was about to use the skill, MJ stopped me by saying that the skill works like a mechanism that converts an amount of your Spirit Energy into a fireball into a projectile attack.

I was a little disappointed to find that I couldn't manipulate fire but only shoot a fireball. But at the same time, I was eager to test out the skill <Fireball>.

Still, I saved it for later to experiment on, when I re-enter <Trial Zone>. The notifications continued to appear as MJ shuffled through my <STATUS>.

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