71 <Party Rule> (EDITED)

I was teleported to the Trial World and reappeared in front of the Underground Maze's Entrance.

It seemed that with the high Endurance Attribute, my body automatically accustomed itself to the teleportation since I didn't feel the nauseous sensation that I'd usually experience right after teleportation.

But that was not the same case for Dante, as he was clearly trying to suppress his urge to vomit. Just in case he threw up, I moved a few steps away from him.

Then, I used my Uncommon Skill Lv.1<Analyse> and found that he had reached Tier-2.

He seemed to take my advice of undergoing Tier-2 evolution during the 18-hour-rest period.

In the next few seconds, Dante recovered from his nauseous state, and tears welled up in his eyes as he thanked me from his bottom of his heart.

"Thanks to the magical medicine you gave, Uncle Roberto was completely healed from his near-death state. I will never forget your help in my entire life."

As I could read his mind, I could tell that his each and every word was genuine and heartfelt.

I took advantage of that situation and revealed my true intentions.

"Let me put this straight, in this day and age, there are only a few that help others purely out of kindness and I am not one of them. I only helped you because of the necessity, I have with your Fate related abilities."

Then, I pointed my forefinger out towards him, and a circular 'Rudimentary Origin Sigil,' with the silver-coloured number '1' on it, appeared over it.

Then, I began to explain that it was an ability that lets me share others Innate Talent abilities.

When I was halfway through mentioning the disadvantages that it would bring him, Dante cut me off and agreed to it, before giving me a reply that was completely out of my expectations.

"To you, I might be just a random person you saved along the way, but to me, you are a saviour brought by Fate."

"Another reason why I trust you is that other than Uncle Roberto, you are the only person to not distance yourself from me, even after knowing that I bring misfortune."

With the Tier-3 monsters under System's restriction, there weren't any other monsters in the Earth's Trial Zone that could threaten me.

As for the misfortune that he was worried about attracting, that wouldn't affect me since, if any monsters attacked us, it would only be unfortunate for those monsters.

So, I never worried about his whole misfortune thing at all. But I didn't expect that would make Dante put his blind trust in me.

Since it was a win-win for both of us if he were to accept an Origin Sigil, I didn't delay and sent the floating silver Rudimentary Origin Sigil towards his forehead.

Soon, it entered his Spirit Space and through that Rudimentary Origin Sigil, I could sense Dante's Innate Talent <FATE INTERVENTION>, which was an Ash Grey Orb with a diameter of 1 meter.

Even though it was smaller than a 10 meters wide Grade-1 Innate Talent, it was still 20 times larger than my Innate Talent, which was 5 cm in diameter.

Soon, the Rudimentary Origin Sigil reached the Ash Grey Orb and to my disbelief, the Origin Sigil was rejected by his Unique Innate Talent, <FATE INTERVENTION>.

Thinking that the Rudimentary Origin Sigil was not strong enough, I sent the Minor Origin Sigil, but the same scene repeated itself.

As the last try, I even sent one of the 10 Major Origin Sigils to see if that would work, but that too failed.

If not for the notification that appeared in front of me, I would have thought that the mighty Origin Energy failed to subdue Dante's Innate Talent.

[Your current Origin Energy Mastery (1%) is insufficient to imprint an ORIGIN SIGIL on <FATE INTERVENTION>.]

Dante stood there with a blank face as he waited for something to happen. Just from that, I could tell that he couldn't sense what transpired in his Spirit Space, even without reading his thoughts.

Right then, I heard MJ's excited voice in my mind, "Master, I finally located an Aerial type Monster. As long as I get it for my 3rd Corpse Integration Slot, completing the Virtual Map for Earth's Trial Zone would take a lot less time."

The Virtual Map that MJ mentioned was a miniaturised 3D model of the entire Trial Zone that we were in.

To create that Virtual Map, MJ had to visit each part of the Trial Zone in person, and to cover the entire Trial Zone's area of 10,000 sq.km (3861 sq.miles), it would take a long time for a monster on the ground.

But if it was an Aerial type monster, the time needed to create a Virtual Map would be drastically reduced.

With that, MJ could render the Earth Trial Zone's 3D model map to hopefully find the traces of a Grade-4 Spirit Fruit that could save my Grandfather.

Upon learning that Shadow Leopard MJ found an Aerial type monster, I intended to go there right away to hunt that monster.

But I had to hold my horses after learning that it was a Mid-Phase Tier-3 Monster, with its habitat enveloped by a System restricted Dome.

If not for the Restriction Dome that was set by the System, I would have just headed straight towards the Aerial type monster.

Through our mental connection, I asked MJ, "Why did you mention that Tier-3 Aerial type monster to me, when it was within a System restricted Dome, which is powerful enough to not crack even under continuous attacks of a peak Tier-4 Lifeform."

Then, MJ replied, "Master, at this stage, it might be an impossible feat for any other Alpha Chosen but, to you, who has the ability to manipulate the 'Law of Rules', it isn't much of an issue."

I was surprised to learn that the Barriers that the System uses were basically created by the 'Law of Rules'.

According to MJ, as long as I increase the <Minor Rule Mastery> to Stage-2, I would be able to enter the System restricted Dome by temporarily disabling a part of it for a few short seconds.

After that, I turned towards Dante and just told him that it would take me more time to imprint Origin Sigil on his innate Talent and both of us went back to the Underground Maze Centre.

I suggested Dante to train in <Fate Mastery>, whereas I began to comprehend the Mastery of my Brother's Innate Talent, <APEX RULER>.

With the comprehension methods that were transmitted to my mind from gaining Lv.1<Minor Rule Mastery>, I was able to increase my comprehension over the 'Law of Rules'.

Since it was a Grade-10 Innate Talent, it took me just an hour to reach Lv.11<Minor Rule Mastery> (Stage-2) from Lv.1<Minor Rule Mastery> (Stage-1).

Upon reaching Stage-2, I even managed to awaken Apex Ruler's 1st Innate Exclusive Skill, <Party Rule>.

[<Party Rule>: Let's the user create a 25-member Party, where the party members could equally share the Life Energy gained from killing monsters. Any attack of a Party member couldn't harm another Party member.]

To test it out, I called out for Dante, and when I mentioned that I wanted to test a new skill on him, he began to sweat a lot.

Only when MJ convinced him that the Skill I would use would be beneficial to him, did he calm down and accept the Party Invitation that I sent him.

Once he accepted, I brought out a random Common Grade Sword from Limiter Ring's Storage Space and took a swing at him, with less than 5% of my strength.

Looking at me take out a Sword and strike at him, he screamed in fear, "How in the hell is this benefici….."

Before he could finish his sentence, the sword strike already reached his hand, but it was blocked by an invisible barrier, that was created by the Law of Rules.

In the next few minutes, I continued the testing process with various Skills and abilities in my arsenal, but nothing worked.

The same situation repeated itself even when I had Dante to attack me.

As for Dante, he was ecstatic because in the last 15 minutes since he accepted my Party invitation, he already levelled up twice without even having to do a thing.

It wasn't shocking, because the Life Energy I gained from the monsters that Hobgoblin MJ and Shadow Leopard MJ killed was being equally shared between Dante and me.

Dante's ecstasy turned into that of a shock, when he suddenly thought about what might be the amount of Life Energy I had stacked till then.

Even though Dante didn't ask me that, I was annoyed by his thoughts, as I could sense him trying to guess how much Life Energy I've stored up; he almost seemed to be in some sort of trance, as he was doing it.

So, I had MJ to show him the Life Energy and Estimated Level section of my <STATUS>, and that seemed to shut him up.

But looking at Dante, who had his jaw dropped with no hope of recovering anytime soon, I second-guessed my decision to show him the amount of my Life Energy.



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