34 <Limiter Debuff>

With a stern expression, I sat beside my grandfather's bed in silence as I listened to MJ talk about the rarity of finding a Grade-4 Spirit Fruit.

He said that I might not even find a Grade-4 Spirit Fruit within the 'Trial Zone No.1223' that was allocated for the Earth's Chosen.

Even if I manage to find it within the Trial Zone's vast area of 10,000 sq.km (6214 sq.miles), the Grade-4 Spirit Fruit will most probably be guarded by at least a powerful Tier-3 Monster that was on the verge of becoming a Tier-4 Monster.

The difference between each Tier is significant. If not for the <INVERSE> mode, I wouldn't have been able to kill a High-Phase Tier-2 Monster like Lv.25 Bloodthirsty Earth Bear.

Not to mention the high amount of Evolution Stats obtained after Evolution, the amount of Undistributed Stats available per level also increases for higher Tiers.

When I evolved to Tier-2, I gained 10 Evolution Stats for each of my 5 main Attributes. The available Undistributed Stats per level increased from '5' to '10'.

Just the difference in Attribute Stats showed the power gap between Tier-1 and Tier-2.

But from MJ, I learned that the power gap was even wider between a Tier-2 and Tier-3.

Because when someone evolves to Tier-3, they gain 30 Evolution Stats for each of their 5 main Attributes. The available Undistributed Stats per level increases from '10' to '15'.

If a Monster in the peak of Tier-3 really guards the Grade-4 Spirit Fruit like what MJ said, I couldn't obtain it with my current strength.

Soon my mood turned worse as I thought about the possibility of not even finding an Arc Spirit Fruit at all in the Trial Zone.

Even with how rational I was, subconsciously, a sense of fear mixed with sadness seeped into my mind as I thought about my grandfather dying within the coma.

As I was falling into my own negative thoughts, MJ's voice woke me up from my stupor, "Master! Your emotions are obstructing your thoughts, Use the trick that you accidentally learned from going through <Limiter Ring>."

Then I took a deep breath and looked at the <Limiter Ring> on my finger as I recalled its description.


<Limiter Ring> (Rare Grade)

A 10 x 10 x 10 meters Space storage ring that was imbued with Luck.

Effect: Luck+25

Requirements: 10 Luck

Durability: 100/100

Inherent Skill: <Limiter Debuff> (Rare)

<Limiter Debuff>: Able to set a debuff timer to temporarily limit target's Stats and Skill Levels. (not applicable if the Target is Tier-4 and above)

Cost: Varies depending on the amount of Stats or Skill Levels.


When I first saw its description, I was amazed to find a ring that allows me to magically store any inanimate object within an invisible space.

Moreover, it even increased my Stats in Luck Attribute from '12' to '37'. Even MJ doubted his knowledge of 'rather hard to obtain Luck Stat' since I already gained 30 Stats in Luck Attribute since my assimilation with the System.

As for the Inherent Skill <Limiter Debuff>, I tested it on myself a few times instead of others during the short breaks that I took while training in <Longsword Mastery>.

Then, I accidentally found an unexpected usage with the skill <Limiter Debuff> when I tried to debuff my own Stats in Vitality, and Endurance Attributes to match the Stats in Strength, Agility and Spirit Attributes.

With MJ's suggestion, I activated <Limiter Debuff> and set a debuff timer of 15 min on myself while specifying the amount of Stats to get temporarily limited.

[Limiting 20 Vitality Stats and 10 Endurance Stats for 15 mins]

[45 Spirit Energy expended]

[Time left till Debuff ends - 00:14:59]

Then MJ opened just the Attribute section within the <STATUS> and I could see the changes on them.



* ➝ Looted Stats

^ ➝ Spirit Item Stats

° ➝ Achievement Title Stats

E ➝ Evolution Stats

Lt ➝ Temporarily Limited Stats


Strength: 37 (22+2*+3^+10E)

Agility: 37 (25+2*+10 E)

Vitality: 57-20 Lt ➝ 37 (25+2*+20^+10 E-20 Lt)

Endurance: 47-10 Lt ➝ 37 (20+2*+10^+5°+10 E-10 Lt)

Spirit: 37 (25+2*+10 E)

Luck: 37 (7+25^+5°)

Undistributed Stats: 0


As for the 12 Undistributed Stats, I gradually added 4 of them in Strength, Agility and Spirit Attribute while training the <Longsword Mastery>.

As a result of the limiter debuff, all the 5 main Attributes were temporarily in equilibrium.

The Skill <Harmony> automatically activated as I entered the state of Harmony.

A cool sensation spread every corner of my mind and the worry, fear, sadness vanished along with all of my emotions.

When I used <Harmony> for the first time, I was afraid of myself for not feeling any emotion such as affection and love for my family members.

My fear was mostly because the humane part of me was disabled when I was in the state of Harmony. Because I was able to sense that I couldn't feel anything even if my loved ones were to die.

But on the positive side, that gave me unparalleled rationality and even under emotional circumstances, I could make rational decisions.

Once the <Harmony> activated, my thoughts cleared. With a calm expression, I took a glance at my grandfather and walked towards the window.

Then I stared at the slender crescent moon for 10 minutes as I stood there without even moving an inch.

Meanwhile, I contemplated my entire life with a whole new mindset that originated from my state of Harmony.

While standing there, I spoke without turning back, intending for my unconscious grandfather.

"Grandpa, you taught me to be kind to others and help those who were in need, but this world doesn't deserve your overflowing kindness."

"None of those you helped, returned their gratitude when our Enterprise was deemed as fraud."

"I know, if you were conscious, you would say that they didn't have a choice and they were blackmailed or even brought out by the Quadnite Conglomerate to not be a supporting witness in the Court."

"But as I see it, all those people easily gave in because we were kind and not powerful and cruel like Quadnite Conglomerate."

"In this world being kind is not enough in front of power and what I want is not the false power like money and status but the true and irrefutable power that I found through the System."

"I want to become powerful...…..powerful to the point where no one would dare to betray me."

Right then, I noticed a dim silver-coloured flash in my eyes within the hazy reflection of the window glass, and a few notifications popped up.

[<LOOT> sensed your resolve and thirst for True Power.]

[Congratulations! You have satisfied one of the two requirements to obtain the 3rd Innate Exclusive Skill of <LOOT>.]

[Gain 1000 Undistributed Looted Stats to satisfy the remaining requirement.]

With my determination to pursue true power, I accidentally satisfied one of the two requirements for obtaining an Innate Exclusive Skill.

With how useful my 1st and 2nd Innate Exclusive Skills were, I prioritised gaining 1000 Looted Stats and completing the last remaining requirement to obtain the 3rd Innate Exclusive Skill.

I decided to actively hunt monsters once the Day-2 of the trial program starts while searching for the Grade-4 Spirit Fruit.

After that, I consulted with MJ and injected a drop of the High Vitality Fruit's sap into the saline bottle that provides nutrients to my grandfather.

I added a drop each to another 9 saline bottles that will be used later. I knew that it was not what's required to save my grandfather's life, but at least his physical health can be improved.

Following that, I returned to my house. With only an hour remaining before I teleported back to the Trial World, I stored food items, water supplies, and many clothes within the storage space of <Limiter Ring>.

As for the main people behind my brother's kidnapping, I had MJ communicate with them using the Underground syndicate leader's voice.

I didn't want to alert them by finding that someone took care of the Underground Syndicate.

Even though I don't have any stealth related skills, If I wanted, I could kill them, and with MJ, all kinds of digital evidence can be erased.

But with them being hotshots, the investigation conducted on their death will be handled by the top brass. There can be crime scene witnesses or forensic reports that prove that the culprit has a superhuman capability.

Even though they can't find me, I don't want to be in the police's radar. Moreover, when we win the class action case, the Quadnite company should be the one paying for their conspiracy against our Enterprise.

So, I let them live a little longer, and with MJ, I had complete surveillance over their every action.

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