8 <Adhesive Boots>

When my Strength and Agility Attributes had the same Stats, I felt a strange sense of harmony.

Then I could use all the untapped potential within my strengthened muscles. The rate at which I killed the Poisonous Spiders also increased.

[Lv.2 Poisonous Spider Killed]

[Lv.2 Poisonous Spider Killed]

[LV.3 Poisonous Spider Killed]

[LV.4 Poisonous Spider Killed]

[LV.2 Poisonous Spider Killed]

[LV.3 Poisonous Spider Killed]

[Congratulations! You have reached Lv.4]

[5 Undistributed Stats are available]

My Stamina and Spirit Energy was almost depleted from the prolonged battle. Moreover, a few of the lower levelled Poisonous Spiders bit me and my health continued to decrease.

Right then, I noticed the Lv.10 Poisonous Spider, which was far from me, started approaching me.

This caused me to realize that it wanted me to have a battle of attrition with the lower-level Spiders and waited for the right moment to attack me when I got tired.

My eyes flashed with an icy glint, and I thought, 'Since you have come out of hiding, don't think about leaving.'

I didn't care for pain and immediately used Undistributed Points and added 3 Stats to Spirit Attribute and 2 Stats to Endurance Attribute.

[Undistributed Points: 5 ➝ 0]

[Spirit: 13 ➝ 16]

[Spirit Energy: 8/65 ➝ 23/80]

[Endurance: 18 ➝ 20]

[Stamina: 18/90 ➝ 28/100]

[Congratulations! You obtained the Skill, Lv.1 <Passive Stamina Regeneration-I> (Uncommon) by reaching 20 Stats in Endurance Attribute.]

[Lv.3<Physical Pain Resistance> ➝ Lv.4<Physical Pain Resistance>]

[Lv.4<Physical Pain Resistance>: Resistance towards Physical pain increases by 4%.]

During that instance, my body froze for a second, and some spiders bit me. Still, when I intended to add all Stats at once, I expected an opening in my defence to happen.

I didn't think the poison of the lower level Spiders could be lethal in the short term, unlike the Lv.10 Poisonous Spider from which I had to be wary.

In the spots where I was bitten, the pain was piercing and of the elevated sort, as if someone had fired multiple staples on my skin at once.

With the increase in Stats, I felt my Stamina and Spirit Energy recover by a bit and used the Stage-2 Sword Aura's new perk, <Sword Aura Extension>.

The Cyan coloured Sword Aura extended for a meter on top of the <Rusty Short Sword> and looked like an extremely sharp 1 and a half meter long Sword.

I used the <Sword Aura Extension> with all my Strength, and it got hit on the head and died instantly.

When it died, its head was split apart into two pieces, and blood splashed over my sweatshirt's right sleeve.

I immediately tore the sleeve apart and threw it as I felt a burning sensation on my right shoulder.

Even then, a portion of skin on my shoulder was burnt. I added some ground mud to the wound to cool down the burning sensation, removed my boxing wraps, and tied it around my shoulder to reduce the burning sensation.

[Lv.5<Physical Pain Resistance> ➝ Lv.6<Physical Pain Resistance>.]

[Lv.6<Physical Pain Resistance>: Resistance towards Physical pain increases by 6%.]

I was glad that I decisively used the <Sword Aura Extension> instead of merely coating Sword aura on the <Rusty Short Sword>.

If not, I would have been poisoned by the Lv.10 Poisonous Spider.

[Lv.10 Poisonous Spider Killed]

[250 Life Energy Obtained]

[Congratulations! You have earned an Achievement Title, <Lesser Arachnid Hunter> (Common) by killing many Spiders of Lesser Arachnid Species.]


[Lesser Arachnid Hunter]

Effect 1: All the lesser Arachnid Race will fear you and Higher races of Arachnid Species will be aggressive towards you.

Effect 2: Increases all Poison related abilities by 10%.


Once I activated the new Achievement Title, all the Poisonous Spiders around me started crawling away as if they were facing the nemesis of their race.

But it was good that I got this title; even though it made the higher races of Arachnid Species aggressive towards me, I didn't care much about it.

Once I was able to use my Looted Stats, they had to rethink their aggressiveness towards me.

After using the <Sword Aura Extension> with full power, my Stamina and Spirit Energy were at their lowest that I had ever seen.

[Stamina: 2/100]

[Spirit Energy: 1/80]

I felt so tired that I wanted to sleep there itself but tried to suppress my fatigue, and with exhausted breaths, I plucked a <Lesser Stamina fruit> and ate it.

My condition improved instantly, and I plucked another fruit.

[Stamina: 27/100]

While eating the other <Lesser Stamina Fruit>, I looked at my legs where it's paining, and there were a few bite marks, and the poison was slowly spreading.

I didn't worry much about it since I already found that these Poisonous Spiders had <Poison Resistance> Skill. With that, my Health Points stopped plumetting.

[Health: 64/110]

Unlike the Lv.10 Poisonous Spider, from which I couldn't find what Skills it had, I was able to look at the Skills and Stats of Lv.2 Poisonous Spider since my <Inspect> Skill was Lv.2.

I activated <LOOT> and looked at the Lv.10 Poisonous Spider.

[Choose one of these to LOOT from the dead Lv.10 Poisonous Spider.]

{1} [Lv.10<Blood Poison> (Common): Ability to turn your blood into a Poisonous substance and its potency depend on Skill Level.]

{2} [Lv.10<Hydraulic Leap> (Common): can leap 50 times of your body length by using blood fluids.]

{3} [Lv.10<Poison Resistance> (Common): Resistance towards Poison increases by 10%.]


The <Poison Resistance> Skill was needed then, and the <Blood Poison> Skill looked pretty useful. Still, the Skill <Hydraulic Leap> caught my attention.

"I should have an escape card with me in case I come across a monster that is stronger than me.", I mumbled to myself.

Actually, In that instance, what I needed was the <Poison Resistance> Skill. Still, I intended to Loot it from a lower levelled Poisonous Spider.

Finally, I chose Lv.10 <Hydraulic Leap> but did not merge it yet.

[10 Stats Looted]

[Lv.10<Hydraulic Leap>(Common) Looted]

I started looking through all the other Poisonous Spiders, and all of them had the same Skills, but they were lower-levelled ones. I tried to use 'LOOT' on all the spiders simultaneously, and it worked.

[114 Stats Looted]

[Lv.5 <Blood Poison> (Common) Looted]

[Lv.5 <Blood Poison> (Common): Ability to turn your blood into a Poisonous substance.]

[Lv.5 <Poison Resistance> (Common)]

[Lv.5 <Poison Resistance>: Resistance towards Poison increases by 5%.]

When I looted all the Skills I could, only the ones with higher levels in each Skill remained. I hoped for the same levelled Skills to kind of combine and level up but that was me being too greedy.

While eating the fourth Lesser Stamina Fruit, I noticed a pair of Black boots beside the dead Lv.10 Poisonous Spider.

I was sure that they were not there before, So I used <Inspect> on them, and a notification appeared.


<Adhesive Boots> (Common) - able to use an adhesive force to attach to any surfaces and can detach according to the bonded user's wishes.

Effect: Agility+5^

Requirements: 15 Agility

Condition: Perfect

Durability: 100/100


[Lv.2<Inspect> (Common) ➝ Lv.3<Inspect> (Common)]

After using the Skill, <Inspect>, so many times did it finally levelled up. I wondered how long it would take to level it up again, and I was excited to find a Spirit Item. It even increased Agility Attribute by 5 Stats.

I guessed the <Adhesive Boots> might be some reward from the System for killing the Lv.10 Poisonous Spider.

I quickly held the <Adhesive Boots>, and a notification for forming a bond with Spirit Item appeared.

[Do you wish to form a bond with <Adhesive Boots> (Common)?]

I agreed to it, and a similar notification to when I activated the Achievement Title, <Training Maniac-I> appeared.

[Warning: Sudden increase of 5 Stats in Agility causes severe pain.]

[Do you wish to proceed in Safety mode?]

[In Safety Mode, Stats will be added slowly in a periodic manner so that your body can easily adjust to its improvements.]

I accepted the Safety mode and wore the <Adhesive Boots>. After that, I plucked as many fruits as possible and carefully returned to my tree hideout.

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