Dystopian King System Book

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Dystopian King System


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* Contains Voting/Polls for readers to participate in the story's direction or upcoming character developments~ * Opened up Creator's Portal in Auxiliary Chapter, for readers who want to submit their own characters to be featured in the story * Image credit: Nardack If you like choice games, join us now! :) Schedule: 7 Chapters/week ----------------- Well, well, well, look who got run over by their own truck and woke up in some parallel world where magic is real. I must have hit my head pretty hard. But it turns out, I've been given a special ability, the Dystopian King System, which gives me control over various elements of this new world. I mean, talk about luck, right? So, I set out to overthrow the current corrupted government, because why not? Along the way, I'll probably end up conquering a few beauties and building my own magical dystopian kingdom. I mean, who wouldn't want to control magic and defeat their enemies and win the hearts of some beautiful ladies? But in all honesty, I'm still trying to figure out if I'm in a dream or if this is really happening.