Chapter one

*liar...liar... liar

*help.... help us..... help

*leave..... don't come back.... leave

*murderer... killer.... psychopath

*freak..... circus clown..... mutant

"COME ON, WAKE UP LAZY PIG" the sergeant said as he kicked me on my stomach. I've woken up and I could hear these words ringing in my ear. My body was filled with bruises and cuts. I've been trained and lived in this asylum for 7 years, I was 11 when I arrived. I couldn't remember much, nor remember the face of my parents who left me here like a stray cat. They said it's for the better, for the greater good. They tricked me into thinking that this was a school and that I would start studying again, but, they lied. I got up on my feet, that touched the cold floor. My room was small, there was only a mattress, a pillow, and a chair whom I had put my clothes. The people here get lucky if someone of the rich people that were part of the Tiger Claw organization, would bring them used clothes, shoes, or anything that they could give. For me, there was a person named Jackson, he was the son of their leader, so, he used to bring me his old clothes, which, were a bit big for me, but I didn't mind at all. I would wash them with a bar of soap, while I took a shower for an hour. Each one of us had an hour to shower, 2 times a week. Here, people got treated by their rank. I was classified as a spy and an assassin, and as for my ability, I could use any element I could find around me, and kill my enemy with it, plus, I was classified as a super soldier. That's why I had one hour to shower, and, some decent food to eat.

As I walked outside of my room, I saw Jackson, waving at me. We stopped in front of him, and, he had some paper work in his hands.

"General Kai, I want to inform you, that, Miss Esther, will be living with me and my family from now on" he said, handing him the papers.

"I, no, I can't do this, you'll force me to do horrible thing, and, I can't accept it, I grew up here" I rejected his offer, but, he insisted.

"Do you know who we are? " he asked

"I do know that your trying to ruin everyone lives into thinking that your gonna do the best to this world" I said

"wrong answer, I'll explain everything to you when we get there" he said, and, made his soldiers take me to his car.