1 1.When death becomes your power

"where am I ?"

He began to regain his consciousness and sit down and thinks his what happened to him.

He was clearly in his school and hearing his teachers boring lecture,but why did he suddenly come and gone consciousness?


[Name :: kane]

[Intelligence:: 20/100]

[Combat power ::18/100]


[Experience point(exp)-10000]

[Location --great Avana forest]

[Congratulations Host kane you successfully died][gains 1000exp]

[Host gained a skill - "Death Embodiment" 'Become the embodiment of death.The user of this power is death itself or a personification of death representing it. Death Embodiment is notably able to ignore ALL forms of Immortality because it's the omnipotent personification of Death, possessing near unlimited control over it, ultimate knowledge of everything related to it]


[Host died][because of poison]

[Host successfully revive][automatically using skill death embodiment]





[Host died][because of poison]

[Host successfully revive][automatically using skill death embodiment]

[You gaine a skill -poison immunity(The power to be immune to all forms of poisons. Sub-power of Contaminant Immunity and Poison Manipulation. Variation of Selective Invulnerability. Higher Form of Poison Resistance)]

[Host successfully completed an achievement and gets 10000 exp]

"What is this ?"

"How did i end up here in this crazy world and what is this stuff in my head !!(monster saliva is dripping)

He slowly turns, it is a monster!!

"System what monster is this? "

[Request confirm ]

[Analysing completed]

[This is shadow grey wolf (a wolf type monster specialised in group hunting (intelligence-15/100)(combat power -18/100)(skills-poison mist allows the monster to attack with poison)


[1.kill the shadow grey wolf](gets 500exp)

[2.Run away](gets 200exp)


[Host will get basic equipments for your hunt please use it wisely]

"What with this system"

He began to think it is better to not ranaway to die than die here it is a Dead or Alive ."



Kane fights with the shadow grey wolf desperately and ends it with a sword stab



[Congratulations Host you gained skill Enhanced swordsmanship(The power to possess proficiency, capabilities and knowledge in swords beyond that of the peak members of their species. Variation of Weapon Proficiency. Users possess incredible proficiency and skill in wielding and utilizing a sword) and mana manipulation(

The power to manipulate mana. Combination of Life-Force Manipulation and Magic. Spiritual version of Magical Energy Manipulation.)(poison mist)]