DxD: Valac The Godbreaker

MC was a 28-year-old gambling addict who threw himself off a building after getting shafted over 10,000 times on a Wenshit Impact banner. Moments after impact he was abruptly reborn into the body of a 10 year devil named Vaseir Valac. MC has the same bloodline magic as a certain green haired Valac from a demon school anime. --------------------- This is my first time writing a fanfiction. ( Haters have mercy ) At best Mc Might have a harem 2-3 womans -------------------

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Prologue: A Devil's Serenade

Vaseir's consciousness surged back to life in the blink of an eye, a mere split second after the crushing impact of his old body hitting the ground. As awareness flooded back into his senses, he found himself in the midst of a strange and surreal scene.

His emerald-green eyes fluttered open to the sound of a woman singing, a voice he subconsciously recognized as his mother's. She was engrossed in another one of her annoyingly long musicals, filling the air with whimsical and educational notes that seemed to dance alongside the vivid hues of the Underworld.

Confusion knitted his brow as he took in the surroundings. Memories of a boy named Vasier flooded his mind. A glance downward revealed his short physique, complete with lime-green hair that matched the vibrant tones of his irises.

The pointed ears and tightly curled horns confirmed the undeniable truth—he was no longer the fool who spent all of his life's savings on a video game, but a devil, reborn in the body of a boy.

His mother's singing continued, unfazed by the absolute chaos caused by the other gremlins. Alongside her, the three gremlins joined in their mother's spontaneous musical. Vaseir's twin sister, Clara, and his two younger brothers sang along, creating a bizarre but strangely comforting backdrop to his surreal awakening.

The absurdity of the situation pulled at the corners of Vaseir's lips, giving birth to the mischievous smile that would become his trademark in the days to come. The Valac family, with all its quirks and eccentricities, seemed determined to welcome him into this new chapter of his existence with an unforgettable serenade.

Hello this is my very first FanFic and im happy to share with anyone willing to read.

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