14 Chapter 13

If I could assess my skills as a Martial Artist, I would say I looked like an old man with rheumatism who has sloppy movements.

But for a beginner, I was learning fast.

To be honest, my reflexes were already superior due to my perverted training and my eyes could keep up with their speeds. But now I was evolving another kind of skill --- my fears of a life-and-death struggle didn't stop me from taking action, but spurred me on. I was sharpening my battle senses and even without any technique, I could tell that in a few hours my evolution had been tremendous.

Before I wondered how these protagonists manage to fight these battles after reincarnating...

Now I know that some motivations can boost a man's strength.

One is to get along with women, another is to survive to see tomorrow...

And most desperate of all, when you know that there is a Booty warrior, or rather a Booty mage after your ass in the near future, you will do everything to get stronger and kill the bastard.

--- Wave number sixteen, just over thirteen hours of confinement. ---

*Screech* *Screech* *Schreech* The noise of countless harpies outside the dome remains as irritating as ever.

I turn my body to the right, barely avoiding the clutches of a harpy that lunges in front of me.

Reflexively I take a big leap back and where I was before, another harpy tried to catch me off guard with the opening her sister had managed to make.

"Tsk," I ground my teeth in pain, the wound from my sloppiness from a few earlier rounds stinging my back.

The wound had reached considerable depth, a normal human would take at least about 12 days to be completely healed, but because I had natural healing increased by five times some parts were already healing, and probably tomorrow or the next it would be 100%.

Why wasn't I killing these harpies right away? Of course, I had the power to do it.

The answer is quite simple and annoying, Hikimage has hidden runes outside the dome that only a few hours ago I had noticed. These runes were well hidden and explained my confusion when the number of enemies started to increase much earlier than expected...

By knowing the dome's structure through appraise magic, I had estimates of the speed of difficulty increase. However, things escalated faster than anticipated which is why I investigated the source of this and found these runes.

"Schreech," yelled the harpy as it ran into my figure.

She failed miserably and passed me like I was a ghost. But unlike the harpies of the first rounds, her flight angle was not incident against the ground, thus allowing her to be unharmed and not injured from a fall.

I also had to run from where I was hiding to avoid being hit by a fourth harpy that until then was just overhead watching us.

That was frustrating as I was invisible from their perspective, but that was one of the weaknesses of the Mirror of Adonis.

I could only control three senses simultaneously.

For me to be completely imperceptible I would have to control at least four senses, which are sight, sound, smell, and supernatural sense. They had very keen senses and any one of those could be detected if they weren't hidden.

They and the countless harpies outside the dome were evolving and adapting to my fighting style. They were stupid, but on the other hand, they had a tremendous adaptive instinct. More and more my tricks were less effective, and I had to hold back not to show all my cards up my sleeve.

Seeing that being invisible wouldn't work, I'd try another approach.

[Mirror of Adonis] is not a true illusion and is closer to a mind control area, which affects the senses of beings within a 20-meter radius. Much like naruto's genjustu, or a nerfed version of Aizen's sword.

My figure splits into ten versions of myself, and we move away from each other.

I would try to use the confusion to deceive them and make their sense their own enemies. In some of my copies I left a false smell, another group had a false body pulsing sound, and I applied the same logic to myself.

It was like a deck of cards full of combinations and flaws, and among so many choices, the harpies were confused.

--- Wave number forty-nine, just over thirty-six hours of confinement. ---

I never thought I'd make it this far, for whom before just 30 minutes of running was almost a declaration of death... My body grew in resistance tremendously.

The healing effect five times potentiates the creation of new muscles, as their natural recovery is much greater. I could feel a slight burning in the muscles in my leg, thighs, and abdomen. It was a clear sign that I was getting stronger, of course, this was within the limits of what a human body could reach.

My glasses broke a few waves ago when I dodged an attack, and to solve this, I very creatively used the power of [Adonis Mirror] to affect the convergence point of the image on my retina, making the use of lenses unnecessary.

Make no mistake, my myopia problem was not cured, it was just a trick using mind control to make me see. If I turned off the magic I would see nothing again.

But since I didn't spend mana... I could keep it permanently. It was hard for me not to smile with my hack sometimes.

"Sigh," I rest seated on the floor with both hands draped back for support.

Even with [Fighter]'s help, my limit was already being reached. I needed sleep and truly rest. The break that was now 45 minutes of rest was too short.

Hikimage was very cruel, this was no ordinary training, but a hellish one.

I was not idle during breaks. My goal is to take control of the dome and modify the settings, making the waves stop or at least extend the intervals as long as possible.

I was being very cautious about making the changes, as the dome was the only thing that protected me from a multitude of harpies. I'd killed over four hundred of them, and outside there seemed to be at least five thousand of them left.

All of them lusting after my body. Ugh, I never thought I'd go through this kind of situation. I was torn between feeling flattered and fearful for my own life.

As for teleporting myself out of here -- I wasn't confident doing this without having plenty of hours of preparation. Hours that I didn't have because I always had to be fighting.

"Huh?" I look to my right and notice that on the ground, one of the harpies I fought off from the last wave seemed to still be moving.

I get up and approach her so I can finish killing her.

Until an idea came to me...

I wanted to do some little experiments with her.

Theoretically [Mirror of Adonis] is the control of the senses, it was a magic that affects the electrical signals from the brains of nearby enemies, affecting their senses.

Would it be possible for me to enlarge or reduce them?

"Screech," The harpy lying on the floor cried out weakly in fear to see me next to her.

I kind of felt sorry, but between my life and hers... I would choose to save myself without a doubt.

First I tried to amplify her hearing, then her sense of smell, also her sensitivity to light and it was harder than I thought --- as it required me to touch her to aid in the efficiency of unnatural control. I tried touch control to increase her nervous system response, thereby reducing her pain.

I didn't want her to suffer so much and so I managed to take her pain away or at least reduce it.

It looks like internal effects on external bodies, I would need to make contact for it to work.

Unfortunately, the poor harpy died a short time later.

I was about to incinerate her like I did the other bodies when I decided to try something.

Appraise magic can only be used on inanimate objects, but could a corpse be considered an object? Theoretically, it was inanimate, correct?

And the answer to my theory was yes and no...

By using appraise magic I was able to analyze her biology, but I felt it was missing a lot of important details and wasn't as efficient.

But that information in my head gave me enough illumination for something I should try.

Entering my inner world...

I run into the statue that has the [Mirror of Adonis] formulas.

Making a spell from scratch was much more difficult than modifying it. From understanding the biology of their brains, an inspiration came to my mind that I should give it a try.

I modified the [Mirror of Adonis] formula slightly to specifically address their race.

Opening my eyes I found that it had taken me just over 20 minutes to make the changes.

The time of the next wave approaches.

The barrier creaked as it entered a group of 8 harpies flying in the skies.

"Screech, Screech," they called out from a distance and were cautious of approaching.

Lately, they have learned to act very cautiously with me and always try to look for gaps before any move.

"SCREEEEEEHHHHH!!!" One of them shouted as she ran towards me, thinking she had found an opportunity.

When she enters the effective radius of 20 meters...

"Schhhhhhhhh," The harpy figure dropped like a broken kite to the ground as it entered the effective radius.

The other harpies didn't understand this but decided to attack their prey together as this would be their best chance...

Needless to say, they failed miserably, and the same dry scream emitted from their throats as they fell like insects to the ground.

I slowly approach the group of eight of them as I notice something that makes me truly curious.

They were writhing and screaming, their legs were rubbing against each other and their face where it used to look like an eagle, starts to undergo a metamorphosis until...

"Ahhhhhh! Haaahhhh!" In front of me was the vision of a harpy with blue hair, golden eyes, and a very attractive human face. She was panting, had a giant blush on her cheeks, and was writhing violently on the floor. "Ahhnn! Sister. What. Uh, is it?"

Likewise, all the other harpies writhed and screamed in their human-like form. Though they still had wings instead of arms and a lot of inhuman features in others… Shit, that one was hot to watch. They are really hot.

"Oh!" The blue-haired woman's abdomen rose, and I could see with my own wide eyes her squirting in multiple orgasms.

"I -I S-Stop, Stop...I'mmm cumming," an older harpy screamed as her body completely shut down and fell into unconsciousness, but not before leaving a visible pool of love fluids on the floor.

The indisputable characteristic of a harpy is that they are lustful beings by nature. I had understood that part of them in their brains and all the activation points. You could say that was also the Achilles heel for them...

For I used their lustful natures to send the right stimuli to their bodies.

The silence outside the dome was absolute.

In all those hours I spent here, they hadn't been silent even for a moment. This was the first time the harpy crowd had been silent.

It was time for me to leave the cave, or rather the dome.

This was a legendary day, where I alone made more than five thousand females squirm at my feet, without even having to touch them.

I looked at the multitude of bodies, then at my own hands, and wondered...

Is that the true meaning of power?

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