2 Patience


Rias looked at the boy beside her, He was definitely handsome. Black hair and black eyes. His black hair cut into a mullet giving him a more delinquent look.

Well he is a 'former' delinquent according to his school record that is.

His previous school which is located in another town says that he changed after middle school.

He had joined this school "Kuoh Academy" this year only.

But as soon as he joined he had already gotten a reputation as they call him "The Dark King of Kuoh".

This moniker given to him due to his kind of introverted personality as well as his looks which definitely make him look like a delinquent.

"Rias are you dozing off?"

The boy asked.

Reito Tachibana, that was his name.

"Of course not Reito"

"Good so as I was saying since we are a team for this project should we meet up tomorrow since it's holiday."

"Hmm Alright"

Then the boy suddenly tore of a small piece of paper and wrote a number there.


Rias looked confused, "What's this?"

She took the piece of paper.

"My number"

Rias adored a smile in her face, "Oh right"

*Bell rings*

"Alright class. The class is over"

The teacher walks off the classroom and the students starts talking while packing their bags.

Reito stands up and takes his bag and starts walking towards the door. He looks at Rias and waves his hand signaling 'Bye'.

Rias smiles and waves her hand as well.

Akeno walks toward Rias, "Ara~ Ara~ Rias, To think you would be so happy talking to a boy ufufufufu. Don't tell me you have started to like Tachibana-san? You both do call each other by first name"

"Shut up Akeno. We are just friends nothing more nothing less."

"Ufufufu. Really now?"

Rias ignores her and they both walk towards their club "The Occult Research Club" which was previously the old school building.

Going there they both received many attention from both the genders after all they were the "Two great ladies" of Kuoh Academy.


Reito looked behind.

Kuoh Academy.

It was the school Reito attended. He joined this school this year. He was a third year student.

He joined this school due to his "Sports scholarship". Being 6'2 and having been training since he was ten years old has made him good in most of the sports involving anything physical. It also does not help that he was athletic even in his previous life having played various sports.

His most favorite being basketball.

He had reached his house.

He changed and started preparing some snacks. A protein shake.

He took the bottle and went to his room and sat on his sofa chair.

8 years since I reincarnated in this world yet I have done nothing of importance.

I trained and trained yet I am still not capable of any supernatural feats sure I have grown strong but that is only at the level of a human.

My meditation sessions have proven to be unfruitful as I have yet to gain anything even remotely similar to Mana.

I know there is a energy in my body but I cannot manipulate it in any shape or form, it feels like something is holding me back.

And in my guess, that something is me being a human.

The only solution for me to be more powerful is to be a devil.

To leave my humanity and be a devil.

Yes, That is the only chance now.

*Gulp* *Gulp*

I drink my shake up.

I stand up and jump for a bit.

"Alright let's do it"

I say to particularly no one.

I open the door and make a way towards another room.

It's my training room.

I take my t-shirt off and place it on a hanger then go towards the punching bag.


I kicked the punching bag with my right leg.


Then with my left.






This process continued on as I added more variation of kicks like tornado kick, 360 kick, 720 kick and more on.

*Haah* *Haah*

I breathe hard as I have been going on kicking and punching for about two hours now.

'I am drenched in sweat'

I then go to the shower and clean my body up.

Then I go to the bath tub and put some hot water there and also add some medical herbs which I bought.

I slowly dive myself into the medical bath.

"Haah so refreshing"



I look at the time.

It's already going to be midnight yet I can't sleep. It's always like this.

How can I sleep?

Knowing that I can die any day.

Supernaturals are roaming in the streets.

Yet I am still weak.

So weak that I can't even protect myself.

I know that even if I join the church and become a exorcist, I can get little bit boost of power but it will be useless in the end game where Issei and co fight against word ending threats.

If only I had a sacred gear.


Fuck the negativity.

The only path to power I see is becoming a devil.

Afterall If I can become a devil I will have access to '"Demonic Power".


And I know there are more benefits especially If I become a devil under Rias.

Me and Rias are very good friends which is very advantageous to me.

But I don't necessarily see her as 'tool'. She is a good person, beautiful and is charming as well . To be honest all the devils are beautiful but Rias tops the list.

Well there is Akeno and Sona as well but I still think Rias is more beautiful well it may be due to me being biased towards red-hared girls.

Tomorrow I do have a date with her.

It will be fun and interesting.

I hope.


A/N: To those who think Mc is a simp for Rias. No he is not. He won't unnecessarily sacrifice himself for others that is his first and foremost principle.

Also, As you can see Mc still has not gained true power so he is getting more inclined to become a devil because that is the only way he can truly walk on the "Path to Power".

For those of you wondering why has Mc not still gotten any power up. It is because our mc is truly not anything special and I will clarify right here Mc is not son of any body of importance. The only two thing that is 'special' about him is his sheer tenacity as well as his will to not give up.


(Oh yeah btw his mom is half korean)

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