11 Fallen Angels in the Town(2/?)


"Sleep", I muttered.

Fuck! This was not supposed to happen.

Issei had awakened the boosted gear.

Without going through the Twice critical stage, I don't know how it happened.

I also have summoned Rias, I need to take care of thing here.

I looked at the fallen angel, the big ball of light has disappeared from her palm.

She was going to retreat and we can't do anything about it.

We were not allowed to engage with any supernatural beings.

We had to ask for permission...

The fallen angel had escaped.

Rias quickly tried to heal Issei up.

Even though he had a gaping hole in his chest, he was still alive.

I don't know how either.

She and Akeno started healing him.

"Wow senpai. If you weren't here one of the Longinus would have fallen on the hands of a fallen angel", Kiba complimented me.

Our entire peerage have come here as I had said, "A emergency".

"Yeah", I just said. Koneko was scouting the area while Rias and Akeno were busy healing Issei.

Kiba and I were on guard.

"Senpai should we go eat something after this?", Kiba suggested and I nodded, "Yeah sounds like a good idea"

Me, Kiba and Koneko had a sort of rite to go out eat after our daily devil activity.

Rias and Akeno have only joined us two or three times because they also have daily meeting with Sona and Tsubaki.


Raynare was frustrated. The boy who she thought possessed [Twice Critical] actually possessed [Boosted Gear].

She knew that extracting a Longinus-Tier sacred gear was impossible since the sacred gear were sentient and would accept anyone else besides their original host.

So the best option was killing the host especially when the host was still weak and did not have knowledge of the supernatural side of the world.

But, that devil had come and saved him.

It was possible that the devils had already reincarnated him and if Kokabiel-sama knew that it was because of her carelessness then she was pretty sure her death would not be a sight to see.

"Donhaseek and Miteelt, you two guard the church's side. Don't even let a fly enter this place"

Both of them nodded and went outside and started doing their assigned duty.

"Kalawarna, you guard the entrance of the church and inform the other two that I am going to call assistance from Kokabiel-sama. The devils have possibly reincarnated a possessor of Longinus, The [Boosted Gear]"

Kalawarna widened her eyes in surprise before calming herself down, "Should I order the humans to guard the place as well?"

Raynare nodded and then said, "Also make sure devils don't get their hands on that nun bitch"

Kalawarna nodded again.

"Also do not engage with any devils in the town until help from Kokabiel-sama arrives. Inform it to other two as well"


Kalawarna nodded again and left Raynare again.

'[Twilight Healing]'

She thought and had a huge smile on her face.

She then proceeded to contact Kokabiel and informed him about all her current situation and he agreed to send help.

She smiled at the message, a fallen angel with six wings...


A/N: Diverging from canon...slowly...a fallen angel with eight wings? How will they survive now?

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