43 Hero Faction Attacks?

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Word Count 3200

I'm back. Man those 3 chaps took a lot out of me to write.


Its been a few days since we started to train.

I have been studying Senjutsu

Kurama has been making progress with purifying his KI.

Dino and Veldora are training. Their entire strenght is almost completely sealed, and they are doing physical training. Their own power is used to slow them down so they are training that as well

Merideth is training with her sacred gear. So is Valerie. She should be able to boost us without any backlash pretty soon.

And finally, there is little Asia. Who is a complete CHEAT!

She has Perfect Control over her Power. Not Near-Perfect. Not Almost-Perfect.


The only other two people who I know have perfect control are Ajuka and Azazel. And that's because they are scientists and control is important to them.

It's an inborn thing for Asia. Now that I think about it. She was hella good with control in the OG as well.

But this is just bullshit. She can already use Tsunade's technique. Sure it isn't very strong now. But that will change in the future when her mana pool grows. Control is the most important part. And she has no problem with that.

The bright smile on her face when she pulverized a boulder. I could only explain it as a kid seeing something cool and then jumping around for an hour.

Boom. Boom.

Asia was giggling while smashing things apart

"Isaiah~! Look at what I can Do~!" She punched the side of a small cliff

BOOOOM!!! The entire cliff was obliterated.

Asia's happy raccoon noises followed

Well, at least she isn't defenseless anymore.

Now how do I increase her mana pool without harming her potential or control? I want to see a small blond girl obliterate a Devil young master.

It's going to be so funny.

"Isaiah!" Kurama's deep voice boomed

"Hmm?" I quickly used my power to flash over to him

"What's all the ruckus about?" He never reacted like this while we were here

"Guests are arriving. Human all of them. Pretty strong too." Kurama grinned


"Yeah, my Sensor Grid. Just picked them up. A group of humans. Every last one, holder of a Sacred Gear. The Hero Faction." I let out a bloodthirsty grin that Kurama matched

"So the runts have come to try again. You'd think they learned when I sent back the decapitated heads of the previous 'raid party'."

"Apparently not. Let's give them a warm welcome." I flare my power in a specific way. It was a call for everyone to gather

A few moments later and everyone arrived near me and Kurama

"What's up? Didn't we only say we would use the 'signals' in an emergency?" Veldora scratched his back. He and Dino had just woken up.

"Dude.. I had the nicest dream. What's the big idea?" Dino grumbled as he stood up

"Yeah, you interrupted out girl talk" Meredith put her hands on her hips. Showing fake anger. Asia giggled at her antics while Valeri let out a small smile

"We have company. The Hero Faction is attacking. Around 30 mobs with 4 of their top executives. Kurama says it's not the first time they have attacked him, but not with people of their strenght. So they are probably here to deal with all of us at once."

"Are they strong?"Veldora grinned in excitement

"The four leading the group are Low-Ultimate Class. But I don't think they will be a challenge to us"

Kurama informed him causing Veldora to slump a bit "Oh. Well that's disappointing"

"Then let me make it interesting, I need all of them alive. I don't care how injured they are. But they need to be alive. If my experiment works. Our little Asia will get stronger"

"Ehh? Me?" Aisa pointed at herself

"That is interesting. Ok I'm down" Veldora grinned

"So I just need to knock them out or cripple them. I'll do it in 5 minutes and go back to sleep" Dino yawned as he straightened up.

"Do you think about anything else besides sleeping?" Meredith pointed at him

"Yes. Sleeping together with a pretty girl. Having someone to use as a body pillow makes sleeping better" Dino replied with a smirk

Meredith threw her hands in the air "Ughh I give up. You are hopeless"

"You guys can flirt later. Business comes first" I smile at them before vanishing

"" We are not Flirting!!"" I could hear them yelling out from behind.

~~ Hero Faction Group

A large group was climbing Kukuroo Mountain.

There were at least 30 members. But the four at the front stood out.

At the front, a young blond girl was cheerfully skipping. She wore orange armor over her high school uniform. Her Sacred Gear was Blade Blacksmith. The counterpart to Sword Birth, being able to create holy swords.

Behind her was Heracles. A large two-meter buff man with shoulder-length gray hair. He wears what appears to be an attire of a Japanese school uniform with Greek Style armor over it. He was the user of Variant Detonation

Next to him was Connla. He had black hair tied into a bun, he also wears a pair of shades that hide his eyes. His attire consists of a black Japanese school uniform. He was the user of Night Reflector. A sacred gear that can control Shadows.

And the last one was Siegfried. He a handsome young man with silver-white hair and red eyes. Just like other members of the Hero Faction wore a high school uniform and on top of it a priest's coat

He was the owner of Six Swords.

Gram: Known as the Demonic Emperor Sword, (Red Sword)

Balmung: A Demon Sword from Norse mythology with a drill-like aura. It is capable of creating powerful whirlwinds. (Purple Sword)

Nothung: A Demon Sword that specializes in sharpness.(Blue Sword)

Tyrfing: A Demon Sword that specializes in destruction.(Green Sword)

Dáinsleif: A Demon Sword that creates huge pillars of ice from the ground.(Purple Sword-Wierd Shape)

Unnamed High-Quality Light Sword


"Our intel says that The Devil Kiba Yuuto and his friends were looking for the Demon Fox. We will use this chance to eliminate them all. For humanity." Heracles said in a confident tone. But his arrogance was showing

" Cao Cao said that the Demon Fox killed many of our members. We must eliminate it. Janne and Siegfried can take care of the Devil. Me and Heracles will take the Fox. The rest can be cleaned up by our other members" Connla repeated Cao Cao's plan. His loyalty to Cao Cao was obvious to everyone

"Nee, nee. Were there 2 human girls who have Sacred Gears with him? We'd better check if they are there willingly. We might even get new members. What do you think Sieg-kun?~" Janne said cheerfully as if they weren't about to go kill someone.

"New members are always welcome. I'm looking forward to fighting that Devil. He had some interesting swords" Siegfried said in a calm tone but they could tell that he was excited

"Hmm." Connla suddenly stopped then quickly yelled out


The top executives immediately jumped in the air. Some of the stronger mobs did as well. But for 20 others it was too late.

CRACK! Shhhh. Shhhhh. Shhhh

Blades erupted from the ground skewering the bottom half of their torso.

"Ahhhhhh.!!!" x20

"Well, well what do we have here?" A menacing voice came from the forest. A blond teen with red eyes slowly walked out. He was wearing black jeans a white shirt and a black leather jacket (cover photo)

"A few xenophobic assholes by the looks of it Isaiah. Now what do we do with them" A tanned man wearing only pants and a cape appeared behind the group. But he suddenly stared to grow and turned into a dragon

"I suggest we string them up in front of the Yokai faction. I bet they will be happy to see scum like them killed" A Fallen with silver hair dropped from the sky blocking the left side.

"No. We cut off their heads and send them back to their faction. To send a message like I did" A Giant Fox materialized from the right side. They were completely boxed in

"Shit" Sieg cursed out loud

"They have us surrounded. And they are a lot more powerful than expected" Connla nervously raised his shades. Looking at Vedora. The Dragon was an unwelcome surprise

"I'll take care of the weak looking fallen and join you soon" Heracles jumped at Dino. Both of them decided to fall back and fight one on one away from the rest.

" Sigh-kun will take care of the Devil Swordsman. Me, Connla, and the rest will take the Fox and the Dragon" Jeanne raised her hands and started creating Dragon Slaying swords.

"Got it!" Sieg dashed towards Isaiah who only smirked and flew back.

"Go all out Connla. Blade Blacksmith Balance Break"

Jeanne swung her sword to her side. A bunch of Holy Swords started to appear behind her. They started to stack in height, more than a dozen meters. Then they glowed and fused.

"Stake Victim Dragoon" She called out as the Metalic Dragon Roared.

"Yare. Yare. Night Reflection Balance Break" Shadows started to surround Connla. They rose from the ground and engulfed his body. Forming a second skin made out of Shadows. No he became one with the Shadows.

"Night Reflection Death Cross"

The shadows rose from behind him forming tendrils with sharp ends. The mobs also called out their sacred geats and prepared to attack

"" Interesting "" Veldora and Kurama said at the same time. They both looked at each other in surprise before laughing together. They both gave each other a small nod and started to gather energy in their mouths.

"FUCK! JEANNE" Connla made a huge Shadow Wall

"On IT!" Jane reinforced it with a Sword Wall behind it.

"Crimson Breath !" Kurama shot out Crimson Beam at them

"Thunder Breath !" While Veldora did the same with a White-Blue one


~ Dino vs Heracles

Once they were far enough from the rest. Both Dino and Heracles stopped.

"I'm going to finish you off quickly little Fallen. Balance Break: Detonation - Mighty Comet" Missile-like spikes grew over his shoulders wrists and ankles. On each hand a missile tip appeared.

"Take this!" Hercules yelled out as the missiles launched themselves at Dino

"Man what a pain.. Isaiah said you have a very strong body and you blow up anything you touch. Might as well rename yourself Nitro" Dino created a Light Spear.

He aimed his spear at the missiles and unexpectedly two Light Bullets shot out of the spear tip. Making the missiles explode harmlessly away from him.

"What! Fallen can't do that!" Heracles yelled out in surprise

"They have never tried. 'thank you Isaiah'" he mumbled the last part to himself.

Fallen can make Light Weapons and Light Bullets But they mostly stick to Light Spears and throw them at people. It makes sense to only use Light Spears. Almost every fallen uses them, you can learn new tricks just by watching others and use it to improve yourself.

Isaiah suggested combining them. Making the Light Bullets an application of the Light Spear instead of it being another spell. It takes a lot more control and focus but it makes up for it with unpredictability.

"Is that so- Then take this!" Heracles made the missiles go away and turned them into knuckle dusters.

Dino's eye twiched when he saw that 'Well those obviously explode on impact. There is absolutely no reason for me to fight him up close'

Dino rose to the air with his 8 wings, he spread his arms as dozens of Light Spears appeared behind him.

"Oi. Fight Like a man!" Heracles yelled at him. Getting ready to jump and attack him

"No" Dino said blankly as he swung his arm. The Light Spears shot at Heracles who smashed them apart or tanked them.

He had a strong body and had magic resistance. But it was limited. If he took too many shots it would damage him.

Dino flew above him and attacked from a distance. He was always just a bit away from Heracles' jumping range.

"Fuck This!" Heracles cursed out loud and smashed his fists in the ground below him. Creating a big explosion and dust cloud. He used this opportunity to ran away to the others to regroup

"Where do you think you are going? What did you say again 'I'm going to finish you off quickly'? Well let me see you try." Dino quickly cut him off and started to spam Light Spears again.

The winner of this fight was obvious. It was only a matter of time.

~Isaiah vs Sieg

So this is the Homunculus. Not bad. He is quite strong.

"Me and Jeanne were supposed to do this together. But her swords are needed against the Dragon. Looks like I have to wrap this up alone. Balance Breaker: Chaos Edge Asura Ravage"

He activated his balance breaker and 4 more metallic arms sprouted from his back. Specifically his shoulder blades.

6 Sword Style. Huh.

Zoro would scoff because he doesn't have a blade in his mouth. Wait didn't OG Kiba use Santoryu against Kokabiel?

And does he really think he can take me on? I'll be taking those swords later.

Now how will I rip apart this Octopus?

I really want to show of my superiority as a swordsman. You know what? I'll do it

Seals Release.

I broke apart all the seals on my body. Now I can move to my physical max. Which was already overkill but I decided I will not use a single bit of magic in this fight.

Sword Brith. Unbreakable

Shusui is a black blade that has a distinct reddish-purple reverse wave Hamon. It was Zoro's sword. And the coolest one in my opinion. This sword hasn't got any special abilities. It's just difficult to break.

"Haa? What are you going to do with a sword like that" Siegfried said mockingly

Heh. I practiced with my sword every day for the last 9 years.

I slowly raise the katana above me " Tell me Homunculus. Do you know how to cut air?"


I swung down. To me it looked like time had slowed down. That's how fast my slash was.


A compressed sword slash flew at Siegfried. Cutting all of his arms on the right side of this body

"AHHHHHH" Sigfried cried out as he grabed the stump of his right arm and tired to stop the bleeding.

Fuck my arms are numb. That move really takes a lot out of you. Netero you fucking monster. Looks like I'll need a few more years to get to that speed.

"Stand UP you pussy! I know you 'lot' have Pheonix tears. Use it. Let me show you what a real swordsman can do" I point Shisui at him

Siegfried had a grim expression with sweat rolling down his face. He used the phoenix tear and healed his arm.

He went to his max power as he used the sword's abilities against me.

I ready Shisui to cut down everything in front of me. I will enjoy riping him apart.

~Kurama and Veldora vs Jeanne and Connla (most of the mobs are incapacitated

"Damn" Veldora said as he looked at the fallen mobs "Isaiah is going to be mad. He said to leave them alive"

"Dont worry they are alive." The fallen mobs rose to the air. Kurama's giant hair's were lifting them up. "I'm pumping KI in them to temporarily keep them alive"

~ Jeanne and Connla talk

"This was definitely not supposed to go this way." Jeanne cursed as she looked behind her. All of their 'grunts' were down. And the two of them were facing off against a Dragon and Kyubi no Kitsune

"You are telling me. We stand no chance against them alone. They are a lot stronger than the information we received. And I doubt they will just let us leave. We cover each other's backs. You take the Dragon with the Dragon Slaying swords and I will support you when I can while stalling the Fox" Connla who was covered in shadows whispered to Jeanne

Strangely enough, Veldora and Kurama were doing the same

"I'll take the girl" Veldora said grimly, knowing that it was a bad idea

Kurama looked at him in surprise "Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I need to get used to the Dragon Slaying element as much as possible to lower the burden Valerie will have when she 'eliminates' our weaknesses "

Kurama nodded "Ahh. Isaiah had the same idea. An interesting one but painful. I'll finish up the Shadow Guy quickly. My Crimson Flames should be enough to deal with him"

"Last one to defeat their opponent buys the winner a drink" Veldora smirked

"I'll take that bet" Kurama agreed and both of them rushed at the Hero's at the same time


~ Meeting up.

They grabbed everyone and came to the designated meeting spot.

Dino was already sleeping on the ground. Hercules had his limbs and torso impaled with Light Spears to the ground.

"Yawn~ Yo~ Like I said, 5 minutes. Zzzzz" Dino raised his head and then slumped back down to go back to sleep

Veldora was covered in sword wounds "Man Dragon Slaying Element is soo~ annoying" He complained as he threw the unconscious Jeanne near Heracles. She was missing both her hands

"Hahaha. You are just angry that you lost. I will take a 100-year-old sake." Kurama smirked as he threw the ground and Connla at the pile Connlia had stab wounds all over his body. Kurama used him like a pin cushion.

"Oi! That wasn't part of the deal!" Veldora pointed at Kurama

"You never said we couldn't specify what drink the winner wanted."

"Okay enough. Velodra buy the man his Sake" I arrive last and throw Siegfried at the pile. He had lacerations all over his body.

I got some new swords from him.

"Asia. Valerie Please heal Veldora."

"Ok~" "Umu" Asia and Valerie Ran to Veldora

"Veldora you looked really banged up" Aisa poked fun at the mighty Storm Dragon

"Oi! She was my counter! And I am the Storm Dragon. I-" Veldora tried to explain himself

"-Drizzle Dragon" Valerie pointed at him


All of us did a spit-take and laughed out loud. Valerie made a joke. And a damn good one. She roasted him.

"..." Veldora kneeled down and started drawing on the earth.

Valerie raised her hand and make a small cloud appear above him and it started to rain on him


"Valerie stop! My stomach! I'm going to die!!" Dino was laughing the hardest. So much so that he was going to faint

I calm down and ignore the others. I look at all the mobs and the top executives. Or what's left of them

"Let's see if this will work"

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