3 Training continues

[MC's point of view]

[Three years later]


As I watched a column of blue flames rise into the sky, I couldn't help but let a smile appear on my face.

"It worked" I commented with a smile as I stopped my magic extinguishing the column of fire in the process.

[It did] Ddraig commented with what was a slightly impressed tone of voice.

It had been over three years since I had been reincarnated into this world and I really hadn't done anything but train like crazy.

Improving my physical attributes and learning to control them.

Training my magic to exhaustion every day as I learned new skills, including draconic abilities like dragon aura.

I had become very good at using it, when I learn touki, I plan to put them together and see what comes out.

What was in front of me was the fruit of six months of training with my fire element.

I had tried all the basic affinities, but while I could use most of them, I was average at best , only fire and wind had proven to be the ones I was most attuned to, so I spent a lot more time training them.

Unfortunately, Ddraig didn't have much knowledge about most of the elements besides the basics, though he was a good teacher when it came to fire.

He taught me how to master it and mold it to my liking, but since he was born with what might well be the most powerful flames in the world, I had no idea how to increase its power besides adding more magic to it.

It took me months of effort, trial and error to learn how to effectively increase the temperature and power.

The blue flames I had generated were proof of that.

Now they just needed to be mastered and refined, the magical expense of using them was enormous due to my lack of control over them.

But hey, one of my advantages was talent, so if it took me 6 months to achieve it, I can guess that this was all incredibly more difficult than it seemed.

Not that I plan to stop at this, I will continue to increase the power of my fire until it is superior even to that of the gods.

Wind had also been going well, not as well as fire, but I was making progress, I could create wind attacks of quite a bit of power, though I plan to get better with them soon, wind was an element I was not going to underestimate.

Between my fire attacks, wind attacks and the rest of my training, the only reason the forest is still standing was my other affinity.

Affinity with nature.

I could control trees and manipulate them to do things as I pleased.

Many people would underestimate this ability, but I had seen Naruto in my past life, I was definitely going to steal a lot of Hashirama techniques and I had even started to feel more environmentally conscious.

Maybe I could learn Senjutsu though it wasn't a sure thing, another thing I need to look into.

Ah, I had also grown wings.

They were still weak and small, so I couldn't fly for long, but according to Ddraig, they would grow in time.

Still it wasn't all rosy, my Boosted Gear training had stalled, I could use a lot of [Boost ] because my body could withstand them I could also [Transfer], [Explosion] and I had even recreated the [Dragon Shot] alone even even even a much more destructive level....

Yes, I had severely underestimated the power of the attack and a mountain paid the price.

Luckily he had done it far away from the village.

People thought it had been a terrorist attack and I had my prints right so no one supernatural could trace that explosion back to me.

I could also distribute the [Boost] specifically to increase my physical strength, magic, senses or even my mental capacity.

That last one gave me a pretty horrible headache, by the way.

Despite all this, I still couldn't achieve the Balance Breaker, even though on my own it was much more powerful than canon Issei during the first few seasons and that's not counting the Boosted Gear.

I couldn't achieve it.

According to Ddraig it was because I had not yet achieved that change, that motivation that would allow me to evolve and take my Sacred Gear to the next level.

No matter how powerful it was, without it I couldn't achieve the Balance Breaker, I lacked that determination and without it, no matter how powerful it was, I couldn't reach the next level without it.

It frustrated the hell out of me, but I could understand that, plus I wasn't going to achieve that change if I stayed cooped up in this town any longer.

Soon it would be time to move.

I already had a place in mind to go.

But first I want to master my new flames and learn more nature magic.

You can never be prepared enough for the supernatural world.

That's why I enrolled years ago in various martial arts classes Judo, Karate, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Kick Boxing, Aikido and several others.

If you ask me how I accomplished this, the magic of hypnosis and transformation came in handy.

So after I could control my strength to not kill a normal man with one punch, I used magic to sneak into several classes with adults, unfortunately Kuoh didn't have many places that taught martial arts, so I had to make a magic circle to Tokyo and other places to learn.

So at least now I knew how to throw a punch and had combat experience, it wasn't deathmatch, but it was something.

The talent really came in handy to master all kinds of martial arts in less than two years, I had really underestimated that gift.

A mistake he would not make again.

Now he understood why people like Itachi, Madara, Minato, Azula, Luffy and many characters labeled as combat geniuses or prodigies were so revered in their worlds.

Talent is one of the most broken skills out there to become strong quickly and if you count a gods killer weapon along with the determination to screw those above.

Well, let's just say that as long as I don't get killed, I'm confident of becoming very powerful.

Now if only I could unlock that damn armor.

I'd better go to the orphanage, I'm hungry.

[Ddraig's point of view].

Ddraig Gotch is impressed with his current host.

When he awoke from his dream three years ago, he could sense that the life of his current host, a 4 year old boy was in danger.

His body was wounded and by all means he should have been dead, but no, he was still fighting for his life tooth and nail.

The proud red emperor could not see the child's determination to live and did not help, so he sent his power to the child trying his best to help him survive.

The result was incredible.

A miracle to say the least.

Not only was he able to save him, but the child became a dragon of all things.

While it was true that he himself could turn the child's parts into those of a dragon, there were many complications in that type of conversion that made it quite dangerous and impractical at some points.

Still, the child would not only change into a dragon in all but form, retaining its human form, but all the advantages of a dragon.

A humanoid dragon or a hybrid-human dragon he could not yet determine exactly.

Perhaps the child is a descendant of a dragon and when he sent his power using a change awakening the power stored in his blood.

He didn't really care, the child was alive and that was it.

After that he went back to sleep, his restless awakening and the way he had to send his power left him tired in more ways than one.

He awoke again days later, this time he called for his carrier.

He then proceeded to tell him all about the supernatural world, the boy was his carrier, he had to know who he was and what he would be facing from now on.

Surprisingly, he took it in stride.

Not excited to have a power as great as his at his disposal, but not scared of the dangers he has to face either.

He even looked as if he wanted to make something clear, but couldn't.

After a few days the boy asked him for help to become stronger knowing now the dangers ahead.

He did as he was told and did more to become stronger.

Issei was a dragon.

Like himself, a being who sought power and longed to be on top of the world.

He realized he hadn't realized it in a long time.

He was happy.

During these three years all his runner had done was train every day without rest, but during these days they both lived together teased each other, he could feel his runner's appreciation when he gave him advice, he could feel his disappointment or amazement. when he told him stories of his past or of his former carriers.

He knew these quiet days would not last forever, soon it would be time to get out and see the world again, a part of him was excited and worried about this.

Excited to see Issei grow stronger and gain renown with their combined forces.

Worried to see how this cruel world would change, Issei hoped that his partner would not be swallowed by the abyss that was the supernatural world.

Still, there was one thing he knew, if this world wanted to overlook his companion, he must work hard to do so.

It was funny, while he had had good and bad relationships with his previous bearers, he had never grown attached to one as quickly as he had with Issei.

While it was true that his current carrier was the most talented and would soon be the strongest of all his carriers, that wasn't what had endeared him to him.

If anyone ever asked him why and he had to answer, he would say it was because to Issei he was not the red dragon of domination, he was not the red dragon emperor, he was not a weapon, he was simply Ddraig.

A friend.

A member of his family.

The whole world would have to fight if they wanted a piece of their mate because Ddriag would do everything in his power to prevent that from happening.

It was the two of them against the world.

The world wouldn't know what hit it.

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