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[Excellent value for money, would come again. My bones felt rejuvenated and strengthened. Ainz Ooal Gown shall never know defeat!] - Lord of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. 10/10. [Never had I felt anything so pleasurable. I'm writing this feedback at the request of my beloved Ray, but if you dare come to take any of his massages, especially if you're a woman, blonde with big boobs, annoying bitch... I, Esdeath, will gut you alive and freeze you, mark my words!] - High-ranked Frozen General of the Empire. 10/10. [Excellent service, miraculous hands... my only complaint is the eccentric people I've had to bear within the queue. Some of the people coming for Ray-sama's service are really messed up in the head. Other than that, absolutely would come again, Ray-sama!~] - Spirit of Time, Nightmare. 10/10 [As long as I don't have to share space with that bitch Esdeath, everything is perfect. Ray's hands make me feel like I'm back in my childhood with flawless innocence. Aside from that, every time I take one of his massages and sem-*cough* I go to the casino and I win! I'm on a streak! Ray, stop wasting time and make me exclusive!] - Konohagakure's Slug Sannin. 10/10. [I'm a hero just for fun still waiting for my hair miracle treatment, good food giveaways in the queue, nine stars] - Self-proclaimed Hero, Baldy. 9/10. [A man giving massages?! I was expecting a beautiful busty girl on the other side of the curtain! and what's with all these pretty ladies in the queue, it should be me! Absolute disappointment, I, your majesty Kazuma, will never come back to this shit-hole!] - Below Average Adventurer, Guinness Record of most useless death in the Universe. 1/10. [Don't pay attention to the useless guy above me, he's just jealous. Ray-chan I love you and your hands, more your hands than you but I love you!] - Below Average Goddess of Water, Guinness Record of most useless Goddess in the Universe. 11/10. *** Homeworld: High School DxD. Tags: Adventure, Romance, Harem, Demons, Strong-to-Stronger, System, Multiverse, School-Life, Slice-of-life, R18. Disclaimers: * This novel has +18 content so discretion is advised. * Some characters portrayed in this story don't belong to me. Advanced chapters on Patreon coming soon.

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Great Tomb of Nazarick II

The journey took time. Yasaka wanted to show off her golden flaming fur, and I allowed her. It is one of those perfect occasions to boast my pet in her true form. 

We entered a vast empty clearing after leaving the Great Forest of Tob. It looked empty, but upon closing up further, we entered what resembled a concealed barrier, and there it was—a land full of tombstones. 

"You have already been here, Yasaka-sama. This is the Great Tomb," Mare hugged her- *cough* his staff and said.

It still astonished me how much they respected and feared Yasaka and Elysir. What exactly did those two do in here? I thought they came here just to close the gate, but it seems they left these people with a lifelong trauma. 

Guarding the surroundings were what looked like skeleton creatures wandering around with rotted armour and mashed-up weapons—an undead army.

In the centre of this cemetery, stairs led down into the dungeon, but three ladies at the entrance seemed to be wearing maid attire; they reminded me of Solution, my slime customer. 

"Mare-sama, Aura-sama... this is-!"

They were surprised to see the two elves come back with someone. They ignored me, Kuu and Azrael. The moment they saw Yasaka, I could see the fear in their eyes. They all bowed with utmost respect. 

'Yasaka... what did you girls-'

'Ray-sama, it was just a little scare! And it was mostly Elysir that did it, not me!'.


As much as she says they didn't do anything, I don't believe it. Especially from Elysir, that beautiful goddess loves to be flashy.


The maids introduced themselves as the Pleiades; it would be more accurate to call them 'battle maids' rather than' normal maids'. Yuri Alpha is quite stoic with a piercing voice, like a Karen. Lupusregina Beta is a bit frisky and easygoing. The last of them looked like a cyborg, and they called her 'Delta'. She didn't introduce herself, only bowed. 

Yuri Alpha told me she was immensely gratified that I could evolve Solution Epsilon into a higher state of being, and her eyes seemed to beg me for the same treatment.

The maids led us several floors down, filled to the brim with undead soldiers and monsters. A threatening aura surrounded the whole space, telling us that if we were not accompanied by those maids, we'd get attacked by what my energy readings told me were a few thousand monsters. 

And talking about energy, I can't make an accurate comparison, but all living beings radiate energy that I can feel. I would assume the stronger the energy that is released, the stronger they are.

These maids are quite strong just by the aura they're letting out. 

'Which means... they would be worth a lot of chaos points,' I thought with a frown as they took us further into the dungeon where even stronger energy readings awaited. 

If I had to compare strengths, they're almost at the level of Kuu, who is currently slightly weaker than Azrael and many levels beneath Yasaka and me.

In Aura and Mare's case, they're at the same level as Azrael. A battle between them would reduce to a matter of experience, which I knew Azrael had plenty.

'W-Wait... why am I even making these calculations...?' I wondered. 

Wicked thoughts resurfaced; I thought if a fight were to break loose, I'd have to be worried about Kuu and Azrael, but Yasaka and I would be able to fend off quite well. That was until we reached the eighth floor. 

Then I realised we severely underestimated this dungeon.


I had to stop for a second to inhale and process this floor's ridiculous amount of energy. Holy shit, there are several beings stronger than Kuu and Azrael here... way stronger. Even one was right at the furthest and darkest corner that nearly matched Yasaka.

'What the fuck...? whatever it is... it is so strong!'

"Is there a problem, Ray-sama?" Yuri asked me when she saw my concerned expression. Only Yasaka's ears fluttered from my group as she looked in the same direction. However, she must find out what that is. 

"It is nothing; what exactly is this floor? It feels... ominous".

"This is the most dangerous place of the Great Tomb; even us Floor Guardians are not supposed to thread on it without Ains-sama's authorisation; please don't wander, and let's go straight down" Even Aura and Mare were scared shitless of whatever there was in this floor.

When we arrived on the ninth floor, the atmosphere changed to one that was more regal, luxurious, and peaceful. I don't understand this place. How can the tone change so much between floors?

"Ray-sama, this is your room. Please wait here until we prepare a banquet for your arrival. The other floor guardians and the guardian overseer will be there. Thanks for your patience."

Aura and Mare assigned us a room and left first, leaving us with the Pleiades maids, who bowed next and gave us what looked like a copper bell. 

"If you need anything, please ring this bell, Ray-sama".

With that, we were left in a gigantic, eerie room with one massive bed, where at least ten people could fit. It was regal yet mysterious, like a gothic setting. Azrael stood to the side while Yasaka and Hasshaku-sama inspected the room briefly.

"T-The bed is so big..." She jumped and bounced on it with her gigantic eight-foot-tall form. 

It is the first time Hasshaku-sama has ever seen a bed that can fit her and still have plenty of space. 

"You like it?~" I asked.

"I love it!"

"When you return, you can just ask Michael to have one of them done for you in the seventh heaven".


We were interrupted by Azrael, who stood to the side and addressed me, "My lord, I have noticed your eyes wandering… as if you're having mixed thoughts regarding this visit." 

Azrael touched a sensitive button, as if she had read me all along. Indeed, I have been having thoughts that wouldn't have come to mind normally. 

I came to this world looking for Chaos Points, and this dungeon was exactly what I was looking for. But these monsters don't behave like monsters, even Aura and Mare. I don't feel like I can just commit a rampage and kill everybody here, even if we can. 

With Yasaka and I here, let alone massacring them all, we could easily destroy this whole dungeon, even if it was double this size. The profits are assured, predating everything here. The question is, can I do it?


Yasaka giggled and pulled me to the bed, running her hands along my chest. Her grasp felt like counselling as if she could somehow see what was going through my mind, or so I thought. 

While I waited for her words of wisdom, her hand grasped my crotch instead –lips curling up in a slight lust-inducing giggle.


This woman is up to something else!

"Perverted vixen, what are you doing?!" Hasshaku-sama growled, and the vixen in question merely snickered and yet refused to let go of my crotch; I lifted her chin and caught what resembled a demanding gaze followed by lips plucking out in expectation.

I sighed and kissed her tenderly, a tender kiss which she enhanced with passion, sticking her tongue inside my mouth, grasping both sides of my head and going further in. I don't know why, but it felt like ages since we last kissed with everything that has been happening in my life. 

I understood my little pet was in need of attention. I have been focused and distracted by the fact that I must reach Elysir, but that is not an excuse to set aside those important to me. In my heart, Yasaka is right beneath Ely and Mom, perhaps even at the same level.

"I have missed your lips, your scent... we only have two days before it is time to return. Ray-sama, I don't want to waste time; this is very important to me. Should we be wasting time, Kuu-chan?"

"... don't 'Kuu-chan~' me. But you're right. Lately, master has been ignoring me. Shouldn't I have dibs on him?"


The ancient youkai sighed, watching Yasaka's wandering hand, eager to join in. From the corner of my eye, I noticed that Azrael didn't look like she was going to turn around; she had this analysing gaze on her.

Before Yasaka could go any further, I pulled her hands out of my trousers. Although she did damage already, all she needed to do was show me that cleavage of hers to get me going. Still, it is not the best moment, the maids would call us anytime, and I'd prefer not to get pissed off over a cockblock. 

I have noticed the stronger I become, the less patience I have. 

"I thought you were going to give me some words of advice." I sought her voice of counsel, but she didn't have any of it. Yasaka pressed her hands into my trousers again, stroking me and drawing a subtle line with her tongue along my neck.

"Ray-sama, as much as I want to advise you, your pet's head doesn't work properly without some milk first, I am afraid~ and lately I haven't gotten any".

Her insistence was remarkable and admittedly arousing, but I had to press my hand on this, removing her hand and pulling her into my embrace, taking a firm grip on her right breast above her kimono.


"If you be a good girl for a little more, I will give you what you want, Yasaka. I didn't bring you here because I wanted to make you work. I brought you two here to give you special treatment".

"What sort of treatment, please tell me~" She asked with a little lusty howl, trying to bite back at me, losing her senses. 

I had made her, no, us... wait long enough. We have known each other for long, we have loved each other for long... and we have wanted each other for too long. 

"I'm going to fuck your pussy tonight, Yasaka".


I literally felt her whole body shiver from top to bottom, her ears most particularly, her fur stood on an end and a couple of pink hearts mirrored in her eyes. It may have been the most raunchy way of saying it, the most ungentlemanlike... but that's what Yasaka wanted. 

Because I'm not currently holding a noble lady in my arms. Instead, I'm holding a sexy vixen in heat who wants her mate to desperately impregnate her womb. 

I sent a subtle glare towards Kuu, who also shivered in raw jealousy. She didn't need to... I didn't need to say any words; her body fired up.

'That goes for you too'.

They calmed down soon after, but it was just a perfect facade. I know... they have been holding for too long, so they can surely hold back a couple of hours.

"I know Ray-sama won't disappoint~" (Yasaka)

"I can't wait, master~" (Hasshaku-sama)

I put myself in between the tigress and the lioness without regrets, now... I have two hours to figure out something, a small detail that has been in the corner of my head since she raised it up. 

'Horus, how do I lower the fertility of my semen!? Hurry up and tell me!'.

Maybe not Kuu, but Yasaka won't accept a different result than me releasing inside; this is a matter of life and death.

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