DxD: Mechanic's Scrapyard

A street rat with an uncanny affinity for machines reincarnates into a world he, now she, has no knowledge of. Being a child again in the wrong gender at that was a bit weird, but that was nothing compared to finding out what sort of beings she was now living amongst. She shrugged her shoulders "Well as long as they don't mess with my scrapyard." --- Author Note: Just a disclaimer for those who don't like OP MC's, she will be pretty OP and I don't really like situations where stories forces the MC to go against someone they literally have no chance of winning against. For those curious about Romance? I don't know, pretty much nothing is planned, however if I do decide to try, the love interest will also be female. The Cover picture is Jona from Alchemy Stars.

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Chapter 8 - A Few Years Later

About a few years later from Koko's first encounter with the stray devil the scrapyard had... barely changed at all, the only thing different was a sign she had hung above the gate that said 'Koko's Scrapyard - Go Away'. Underground however, Koko had went through with her plan to have multiple bases work like entrances and built a huge underground complex below the compound connected to various scrap piles and a few tunnels leading to the edge of the city.

Currently walking down one of those tunnels was a more mature looking Koko, now looking about 19 years old even after only 3 years had passed. Her body had filled out with slightly more than a handful sized breasts and wide hips. She stood about 1.86cm tall while her active lifestyle the last few years resulted in a body rippling with corded muscles and an 8-pack abs of steel which she obliviously displayed since her muscle-shirt didn't grow with her and she didn't have any inhibitions about not showing skin. Her outfit hadn't change much other that a black belt that loosely hung on her hips.

She had also gained a few scars on her tanned body, the most prominent one being from the first Ultimate-class being she fought, running down the left side of her upper stomach down to her hip.

After the fight with the stray devil she first made a concealing array and then started seting up a few defenses. Using the readings on demonic energy she got during the fight, she had created a device that made actually using it around her scrapyard extremely cumbersome and slow, while also greatly reducing the speed that spells using demonic energy could travel at. She had also keyed in the remnant energy that was present around the lightsabers and guns.

Liking the idea of making the lives of others harder she had reworked her Punching Rig slightly to allow for modularity and added a smaller version of what she had named the 'Fuck You Magic' or the FYM. She eventually wanted to be able to cancel everything the supernatural could throw at her but that was a work in progress.

Wanting something more to discourage others from messing with her scrapyard since she didn't know if she could get strong enough with her psychic energy to fight those 'Ultimate-class' beings before she met one, she had a thought.

What if she made it so that attacking her was more trouble than it was worth?

Following this line of thought she recalled how highly the stray devil viewed himself and how angry he got when she ignored it, and so, the bane of everyone that placed importance on their public image was born. She first made a few changes to her supernatural radar first taking out the super battery she had initially put in before making it able to sustain itself by drawing in what she called null-element ambient mana in the surroundings, then she made it capable of detecting ill intent towards either her, the scrapyard or whatever else she keyed in.

Having done that she started working on multiple machines that resembled narrow barreled cannons, these devices had a propulsion mechanism that shot out a compound that made whatever it hit hot pink for about a month, the only way to remove it was to get Koko herself to do it since she used her psychic energy when creating the compound.

She had also wanted to get some more information about the state of this world's supernatural community and made the first ever Koko-Bike. Not long after that there were a few rumors about something hunting down various stray devils and exorcists around the world. It was said that accompanied by the roar of a monstrous engine, it wouldn't be long before you got rammed by a huge motorcycle.

If you told the cloaked rider named 'Sugh Maidigk' what they wanted to know they'd just drive away, but if you attacked first you'd eventually get crushed by wheels and pummeled into the ground. Well, that's how she got to know the general situation of the supernatural world. She didn't just hunt stray devils and exorcists though, she also fought alot of monsters that she remembered from whatever scrap she occasionally heard about mythology from her old world.

Through this whole process she gradually refined and reworked her Punching Rig and fighting style, eventually being able to take on Ultimate-class beings. She also encountered some grunts of various supernatural factions during this. It was also by fighting that she accidentally discovered that she could do something which made her extremely dangerous.


It was about 2 years after her first fight in this world, Koko was currently standing opposite of a towering black wolf reaching what must've been 10 meters tall, rippling muscles ran through it's body, fierce red eyes glaring as it snarled and snapped it's mouth at her. Koko was in a fighting stance as well, having donned her mask and Punching Rig.

A playful glint passed through Koko's eyes as she started slightly jumping on the spot, shaking out her limbs and cracking her neck.

"Come get some, you overgrown hairball!"

The wolf hearing her taunt growled louder before shooting off with the sound of lightning, cracking the ground beneath it as sparks scattered from it's previous position. An instant later and it was right in front of Koko with it's jaw wide open about to bite down on her head.

Koko's eyes widened in slight panic at it's speed and her instincts screamed at her to move, subconsciously doing what she thought would let her move out of the way the fastest, she instinctively took control of the Punching Rig using her Sunat and willed it to move backwards. The Punching Rig instantly accelerated to max speed and shot away with Koko, just before the wolf's maw clamped down on where she had just been.

The battlefield turned to a standstill as the wolf was confused about why it wasn't currently tasting blood while Koko was looking down at her gauntlets clenching and unclenching her hand into a fist while blinking in slight incomprehension. A few moments later her eyes widened slightly as she realized what she just did before she could feel excitement coursing through her body as a manic glint passed through her eyes and a big smile appeared under her mask.

"You're done for now, buddy!"

Taking control of her Punching Rig again Koko's silhouette flickered before she instantly disappeared. Flickering into view at the side of the wolf with her fist cocked back and eyes wide with excitement her fist instantly shot forward and sent the wolf flying with a loud noise. Landing on the ground, Koko started walking along the trail of destruction to where it's body lay crumpled.


"Oh yeah, I forgot about my TT, huh?"


Koko was currently on the way to check out the massive presence of demonic power that just appeared in the city near the huge important looking building she now knew was actually a school. Emerging from one of the many disguised entrances she had throughout the city, she turned a dial on the back of her belt and suddenly disappeared from view.

Making her way to the school by jumping on the rooftops Koko was curiously speculating about what an Ultimate-class devil would look like, she now knew that what she first fought was a 'stray devil' and that most devils didn't look too different from humans, they just had a much higher average in the looks department.

Eventually arriving at the school, she jumped on top of the wall that surrounded the school and the forest behind it. Giving the courtyard a glance over, she saw alot of female students loitering around the fountain and the shade of the trees. Not finding anything odd, she left to look for the demonic presence. Walking around the school she eventually found it.

The devil looked to be a handsome human in his late twenties wearing what she thought looked like a traditional light blue kimono with mountains on the sleeves, he also had a sword attached to his hip. Stealthily following after him, she saw him sort of inspecting the school for a few minutes before walking inside.


Standing in front of the entrance, Koko rubbed her chin in thought for a bit before shrugging and trailing behind him.

So... I got a couple comments about romance, if you haven't read the synopsis I'll just paste what I wrote there, here.

'For those curious about Romance? I don't know, pretty much nothing is planned, however if I do decide to try, the love interest will also be female.'

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