DxD: Mechanic's Scrapyard

A street rat with an uncanny affinity for machines reincarnates into a world he, now she, has no knowledge of. Being a child again in the wrong gender at that was a bit weird, but that was nothing compared to finding out what sort of beings she was now living amongst. She shrugged her shoulders "Well as long as they don't mess with my scrapyard." --- Author Note: Just a disclaimer for those who don't like OP MC's, she will be pretty OP and I don't really like situations where stories forces the MC to go against someone they literally have no chance of winning against. For those curious about Romance? I don't know, pretty much nothing is planned, however if I do decide to try, the love interest will also be female. The Cover picture is Jona from Alchemy Stars.

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Chapter 21 - Terrain Manager

A few hours later a middle aged man with black hair, golden bangs and a goatee sporting 12 pitch black wings was hovering in the sky holding his chin as his head turned left and right looking down at the aftermath of Vali's fight with the mysterious innovator. The terrain for hundreds of meters was completely destroyed, holes littered the battlefield as the as a light layer of dust hung in the air.

Azazel hummed as the curiosity in his eyes grew, someone capable of making Vali go all out like this just popping out of nowhere was extremely rare and he had a feeling the target of his curiosity wasn't done surprising him yet.

Eventually descending towards his surrogate son Azazel found him lying unconscious in a massive crater in the shape of a giant armor. His body was battered to hell and back as injuries covered his bloody form.

Azazel raised an eyebrow as he saw a note laying on Vali's chest, picking it up he read it before an amused smirk made it's way onto his face. Looking down at Vali again he reached into his coat before taking out a small capsule, crouching down he flicked the cap open and turned his head away before holding it under Vali's nose.

Just a second later Vali's eyes shot wide open before he got up on all fours, hunched over as he started dry heaving and retching. After he was done Vali's ragged face turned towards Azazel pantingly.

"What the hell was that for!? Shitty old man!" Vali shouted as he glared at him while shakily standing up from the ground.

"Hmm? Well it's almost time to go to school, you don't want to be late right Vali?" Azazel shrugged nonchalantly as Vali smacked him on the shoulder.

"Tsk. How long was I out?" Vali grumbled as he winced holding his side in pain.

"A few hours by my estimates, you used the Juggernaut Drive, right?"


"How long did you manage to hold onto your sanity?" Azazel rubbed his chin.

"...About a few minutes."

"I thought so." Azazel's eyes narrowed. The Juggernaut Drive was an extremely strong state since it released the restraints the sacred gears placed on the heavenly dragons' powers, boosting their wielders high enough to be able to go against Satan-class beings and most of the gods, barring the top gods of the various pantheons. The Juggernaut drive was also a big reason of why the Divine Dividing and Boosted Gear had the reuputation of being able to kill gods since they literally could.

There has been multiple cases of their wielders going out of control and entering Juggernaut Drive in the past and a few of them involved the death of gods.

"To be able to fight you in that state and then flee without being killed means that they're probably already in the Satan-class in terms of power." Azazel hummed.



"She didn't flee."

"What do you mean?"

"...I lost." Vali clenched his fists in a mixture of unwillingness and excitement as he recalled the scattered moments of lucidity during the latter stages of the fight, his last one being a big mechanical fist coated in electric purple shooting towards him before he was knocked out.

Azazel's eyes shot wide open as he looked back at Vali with a shocked expression.

"Are you sure Vali?"


Azazel stood in shock for a few moments before gathering his wits, his interest shooting into the sky as he looked around the battlefield again.

"So it's a woman, then?" Azazel rubbed his chin as he asked teasingly a few moments later.

"Yeah, why?" Vali asked in confusion with a slighty frown on his face.

"I guess you did learn something from your old man after all." Azazel said in amusement as he held a piece of paper in his direction.

Vali raised an eyebrow as he took it.

'I like your Divide Divining! The tail is sitting too high, though. I can change it if you want. :)


Looking down at the wonky hand writing as he read it he stared at it blankly for a minute before he eventually clenched his fist, crushing the paper as his body started shaking in rage, something he had a feeling he was doing alot lately. Vali glared bloody murder into nothing as he gritted his teeth.

"What's the matter?" Azazel asked with a look of schadenfreude as his shoulders were quivering in slight laughter.

"She didn't even write Divine Dividing right!" Vali gritted out in rage before he started shouting, cursing Koko to the heavens as Azazel started laughing.


The next two years quickly passed by as the legend of Sugh Maidigk spread further, this time the cloaked rider was apparently driving around the supernatural world fighting everything that moved above High-class in strength. There was also a being on top of the Ultimate-class that said Sugh Maidigk beat it up and then left, returning the next day and pestered it for a fight until it eventually gave in and beat it up again. This cycle continued for about a week before Sugh Maidigk finally left it alone, it's pride shattered into nothingness.


The scrapyard had been pretty peaceful while Koko was away only disturbed by the occasional stray devil that wandered too close and left with a new coat of paint. Beo was sitting on it's perch basking in the sun while keeping an eye out for any intruders when it's sensitive ears picked up the sound of something big being dragged on the ground.

Looking at the direction the sound was coming from a huge silhouette slightly below it's own size was gradually approaching from the distance followed by a trail of dust behind it.

A couple of minutes later Beo could see it more clearly. Beo saw it's mother approaching while dragging a huge unmoving sand colored wolf behind her, the wolf's body was covered in injuries here and there with it's fur being covered in dust and sticks like it had been dragged through a forest.

Koko had grown a bit taller, now standing at 1.98 meters tall and her body had filled out a bit more giving her a slight maternal feeling... as long as she was quiet. Her hair had grown slightly and her aura was a bit wilder but she hadn't changed much other than that, she was also pretty sure her body had finished growing since the last year her height hadn't moved.

"Beo~ I got a friend for you!" Koko happily waved her free hand as she saw Beo peeking at her over the wall as she dragged her new terrain manager behind her. She had found it prowling around the edge of a dessert, saw it using fairly powerful earth magic and beat it up before dragging it behind her back to her scrapyard.

As she got closer to the wall she tightened her grip and jumped, taking the wolf with her as they touched down on the other side. Dragging it closer she stopped below the pedestal and started patting the head of the wolf's unmoving body.

"Look Beo, I got a terrain manager for my scrapyard!" Koko said with a satisfied smile on her face as Beo huffed through it's nose as it looked down at the wolf pretending to be knocked out.

"I'll leave it to you Beo tell it to stay here when it wakes up. Make sure it doesn't run away, I'm gonna go take a nap and then fix some new defenses." Koko yawned as she walked into one of the scrap piles. She didn't really need to sleep anymore thanks to the massive amount of vitality flowing through her, but she liked to do so occasionally.

The wolf discreetly looked around through squinted eyes a few minutes after Koko had left. Looking around it shakily stood up and shook out it's fur slightly before it started looking around for an exit. Just as it saw the gate it heard a huff above it and flinched before it quickly looked up and saw what looked like a dragon glaring down at it warningly. It's fur exploded as it froze in fear, seeing this, Beo indicated towards it's previous spot below it's pedestal as it narrowed it's eyes.

The wolf nervously looked down into the ground as it shakingly returned to it's previous spot before laying down.

Glaring down for a couple more minutes to make sure it really wouldn't try moving again Beo went back to basking in the sun.




Slight change in the previous chapters, Koko was biologically 14 before the time skip and is now 16 because I find Koko and Koneko being the same age amusing. Also just in case I get the ages wrong, think of this as AU since I haven't watched the anime.

Current ages: Rias, Akeno and Kiba is 18. Issei is 17. Koko, Gasper and Koneko is 16.

Also apparently the new school building was made when the academy went co-ed... welp. I guess in my novel it was made in preparation for Rias and Sona to transfer in because they're super special.