DXD: King of fairies

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Chapter [8]

Kaito, now breathing steadily and showing clear signs of physical regeneration, prompted Rias to make a decision to take him to a safe place. Although the situation was stabilized, it still required care and vigilance, considering the nature of the ritual and the forces involved.

"Let's take him home," Rias instructed Akeno, who readily agreed, both still tense from the severity of the events but relieved by the success of the ritual.

With a precise gesture, Rias conjured a teleportation circle beneath them. The magical energy shone with a soft light, forming slowly rotating complex patterns until everything was ready for the transition.

They appeared in Kaito's room, where the familiar environment should aid in his recovery and adaptation. Akeno, with a concentrated expression, prepared for the next crucial step of the plan.

"I will hypnotize Kaito's parents so they don't notice anything unusual," she explained, heading towards the door of the room, ready to ensure everything remained under control and unsuspected.

Rias watched Kaito, now peacefully asleep in his bed, recovering from the deep transformations he had undergone.

Turning to Akeno, who had just returned from meeting Kaito's hypnotized parents, unaware of anything unusual, Rias shared a thought that weighed on her mind.

"I hope that with Kaito's new power, we can find a way to break the marriage contract that was imposed on me," said Rias, her voice carrying a mix of determination and hope. "He may be the key to changing not only his fate but ours as well."

Akeno nodded, understanding the importance of Kaito's role in the future strategies of the Gremory house.

Satisfied but still cautious, Rias took one last look at Kaito, who slept peacefully, unaware of the weight his shoulders would soon carry.

"Let's let him rest. He will need all his strength for the challenges that lie ahead."

With one last glance around to ensure everything was in order, Rias and Akeno left Kaito's room, softly closing the door behind them.

As Rias and Akeno left Kaito to rest, the magic still pulsed around the room, weaving more changes into the newly transformed devil. Unbeknownst to anyone else, within Kaito's subconscious, a completely different scenario was unfolding, marked by a significant revelation.

In Kaito's dream world, he found himself in a place that seemed like it was from a painting: a peaceful grove, with a crystal-clear lake reflecting the soft light of a full moon, tall trees gently swaying in the wind, and peaceful animals wandering without fear. In this serene place, a female figure approached — it was Lena, the mother he had never met but who had left a memory implanted in his subconscious when he was just a baby.

Lena, with an ethereal appearance, long hair, and a gentle expression, walked towards Kaito, who watched her with a mix of awe and instinctive recognition. "Kaito," she began, her voice as clear and calm as the lake's water, "there is much you need to know about who you are and the power you carry."

Kaito, initially confused, felt a natural connection with Lena, as if part of him always knew she was part of his story. "Mother?" he asked timidly, still unsure how to proceed.

"Yes, my dear," Lena replied with a sad but loving smile. "I left you to protect you from forces that not even I could control. But now, you have grown, and it is time for you to understand your true heritage and the responsibilities it brings."

She reached out and, touching Kaito's forehead, images and knowledge began to flow into him — memories of his true origin, the meaning of his transformation, and the role he was destined to play. Kaito saw glimpses of ancient magics, battles between beings of immense power.

Kaito, absorbing the avalanche of information, felt a piece fit into the puzzle of his own identity. "Am I a fairy?"

"Half-human, half-fairy," Lena corrected with a tender smile, explaining that while his father was human, she herself was a fairy.

"Then let me guess," Kaito began, trying to piece together what his mother was telling him, "when a human and a fairy got together, both sides didn't agree with this union and went to war?"

"No, the humans didn't know I was a fairy, and the fairies had no law against involving themselves with humans."

"Then why?" Kaito insisted.

"Dear, there are many things that still need to be explained, but for now, focus on your path and the strength you possess. And yes, we have always loved you, and I wanted to be here to personally wish you a happy 16th birthday," she said, her voice laden with emotion.

"It's in a few days, but thank you. Just don't try to change the subject... Please, tell me, what happened that you needed to leave me at the door of a stranger's house when I was just a baby?" Kaito insisted, his voice showing a mix of resolution and vulnerability.

Lena looked surprised to hear Kaito mention that he had not yet turned 16. She knew that the powers he had inherited were supposed to manifest only on his sixteenth birthday, unless some external factor significantly interfered. The shock on her face was evident, mixed with growing concern.

"You're not yet 16?" Lena asked, her voice trembling with sudden anxiety. "That's... premature. Your powers should not have awakened yet. Tell me, what happened to you before you came here?"

Kaito, still processing the revelation from his mother and the complexity of his own existence, hesitated before responding. "I... I was on a date," he began, his mind spinning as he tried to recall every detail that might be relevant. "It was going well, until the girl I was with turned into something... terrible. She revealed herself as a fallen angel and attacked me. I was severely injured, and then everything went dark until I woke up here."

Lena's expression became even graver upon hearing Kaito's story. She knew that such interferences could precipitate or alter the natural course of a half-fairy's power awakening, especially under such violent circumstances.

"That explains a lot," said Lena, almost to herself. "The trauma and magic involved in the attack must have forced the premature manifestation of your powers. This is not common, and certainly not safe."

Kaito looked at his mother, the weight of the situation beginning to settle on his shoulders. "But why me? Why leave me when I was just a baby?"

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