DXD: King of fairies

"From an abandoned baby to a king." Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of any of the characters, plots, and events parodied in the story. All characters and all information related to Highschool DXD and any related works belong to their respective owners. This is simply a parody of a grand adventure with a different approach. All rights to the original plots, characters, and any elements related to such media belong to their respective owners.

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Chapter [6]

As Kaito and Yuuma walked along the winding paths of the park, the atmosphere was filled with pleasant tranquility. The trees swayed gently in the night breeze, and the distant sound of a water fountain added a relaxing melody to the surroundings.

The conversation flowed easily between them, punctuated by laughter and curious glances at each other. Kaito, feeling increasingly comfortable, reached out his hand towards Yuuma, who accepted it with a charming smile. They interlaced their fingers, and a comfortable warmth spread through Kaito's heart. He thought to himself that perhaps his luck was really starting to turn around.

After enjoying pleasant moments in the park, they decided to go to the café that Yuuma had mentioned earlier. The establishment had a cozy atmosphere, with soft lighting and ambient music creating a welcoming space for couples and friends. Seated in a discreet corner, they ordered two coffees and continued to talk about everything from favorite movies to future dreams. Kaito was impressed not only with Yuuma's beauty but also with her sharp mind and sense of humor.

Inspired by the pleasant café environment, they decided to extend the evening by going to the cinema. They chose a movie that both wanted to see, and during the session, they exchanged glances and smiles whenever a funny or emotional scene occurred. Kaito felt as if he were living a dream, one where he was the protagonist of his own romantic story.

After the movie, as they walked through the illuminated city streets, they passed by a jewelry store that displayed a collection of charming accessories. Something in the window caught Kaito's attention—a delicate silver bracelet with small crystals that sparkled under the light. He looked at Yuuma, whose eyes also seemed captivated by the shimmer of the crystals.

"Would you like to go in and take a look?" Kaito asked, and Yuuma nodded in agreement. Inside the store, they admired various pieces until Kaito decided to buy the bracelet for Yuuma as a gift. "To remember this night," he said as he paid at the cashier.

Yuuma accepted the gift with a smile, but for a brief moment, when Kaito turned to put his wallet back in his pocket, her smile gave way to a look of disdain. She quickly adjusted her expression back to one of gratitude before Kaito could notice. As she put the bracelet on her wrist, Yuuma returned to being the enchanting companion of the evening.

As the night progressed, Kaito reflected on how everything seemed perfect. "It seems like my luck has really started to change," he thought, completely oblivious to the brief change in Yuuma's expression. Time with her seemed to validate his hopes that finally, things were taking a favorable turn in his life.

After buying the bracelet, Kaito and Yuuma continued to enjoy the magical night they shared. They decided to walk to a nearby square, famous for its beautiful illuminated fountain and benches surrounded by floral arrangements that added a romantic touch to the place. The soft glow of the street lamps reflected in the dancing waters of the fountain, creating a perfect setting for the final moments of their date.

As they walked towards the square, Yuuma held Kaito's hand firmly, but her smile hid a dark anticipation. She relished the idea that very soon, she would reveal her true nature and the motives behind her affectionate facade. The prospect of seeing pain and betrayal in Kaito's eyes when he discovered the truth about her filled her with perverse excitement.

Reaching the square, they found a quiet bench near the fountain. They sat down, and for a moment, just watched the water jet rhythmically, reflecting the light of the moon and stars. The conversation became more introspective, with Yuuma asking deeper questions about Kaito's desires and fears, information she planned to use later to deepen her manipulation.

Finally, Yuuma stood up and invited Kaito to stand in front of the fountain. They positioned themselves face to face, the moonlight illuminating their faces. Kaito looked at Yuuma, completely unaware of her hidden intentions, his expression full of admiration and gratitude for what he considered one of the best nights of his life.

Above them, hidden in the shadows of the trees, the bat watched silently, its red eyes glowing in the darkness, witnessing the drama unfolding below.

"Yuuma, I really don't know how to thank you for tonight. You made me feel really special," said Kaito sincerely, his voice laden with emotion.

Yuuma smiled, an expression that in the moonlight seemed almost genuine. She held Kaito's hands in hers, feeling the slight tremor of emotion passing through him. "Kaito, I'm so glad you felt that way. You are special," she said softly, leaning closer to him.

Kaito, wrapped up in the moment, was unaware of the impending danger. The proximity of Yuuma and the perfect night had blinded him to any signs of malice. He was about to respond, his lips parting in a smile, when Yuuma gently interrupted.

The romantic atmosphere of the square, with the bubbling fountain in the background and the soft moonlight, created the perfect setting for a moment of confession or a sincere request. Kaito, completely captivated by Yuuma's beauty and apparent vulnerability, looked at her with eyes full of adoration. She moved closer, holding his hands gently, her eyes shining under the starlight.

"Kaito," began Yuuma, her voice soft as a caress, "I really wanted to make a special request to you." Her expression was sweet, but behind her eyes, a spark of malice began to shine, imperceptible to Kaito in his enchanted state.

Moved by the moment, Kaito squeezed her hands and said with all sincerity, "Yuuma, you can ask me for anything, I would do anything for you." His voice carried a tone of unconditional commitment, a promise of devotion that only someone truly enchanted could offer.

Yuuma tilted her head, a slow smile forming on her lips, one that had a hint of sarcasm that Kaito failed to identify. "Anything?" she asked, her voice now playful but with a subtle note of disdain that Kaito, unfortunately, missed.

"Yes, anything," Kaito replied, his heart beating fast, ready to commit even further, deluded by the idea of romance that the night seemed to promise.

Yuuma stepped closer, her eyes locked on his, a clear cold glint now emerging. "Then, Kaito, would you die for me?"

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