DXD Issei: The Mind of Games

Waking up to reality with the view of a system, the stats that he could see described his powers. Issei died to only be revived once more to see the world in a different view. This view was the supernatural world... the same world that killed him. Getting up and with this new gamer like system, Issei would strive to become the strongest there was. He would be the epitome of strength and resilience just to get his revenge on that fallen angel. (Title cover is not mine and is drawn by Juan Acosta)

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45 Chs

Chapter 32

"Hello... who is it?" Opening the door, Miki was expecting to find someone random. "Artemis... Is that my baby?"

In Artemis's arms was Issei... sleeping soundly in her arms while the Goddess carried the man all the way back to his house. The moment that Issei heard his mother, he began shifting in his sleep a little... Artemis could only glare slightly at Miki. The mother quickly kept her mouth shut while watching her son finally begin settling down again and snoring quietly.

Artemis began speaking, "Don't speak too loud... Issei is a little tired."

Miki nodded her head and moved out of the way. Seeing her son... sleeping so soothingly in the arms of another woman... was she truly the woman best for her little boy?

"You don't mind if I sleep inside of your son's room for the night? He really needs me..." Miki shook her head and smiled.

"Go ahead my dear... just make sure to be gentle with my son." Okay... she was definitely thinking of the wrong thing. Blushing slightly, Artemis walked away and into Issei's room. Laying him down nicely before getting in bed with him, she held him within her arms and closed her eyes.

"Good night my little hunter..." With that... Artemis fell asleep...

A couple hours in...

Issei opened his eyes to see himself stuck right on top of Artemis's chest. Her arms were tightly around his body while the blanket that they wore... was tangled around his body. He was stuck... and Artemis wasn't going to let him go that easily. She was holding him like a giant teddy bear. The reason why he woke up...


Boss Quest: Kokabiel has shown up, help defeat him

Reward: Level Up X 5

 +++ Reputation with Rias, her peerage, and her family

 +Equipment (Rare-Legendary)

Warning: Not doing this quest will result in the entire town falling into Kokabiel's trap and being blown into ashes.


Staring blankly at the quest menu, he realized that this was something that he couldn't avoid. Why did it have to happen to him when he was relaxing?

Slowly escaping from Artemis's clutches and replacing himself with the chest piece that he got from his most recent reward, which was much worse than his current one, and allowing for Artemis to hug onto that, Issei felt like a genius. "I have way too much of a galaxy brain sometimes."

"No... you're still an idiot."

Hearing the voice, Issei recognized it and knew who it was. "The weird gauntlet monster."

"I'm a dragon! Not a monster you moronic child!"

Staring blankly again at the wall while hearing that, Issei simply chuckled. "So... you're Ddraig?"

"Yeah... You're Issei... Finally, I have a normal host. I have been waiting to get someone who would be able to fight against the world. My previous host... the one you killed... I must thank you for killing her. She was a demon... a monster... someone who didn't deserve life."

Being reminded of Raynare, Issei narrowed his eyes. "I'll kill her again if I find her."

"Seeing how you killed her... I wouldn't doubt it. Speaking of which... How the hell did you her the Goddess of the Hunt... to fall for you?"

"If I'm being honest with you... I'm just as surprised as you are, but I'm not complaining."

Ddraig snorted with amusement before speaking, "Well... what are you going to do now rather than sleeping with Artemis?"

"Let's say... something huge is happening in the middle of Kuoh."

"Like what?"

Instead of answering, Issei simply smirked and jumped out of the window. While he left, Artemis shot her eyes open and sighed. "Issei... you could have been much better at replacing yourself from my hold with the armor plate? It felt hard and not... cuddly."

Getting up herself, Artemis sighed before watching where Issei ran off to through the window. "I wonder where you went... looks like I'll have to follow... But first... I need to make sure my huntresses are alright and that they know that I am safe... I have a feeling that Issei will be alright for now..."

Issei's first stop was Sona and her peerage, who were powering up a barrier that surrounded the entire area. "Sona..."

Sona turned around and sighed in relief in seeing Issei... "Issei... I can't believe it... you're finally here. Please... you have to help us. Kokabiel... he's... he's going to destroy the town. Rias and I can't do anything to someone of his caliber..."

Walking towards the barrier, Issei simply nodded his head. "I want you guys to continue supporting this barrier. I'll deal with whatever threat is inside."

"Issei... Kokabiel isn't a joke."

"And we don't have any other options. I'm the only option left here..." Well, besides Artemis, but Issei felt like he could deal with this issue. Not only that, but something was telling him that Artemis would be watching him... from the distance.

Walking into the barrier and entering the battlefield, Issei looked around the area to see Rias and her peerage, including Xenovia, fighting against a large... three headed dog. Grabbing his two large blades, Issei rushed into the battle and sliced the Cerberus in half effectively killing the dog.

The sudden commotion caused for Kokabiel to look down at the person who appeared.


Name: Kokabiel

Race: Fallen Angel

Title: Survivor of the Great War

Level: 80

HP: 11100/11100

MP: 9900/9900

STR: 124 (+25)

AGL: 103

END: 123 (+25)

INT: 132

Bonus: +30% Damage Reduction

 +30% Damage to Devils


In terms of the stats that Issei used during his battles, Issei easily eclipsed Kokabiel in strength by a mile and in terms of health points. However, Kokabiel was 3 levels greater than Issei currently. He would be able to deal 30% more damage to him and receive 30% less damage from him. Combine that with his already pretty decent damage reduction... Issei wasn't going to deal as much damage to him as he wanted.


Currently, Issei didn't have the proficiency to activate the red armored form that Raynare had. That would have easily brought Issei to be far above Kokabiel in power... being two levels above would make him cut Kokabiel's damage reduction by 20% and allow him to do 20% more damage. Kokabiel continued staring at Issei with a wicked smirk plastered on his face.

"Issei... thank goodness you're okay!" Rias seemed super happy to see him. Smiling and running to him, Rias felt much safer when Issei was around. She knew that everything was going to be fine...

Staring up at the Cadre, Issei was somewhere else in his head...

"What do you think you will do partner?"

'I have no idea... his speed will be an issue. What do you suggest?'

"Honestly... your only way of defeating him with your current capabilities from what I have seen from your fights... You will just have to go blow for blow with him." From the way that Ddraig was speaking... did he know of the system? Did he know that Issei could see stats? "Not only that... I suggest putting your all into attacks to intimidate him as well. The more you can cause him to fear... the more likely you can subdue him with pure strength alone."

Knowing that everything comes down to the same fighting style... Issei summoned his two Ultra Great Swords and watched Kokabiel beginning to land on the ground. Seeing Rias right next to him, Issei spoke, "Rias... grab your peerage and leave. I'll deal with him alone..."

"What? But-"

"Rias... if you trust me as much as you say you do... you would understand that I'm doing this for you."

Backing away from Issei's sudden shift in tone, Rias nodded before turning to her peerage members. Kiba, with his Balance Breaker in hand, nodded to Rias while grabbing Akeno from her unconscious state. It seemed that she was brutally beaten because she was already nearing death. Koneko was somewhat hurt... but she nodded and backed away. Xenovia, seeing the tension in the area and knowing how powerful Issei was... decided to back up a little. This wasn't her fight anymore...

"So... Human... I know of your feat against Riser... but don't be mistaken. I am leagues above that child." Forming two light spear the size of his own body, Kokabiel was smirking mischievously. "I can't way to kill you with my bare hands..."

Issei simply got ready to fight against Kokabiel...