DXD Issei: The Mind of Games

Waking up to reality with the view of a system, the stats that he could see described his powers. Issei died to only be revived once more to see the world in a different view. This view was the supernatural world... the same world that killed him. Getting up and with this new gamer like system, Issei would strive to become the strongest there was. He would be the epitome of strength and resilience just to get his revenge on that fallen angel. (Title cover is not mine and is drawn by Juan Acosta)

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45 Chs

Chapter 30

After 10 hours of grinding in the dungeon... Issei had enough silver coins. He had roughly 10 silver coins after grinding... Now he was confident with his supply of potions. Being brought back to his house... Issei was ready to fight against anyone.


New Major Quest: Go into the forest and fight against someone

Reward: Ancient Artifact (Legendary) and Level Up x 3


Seeing the quest and opening up his map and following the direction to where it went. Issei arrived to see a crimson armored woman in the sky with her draconic emerald colored wings spread out in the sky. Not only that, but the woman had her fallen angel feathered parallel to the draconic wings.

The moment when Issei showed up, the figure decided to make themselves known. Taking off her helmet, Issei was shocked to see who it was. Landing on the ground in front of him, staring into his eyes with a devilish grin, Issei couldn't help but clench his teeth upon seeing her.

"Hello... I can't believe that you're still alive. I guess I'll have to make sure I finish the job this time."


Name: Raynare

Race: Fallen Angel

Title: Red Dragon Empress

Level: 64 (+5)

HP: 4750/4750

MP: 2075/2075

STR: 84 (+7)

AGL: 78(+7)

END: 88 (+7)

INT: 76 (+7)

Bonus: +15% Damage Reduction

 +20% Damage to Devils


"So... you got a new power?" Issei venomously spoke while approaching Raynare. He knew that her speed was greater than his... but he absolutely demolished her in everything else besides magic. Another thing to note was that she had an additional five levels added to her level... was it due to the armor that she had on? It must have been due to something...

"Oh... you noticed." She sarcastically replied with before walking closer to him. "I wasn't satisfied with just one sacred gear... I decided to get another one. It was convenient to find the host... I left Kuoh and the next town over had a host that had the Boosted Gear. I simply played him like a toy... just like I did with you."

Instead of saying anything, Issei passively waited for her to make the first move. He was going to make sure that he would tear her apart... make her beg for mercy.

Raynare decided to blast towards him... the problem with being five levels lower and Issei having fifty percent damage reduction is that he negated all her attempts in hurting him. She went for a right hook... Issei simply tanked the blow and grabbed her arm. Widening her eyes, she looked to see Issei rip her arm off.

Screaming in pain, she backed away while having a face full of fear. However, her fear quickly vanished as a smile overtook her fright. Slowly, she began healing herself... "Twilight healing... such a useful power I stole."

"Do you only steal? Is there anything original from you?"

Raynare chuckled, "Why need something original when survival is for the strong and not the weak... they were simply too weak and I took their powers for myself... I am the strong."


Hearing that, Issei noticed as all her stats increased by one. Interesting...

Rocketing towards him, she slammed a hard right hook into Issei's jaw. Expecting to do damage, she was shocked to see Issei standing unfazed.

Looking at her without any emotions, he went for a snatch, but she was quickly able to avoid it. Still attempting to hurt Issei, she went for a quick light spear. Shattering upon making contact with Issei, Raynare started raining all her magical powers onto Issei. Watching as Issei continued glaring at her without moving, without making a single sound, without getting hurt at all... He just stared.

He stood there... menacingly. 'Why can't I hurt him? Why can't I do anything to him? He was just a useless human not too long ago...' She was beginning to feel true fear... nothing that she was doing was hurting him.

Jumping straight at her, Issei missed her and landed back on the ground. Looking up to see her trying to escape, Issei ran right behind her. Not allowing for her to run away... he ran as fast as he could. Empowering his feet with his magic, Issei began running even faster.


New Skill Unlocked: Blitz

Effects: +15% Agility Stat


Running even faster than before, Issei was beginning to trail right behind her.

"No... I can't die!" Flying even faster, Issei noticed as she was getting desperate.

"You won't escape from me..." Those words alone sent shivers down Raynare's spine. Turning around for a brief second, she watched as Issei's Black Knight Sword soared straight through the sky and pierced her swings, cutting off one of them. Falling onto the ground, Raynare began skidding on the ground before coming to a stop. Turning around frantically, she was met with nothing.

Breathing heavily, she turned around again to face forward and saw nothing either. Getting up, she began speaking with Ddraig. "Where is he?"

"I can't sense him... You're on your own."

"What do you mean I'm on my own? Be useful and save me!" Raynare screamed at the lizard.

"You don't order me around... I can simply stop lending you my powers, you greedy bitch. Watch who you speak to."

Sighing in frustration, without even knowing Raynare's fate was sealed. Issei was right behind her... Swinging his sword down, he ripped Raynare's other wings off with her left leg. Screaming in pure pain, she tried to quickly heal... But Issei simply ripped her right arm, the one with Twilight Healing. Seeing the glowing finger... Issei inspected the ring.


Sacred Gear: Twilight Healing

Power: Rare

Powers: Allows for the host to heal themselves or their allies. 5 HP/MP per second.

Details: Sacred Gears are weapons created by God to be able to slay the very Gods that govern the world. Each Scared Gear has the potential to grow powerful enough to evolve and mutate to their hosts liking.


Placing the ring on his finger, Issei watched as Raynare's eyes began widening in pure fright as she lost one of her most valuable powers.

However, that was when a couple of Fallen Angels had appeared to the scene. They had heard the screams and inspected the sight... Once seeing Raynare and Issei... they got confused. Raynare, upon seeing the group, felt hope and began screaming. "PLEASE! SAVE ME! HELP!"

Trying to call for help, Issei simply stared at them... No emotions, pure blood lust was released from him. The Fallen Angels quickly shot a couple of light spears and watched as they were reflected off the skin of Issei... not a single bit of damage done to him. Seeing this, thefear factor that he placed into all of the Fallen Angels had brought them to one conclusion... messing with this man would bring certain death, especially when they saw the Red Dragon Empress on her knees in front of him. Turning around... The Fallen Angels made their escape...

"None leaves the slaughter house... not alive." With a quick dash, Issei appeared right above one of the Fallen Angels and ripped them apart.

Turning around sharply, Issei swung his dual blades and sliced the nearest Fallen Angel into three pieces... all exploded into nothing but feathers.

The last one... Issei simply watched them pass out in fear upon seeing Issei... Placing his sword perfectly angled, Issei let go of his blade and let it fall straight onto the unconscious Fallen Angel's head and...


Pop goes the head...

Another batch of feathers flowed throughout the area...

Landing right in front of the beaten, bruised, and fearful Raynare, Issei walked towards her.

"Issei... please... don't do this... I swear..." Issei grabbed her jaw and ripped it off clean.

"Issei... is that your name? I want to ask you a favor... please... rip this woman apart in the most brutal way you can. She is a cruel monster... only wanting the best for herself and misery for anyone else. She had obtained me by using my original partner... luring him in with candy... My host was only 6 years old. She decided to rip him apart before stealing me from him." Hearing the green gauntlet in Raynare's arm speaking, Issei clenched his arms with pure anger. She had killed another person... she had decided to torment another innocent soul...

A kid no less... a child... someone who was never able to experience life to the fullest... someone who wasn't able to experience the joy of childhood... she decided to kill them...

Grabbing both of her arms and ripping them apart... she screamed in pure agony as blood was spewing everywhere. That was when Issei began healing her...


"I knew it... You still do love me." Once she was recovered fully... Issei watched as Raynare began having a devilish grin... However, she watched as Issei ripped her arms apart again... "WHAT?"

"We still have 12 hours to go..."

Widening her eyes and crawling back, she finally began seeing the pure rage... the pure anger... The pure anguish... the vengeful spirit of Issei.

He wasn't going to make her pay... no... he was going to make her the full course meal. He was going to break her mentally... "The clock ticks now..."

The twelve hours... they were filled with pure screams of agony...





Issei stood in the middle of the mess he made. A river of blood was all that could be said... the entire area around him was coated in blood... the same could be said about his clothing... he was purely covered in blood.

"You will never see the world ever again..." With that, he finally struck Raynare's soulless head with his sword and killed her once and for all. Exploding into feathers, Issei could only continue staring down at the ground.


New Major Quest Completed: Go into the forest and fight against someone

Reward: Boosted Gear (Legendary) and Level Up x 3


Oh... he got the boosted gear... that's nice to see...


Sacred Gear: Boosted Gear

Power: Legendary

Powers: For every boost, host's stats increase by one. The stronger the strength stat, the more the host can boost. For every 10 STR, one additional boost is given.

Passive Effects: Makes women more attracted to you... Boosts reputation of current women known.


"I'm glad you're my partner... To think I would go from a monster of greed to a monster of rage... Partner... Hey... Partner... I'll... talk to you later."

Ignoring Ddraig, Issei continued staring into the ground. However, what he didn't expect was for Artemis to be behind him.

"Issei... what happened here?" The worry was evident in her voice as she watched Issei continue staring at the feathers that were once Raynare. "Issei... what happened?"

He still remained unmoving... Artemis walked in front of him and gasped in seeing his soulless eyes. "I finally beat her..."

"Issei... What happened?" Getting closer, Artemis watched as Issei slowly turned his head to her and smiled.

"I beat her... I beat her..."

"Issei..." Walking up to him, something was telling her that she should hug him... giving him a warm hug... she watched as he stiffened and tried to back up...

"No... not again... I will not be used again..." Trying to back away, Artemis kept her grip strong. Holding his head into her chest and watching as he continued panicking. "No... no... no... no..."

Artemis knew that something was up...

"Have you found him?" Standing in front of Sona, Rias was worried sick for Issei. She wanted to make sure that he was okay because the moment that he heard that name... He just went silent and kept repeating it.

"I haven't... I don't know where he is." Sona

"Damn it! Not only is Kokabiel around here but Issei is missing... what if he's hurt? What if he's already fighting against Kokabiel?"

"Rias... calm down. Issei is powerful... and he is smart enough to know when to fight and when not to fight... I bet he's just blowing off steam. He'll be back... has he ever let you down?"

"No... but still..."

"How about you organize your peerage and devise a plan for Kokabiel for when you do face him... Issei will show up and be impressed by you."

Hearing the idea of impressing Issei, Rias smiled and all her worries drained out of her mind and instead was filled with the constant thought of impressing her dear Issei.