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[Do you desire to save your race from extinction? if so... accomplish a mission for me and I shall bring your race not only to salvation but also... supremacy!] Those were the words prompted in the mysterious screen in front of her as blood kept pouring out of her wounds, for Grayfia Lucifuge, a devil in the middle of the civil war against the Old Satan Faction; there could not be more treacherous yet hope-inducing words, it could be a trap, but it could not. She had the option to choose between 'Yes' and 'No'. For her who was at the edge of death with a family that needed support and a cause to fight for, there was not much of a choice. Little did she know, the mission she was tasked to do wouldn't be a simple or common one. In the faraway multiverse of Helius, one of the most powerful entities in endless existence slumbered atop his myriad treasures when his senses perceived something that shouldn't be possible. Intruders were common; Intruders remaining in his realm this long without perishing... were extremely rare. Upon appearing before the silver-haired maiden in odd attire, he huffed a breath frightening enough to make the strongest gods flee on the spot, but she remained in place - conflicted, but in place. "Before you perish, tell me... what is an ant like you doing in my realm? and why are you still alive?" Disbelief was concealed in his mighty voice. The maid thought a lot about what words had to come out of her lips for her to survive this hurdle, eventually, with her century-worth of experience in romance, she managed to find a fitting answer. "You're the Primordial Golden Dragon God, Richter-sama, right?" She asked with serenity. "Sama? I don't know about that... but you're correct. With your foot standing on my treasury realm, do you still dare ask about my identity, Demoness? you haven't-" "Richter-sama... my name is Grayfia Lucifuge and I'm here to conquer your lonely heart" "..." ** ** https://discord.gg/68Entk7Zs7 Feel free to join my discord server to have novel discussions with your peers, get illustrations and participate in polls! Get up to 30 advanced chapters in my pa-tre-on: pa-tre-on.com/photosphere

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Venelana Bael; Breathtaking.

My dance with Albedo was harmonious, we didn't touch upon the subject of her hidden power, it wasn't my business. She finished with a kiss on the cheek and an invitation to the Astaroth Castle, she then, to my surprise, walked up to Lucy and began talking to her.

It seems those two know each other; but considering the status of Nephilims and Angels in the underworld, I suppose they are.

Next was the Lady of the Bael and Gremory clans, Venelana. She bowed to me and expected the same courtesy of the dance, alas... I can't do that and she understood.

"You're the most prideful dragon I have seen~ well, you're also the strongest so I guess those two factors go hand in hand," she said, I took her waist and hand; beginning our dance.

"I'm sorry for my daughter's outburst earlier" she apologised as we danced at a moderate distance, this is what Grayfia called the 'business area'. My dance with Rias and Albedo had been the 'intimate' area. Seekvaira may have wanted that as well, but she was too flustered to pull it out.

"There is no problem, she's still a girl" I dismissed the issue.

"Just like me, right?~" She giggled, referring to our difference in age.

"Just like you~"

"Would you mind if I invite you and Grayfia to our Gremory household one evening? Rias will be going to school in the human world soon, I'm sure she'd appreciate it, moreover, that way Grayfia can spend some time with her sister and nephew" the beauty requested.

"We don't have anything planned yet, I may be up to that as long as you serve shrimp and cherries".

"I'll make sure to prepare plenty for you with my own hand, it will be my appreciation to you for sparing my son's life~"

"Very well" I accepted her invitation, what could possibly go grown in the Gremory manor?

"Now, since our business talk is done~" Venelana cast a barrier around us and pulled me towards her body into the 'intimate' position much to my surprise.

"Let's leave the business and get intimate~"

"Ho?~" I looked to the side to find her husband sipping his wine as he looked at us with a smile as if nothing was happening at all, he then stood up and walked towards the Phenex table, leaving us to our designs.

'You devils are certainly an interesting race' I sent her mentally with a smirk.

It seems he doesn't care about his woman at all. A pity... whatever arrangement they came to might not end up as expected, Venelana's power destruction aura is great and she's someone I would consider to delight in some of the pleasures Grayfia taught me.

'I and my husband have a special relationship… I allow him to have a harem and manage it, even try to get him the best girls… he allows me my trysts every so often~ how else can a marriage remain together for thousands of years, sweetheart? sometimes concessions must be made~'

I shook my head in exasperation, they could do like Monique and me, remain in a cave and never come out again.

'So…? What's your plan?' I asked her, taking the chance to dig my fingers in her shapely waist.

'Nothing… I just figured you and I could have an interesting evening, Mr Dragon… I could book us a beautiful place in Lilith where I would spoil you with shrimp, cherries, massages and a nice service. Then you can give me what I want~'

'And what do you want? Venelana?'

'Don't make me say it, it's embarrassing!'

I pressed her body against mine and whispered in her ears, mother-in-law was pouting in the distance.

'If you don't tell me…'

'Y-Your cock… I want your cock, think about it' Venelana's blush increased in volume, how bold of her to stake her claims like that.

'Do you offer this to any man you meet?~' I'm starting to consider conquering the devils, I love this race!

'I have been interested in you ever since I saw you, Richter... then Fia told me about you... then you spared my son and all of the sudden I have a reason to 'repay' you... but I'm Lady Gremory... I can't just walk up to you and ask you to fuck me~' she giggled, despite our close nature I doubt anyone that's looking at us can even imagine what this woman is saying to me.

Except for her cuck husband of course.

'Isn't that what you're doing?' I deadpanned.

'No, I'm asking you to fuck me while we dance under the pretence of asking you for forgiveness on my son's behalf, that's very different, dear~ you're such an old and handsome dragon, I'm sure you know how politics work'

'And what is the rest that you're not telling me?' I said that and the woman gasped a little before giggling and pressing us even closer.

'My son's infatuation over Grayfia and his disregard for Layla; that's something I am conscious of... that's why we can't take his side on this matter even if you battered him. For forgiving his life, I do desire to show my appreciation, but there is something else. You're already aware of it. If you would be kind enough. Please... help my daughter' Venelana bit her lips and her whole aura changed all of the sudden, this must have been stressing her.

'It is you placing her in the spot' I frowned, it is them who are demanding her to marry that useless boy.

'It is my husband… but I can't go against him on this. I support his decision but also can't just stand and see how her life is ruined by that boy, I suggested Sairaorg but my brother has plans for that boy… even though he used to be disregarded... only Raiser was decent enough. I'm hands tied, Richter'.

'You know this is not my responsibility' I showed my disapproval just like I did to Rias.

'I know, it is just a selfish request of mine, you're free to accept it or not~ it doesn't change my desire to 'mate' with you~ is that how you'd say it?'

'You know exactly what mating is about?~'

'We have low birth rates but I don't mind if you make me pregnant~ I can take care of our baby on my own or we can raise them together until they reach adulthood; I'm even willing to move out of the Gremory house temporarily to be with you for this period of time…'

I was impressed by how much consideration she had already given to this, she was acting totally submissive, but once again... it wasn't a surprise for me. Countless had tried this, a child from me was like stepping from the mud into a golden palace in a single day, once he or she grew up, that child would show supremacy whenever he or she stood... even if they don't inherit my primordial spark, they will at the very least be a Dragon Emperor.

Let alone a Dragon with my genetics and Venelana's destruction... it was something I'd be looking forward to seeing; just like my child with Grayfia would surely be a humongous monster.

'I'm sure a child between you and me would be someone powerful and influential one day, he or she will make us into a prideful mummy and daddy~' her finger circled my chest.

'Does your husband approve of this?~' She said at first he approved of her trysts, but what she's saying now is a completely different thing, this is no longer just a tryst.

'I haven't asked him... and he most likely won't... but... if you want me, Richter... you can have me. It will all depend on your performance~' Venelana had her priorities straight.

'We will see about that, Venelana~'

That's all I can say for now, my hands are full with Destiny, the current situation and Grayfia. Not only that but there is also Fia and Layla who have been sending me odd glances. Moreover, although her dreams and delusions are great, it is not as easy for me to have a child.

I already planted my seed in Grayfia, which means that I don't have another chance for a year or so... if she's not pregnant, it will be a wasted chance.

The dance finished and to my surprise, the woman didn't kiss my cheek, she kissed my lips.

'I will be waiting for your answer during the banquet in my Gremory Household, Dragon-sama~'

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