177 The Golden Dragon's Peak Treasures I

The third and possibly last round of the fight between titans had started, and from all of them, it was no doubt the fiercest. The waves of space and time disruption shot through the gales of the void, alerting powerful entities that visited the Z-AXIS on a daily basis. For them, the Z-AXIS was way more interesting and entertaining than their respective realms.

"It is Regalzeva again," One of them said, the silhouette of a gigantic man, bigger than a star whose body seemed to be shaped out of endless planets and stars. His name was Eternity, a powerful entity belonging to a faraway multi-serve.

Beside him was his sister, much like him a silhouette of a titanic woman wrapped in the yellow nebula. Her name was Oblivion, and just like him together they formed the balance of that multiverse alongside their brothers.

In the Z-AXIS there were no trifling individuals, this community of gods consisted of the absolute peak of existence. It extended so far that in every single astronomical age, if one travelled long enough in the Z-AXIS, there were still countless such experts to find; regardless of space and regardless of time.

These entities knew each other as the 'Overgods'. Those that stood in the pinnacle of all realms.

There was no such thing as the 'strongest' and that was something all of them knew very well. Even then, within the overgod community, there were indisputable heavyweights... and one of such fellows was Regalzeva.

"How surprising, someone can actually keep his pace. A new overgod has risen" Another individual spoke. His body was titanic and abysmal... he had two horns and a shadowy expression. His name was Oryx the Taken King.

"Richter Magnanimous Golden-Haze, huh? it seems someone interesting has popped up out of nowhere~" Oblivion said with a giggle, brushing the fierce shockwaves of void that rained over them due to the battle of the two titans that didn't even rest for even a second.

"He can even keep such a stable antimatter form within the void, and you're telling me he's just a hundred thousand-ish years old? that's ridiculous..." Eternity huffed in disbelief.

"What else do you expect? he should be hailing from the Multiverse of Helius. That place is always creating freaks one after the other".

"Destiny, Nebulous, Ethereus Matter, Abyssal Werecroft, the lass Trihexa... and now, Richter Golden-Haze. Perhaps I will pay that world a visit, how long has it been since we saw each other, Destiny" Eternity mumbled to himself. His sister placed her gargantuan hand on his shoulder and shook her head much to his dismay.

"Let's enjoy the show... for the first time I can't foresee the winner in one of Regalzeva's fights~"






This battle couldn't be done anywhere else... no universe was able to hold the magnitude of each impact, the raw physical strength that developed in spatial shockwaves like two blackholes crashing together, bringing all other laws into disarray.

Richter was giving it his all, no holding back, every single bit of faith, every single drop of sweat. And he was enjoying himself like never before. With one sword in his draconic claws and the other wrapped around his tail, he gave Regalzeva an onslaught that the devastator would never forget, however, likewise the devastator had managed to hit him square many times and as a result of the anti-matter clash.

For the first time in his long life. Some of Richter's Anti-gold scales were blasted away, exposing his flesh. There was no flattery, no outrageous comments... only the concentration of two ancient entities that were giving it their all to maintain their Invictus. Clash after clash of destruction and oblivion.

Regalzeva's swords weren't simple... concentrated white antimatter coated in layers of pressed space. They were as hard as a single universe itself; they clashed heavily against both Heaven Smiting Sword and Heretic Element Sword. Each of his swings distorted the time laws and Richter felt as if his body slowed down, therefore giving Regalzeva the advantage of speed. Both mother and daughter gave it everything they had. Jie Yuan hadn't ever fought in her sword form, not even by her late husband's side.

'Who would have thought, I would end up indirectly protecting the realm I was so looking forward to leaving in the past, Ni Xuan' Jie Yuan fought with her senses focused on Richter and all the strength and energy she was receiving from him. She had abandoned the Primal Chaos, stating that whatever happened to it was not her 'deal'. And the very same day, upon abandoning that world, she met the one that was supposed to be its bane, Regalzeva.

And now, together with Richter, she was destined to either defeat him or perish. The only problem she had was that her daughter was dragged into this. Ni Jie was stubborn, but as a mother, she couldn't help but be proud that they were both undergoing this battle together with Richter.

All she could do in this situation was surrender her whole self to her master and wielder. Jie Yuan had given this decision a lot of thought during the fight that ensued between the Devastator and the Dragon God. Allow another person to wield her was beyond anything she could have done to 'betray' her husband who hadn't done so himself.

But when she saw how much effort Richter was pulling in order to defeat this foe, she couldn't just ignore it... if her power was not enough to intervene, then at the very least she would become his weapon.

She donned this form to fight for the first time, just like her daughter. In an odd way, it was like losing her maidenhood... except she had no time to focus on those details as their lives were hanging on Richter's claws, literally.

Like a weapon, she felt the power rush into her, overwhelming anti-gold faith, even the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations was outputting everything it had.

'It would have been useful if you had taken the Sky Poison Pearl from that brat, master... we would have had a lot more poison power!' The Evil Infant spoke in hers and Richter's mind, but the Dragon God was too focused on blasting Regalzeva to even listen to it.

The least sway from his mind could mean defeat, and defeat translated to death.




With a swing, Regalzeva's antimatter sword clashed against the Heretic Element, blasting it away and creating an opening. He then created what looked like a small pulsar-like star in his palm and intended to press it into Richter's abdomen.



Another one of the Heretic Element's abilities activated and a glass-like portal activated in front of Richter, absorbing that pulsar.



The attack was returned to Regalzeva with the same potency and the devastator was blasted away together with his swords, however... Richter felt a huge amount of energy get depleted from his body and almost fell to his knees.


Richter spat some antimatter and eventually fell to his knees in the void. He coughed many times and his transformation began to lose size; he didn't lose his antimatter body, but his previous bulky draconic form subsided to one more humanoid one. His skin was pitch black like the void itself but his hair was still as gold as it could get.

'Are you okay?!' Jie Yuan asked with concern she recognised the technique that Ni Jie had used just now. A full-counter technique.

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